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Meizu U20: reviews and comparison with competitors

Over the past few years, the company's assortmentMeizu has become much more extensive. There was a feeling that it was not a device from China, but a developing "Samsung" just a couple of years ago. However, some buyers do not welcome the manufacturer's actions. This is due to the fact that new models come literally with a gap in a year. And their characteristics and design are largely identical. That smartphone, which will be discussed later, is considered a "separator" between similar models. Consider its parameters and feedback in more detail later in the article.

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Contents of delivery

The smartphone comes in a standard box ofcardboard. The content is not impressive, since it is standard. There is a cable, a charger, a clip and all the necessary documents. No headphones. In reviews about the Meizu U20 they write good words about the bundle.

Design and usability

Before the phone was released, it was a long time beforeit became clear: it's time to change the design. It noticeably "became familiar" and became too banal. The device U20 immediately stands out against the background of its "colleagues", primarily because of design. The attempt to make any changes on the part of the developers was 100% successful. Buyers have noticed successful and pleasant innovations, this is understandable from the positive feedback on the Web.

If you look back, then all the previousthe model range spun around the body of plastic and metal. Judging by the reviews on the Meizu U20, a new frame is added to the new device, which looks fresh. The device is sold in black, gold and white shades. But there is another interesting option. Less often you can find models with a pink back panel and white - facial.

All other nuances of registration are made completelyin the style of the manufacturer. The front part is maximally symmetrical. Under the screen there is a key. It controls the phone, it has a built-in fingerprint. Its functional purpose is "Home" and "Go Back". The front camera is located next to the speaker on the rear panel. There you can find special sensors. The event indicator "found a place" under the glass. Owners say that in the off mode to notice it is problematic.

The left panel contains a memory card slot andexternal storage. It is calculated for the size of "nano". On the right side, you can notice a special button that is responsible for turning on the phone. A little above the "swing" volume. The top panel received a second microphone. The speaker and other connectors are on the bottom.

If you look at the device from the side, it is not in thethe best way. But in general, as the buyers write, it is tolerable. The frame made of metal is made not of solid, but of small overlays. As a rule, such solutions are found in budget smartphones. However, unlike these models, in the described phone joints are invisible, and everything is adjusted perfectly.

Ease of use Meizu U20 at an average level.Although the device is beautiful, however, due to its rectangular shape and rounded corners, it is difficult to hold the device in hands. Discomfort strengthens the screen of average size - 5,5 inches.

But buyers note and some successfulmoments in ergonomics. For example, a button of a physical type beneath the screen was liked by many. As a whole about buttons - confuse only lateral details. In some models they are weak and have a bad move.

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Almost the whole panel of the smartphone5.5 inches. It is an IPS-type. Gives Full HD resolution. Reviews about Meizu U20 is confirmed. On the screen there is a special protective glass. It received a coating of oleophobic type, the edges rounded. The developer basically did not try to achieve the effect of joining edges. Accordingly, the screen matrix was surrounded by a black frame. The front panel is white. Thanks to this solution, the device looks neat.

The brightness of the display varies from 2 to 345 cd / m2. The contrast varies from 1 to 740. We can not say that these figures are ideal, but they are considered good indicators for the price category. Thanks to these characteristics, you can choose a more or less successful and optimal level for using the device in both a dark room and in direct sunlight.

Color transfer at a good level. The Matrix copes with this task perfectly. The picture does not seem too saturated, rather, the manufacturer tried to achieve the most natural transfer of each shade. The brightness sensor works smoothly, but slowly. In short, it should only be clarified that the display is good.

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Hardware platform, operating time

If we are talking about the characteristics of the phone, thenthey are completely identical to Meizu M3 Note. For those who are not familiar with its filling, we give the main data. Reviews about the Meizu U20 make it clear that the phones are really quite similar.

There is a smartphone on the MediaTek chipset. Sold in two versions at once: for 2 and 16 GB of operating and internal storage, 3 and 32 GB respectively. The connector for SIM cards is also suitable for use in place of the second subscriber number - a flash drive. Embedded modules are bluetooth, internet and navigation. There is no radio. The connector is MicroUSB. The last two solutions can often be seen on budget phones.

Such characteristics will be enough to play in the comfort of your favorite applications. You can use it for normal viewing of sites in the browser or social networking.

In comparison with the above competitor (Meizu M3Note), the battery capacity was reduced from 4100 to 3260 mAh. Of course, this greatly influenced the battery life. If you download the phone at an average level, then it will last no more than a day. Users argue that sometimes a device without recharging is able to work even less - one light day. The consumption of the battery reflects the use of mobile Internet, instant messengers and other applications. Time of work is not so critical, but buyers believe that developers could increase the figure due to optimization.

If we talk about reproduction, we shouldNote that the characteristics are identical to M3 Note. And it's about sounding through headphones and speakers. The latter are explosive, the quality is good. The speaker has a decent volume margin. However, many of its customers seem to have a sharp sound. This can affect the perception of the interlocutor's voice - it seems different. The sound chip is not built-in.

Software platform

Meizu U20 (32Gb), owner feedback onwhich are discussed in detail below, runs on the Android operating system version 6.0. Often, customers purchase Chinese versions of the device in online stores. They note that most sellers for Ukrainian owners customize the phone - they install Google services and change the firmware.

Thanks to the use of the shell from the developer,The device differs from many other competitors with unique software. At the same time, "Android" works against the background - all the functionality depends on Flyme OS.

Than the shell differs? It is simple and concise. The interface is as clear as possible. Consumers note this as dignity. The system is easy to manage. The mTouch key performs the function "Back" if you touch it. Pressing sends to the desktop, and while holding - the smartphone is locked. If you want to know which applications are open, you should download from the bottom of the screen.

Users with "experience" may be surprisedcertain nuances. For example, the firmware does not work with the Google Now assistant. Notifications either do not come at all, or are delivered with a huge delay. Icons of applications are ugly.

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Cameras are completely analogous to those thatare installed on the M3 Note. This is confirmed by the owners' feedback about the Meizu U20 (32Gb). The module is designed for 13 Mp. Built-in autofocus, there is a flash. The front camera received a resolution of 5 megapixels.

In principle, the matrix is ​​normal, there are nofeatures. Technologies are standard. The same is installed on many budget smartphones. If the lighting is good, then almost perfect pictures will be obtained. The interface itself works quickly and clearly. In difficult conditions, where you sometimes have to take photographs, unfortunately, the matrix will fail the owner. Pictures will not be of high quality. This nuance should be considered when buying a device. But if to draw a parallel with the price policy, the camera seems quite adequate and suitable for the cost. The best to expect and not worth it.

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Multimedia and files

In principle, most of the phones from Meizuwas considered the leader in the number of reproducible video formats. This model was no exception. Utilities for working with video and audio are standard. The headphones play excellent. Sometimes distortion and interference may appear, but all this can be done by calibration.

Customers who bought this product also purchased Meizu U20 Rose Gold (32Gb) note that sound testing is at a good level. Of course, to more expensive options from the same manufacturer, the quality still grow and grow, but do not forget about the difference in price. For a cost of 13 thousand rubles, the reproduction is ideal. Ordinary music lovers will happily listen to music on this device, and the volume will be enough with a large margin. Claims to the implementation of this issue do not arise.

Wireless Modules & Networking

As already mentioned, the phone received standardwireless interfaces - no features or novelties. This is evidenced by user feedback about the Meizu U20. There are also no supplements. You can use only sim cards like "nano". However, the second slot for the number of hybrid - it is suitable for a flash drive, so you have to choose.

Sim cards are instantly recognized by the device. You can also install them during the operating system. The network operates smoothly, there are no problems, the signal level has a good indicator.

All applications function well. The only drawback in the 20-second launch of the navigator. The start is cold and makes the user wait. With all its functions is excellent.

It can be directly said that with signals and a network inthe whole phone does not have any problems. The hybrid connector has not been considered a drawback for a long time, as it has become widespread. And the launch of the navigator for less than half a second will not make anyone angry.

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Autonomous work

Installed battery on the smartphone Meizu U20 (32GB) Rose Gold, reviews of which are positive, with a capacity of 3260 mAh is excellent, although the record is not a record.

In browsing mode, the phone will last 7 hours. Music - about 24 hours, video - 9 hours. If you use a smartphone in the active mode, then it will have to be charged in 5 hours.


Reviews about Meizu U20 let you know that heis made of high-quality and beautiful details. The price is competitive. The display is considered good - so say the buyers. The fingerprint reader is built into the key, which is also responsible for managing the operating system. Accordingly, there are no unnecessary details - this is a separate plus.


Reviews of the Meizu U20 (16 GB) say thatThe software has small errors and can sometimes fail at work. There may be models with a bad move of the physical key. The speaker is too sharp.

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General impressions of customers

This phone is marked by one of the customersthe best in the range of manufacturers. All reviews for the Meizu U20 (32Gb) LTE are confirmed. By its characteristics, it is almost completely analogous to the M3 Note variant. Therefore, many people have similar feelings when working with a new device. On the territory of Russia and Ukraine, the cost between models is minimal. If the owner is primarily interested in the appearance of the device, then pay attention to the U20.

Comparison with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

What should be noticed first of all, so thisthe cost of the competitor of the model described. If Meizu U20 can be purchased for 18 thousand, then the version of "Redmi" for 13 thousand rubles. Both phones are running the sixth version of the "Android". RAM U20 is 2 GB, as well as Redmi Note 4. Standard modifications of the first model offer the buyer 16 GB of internal storage, while the second phone - 64 GB. Meizu U20 (32Gb) LTE Dual Sim reviews about the memory got good.

Resolution and diagonal of screens for datasmartphones are the same. The same is true for cameras and their matrices. You can use a memory card and two mobile numbers. Among the wireless interfaces it is necessary to note the Internet and bluetooth. Both phones support the navigation function. Battery Xiaomi more than Meizu: 4100 mAh. Weighs this device only 175 grams.

Comparison with ASUS ZenFone 3 ZE552KL

This device is much more expensive than the described smartphone. You can buy it for 24 thousand rubles. RAM - 3 GB, and the built-in - 32 GB. The matrix is ​​completely identical - a diagonal of 5.5 inches, IPS technology. Reviews about Meizu U20 (32 GB) about the pictures are disappointing, because here this model loses.

ASUS ZenFone camera is stronger - the main matrixhas a resolution of 16 megapixels. The same goes for the front-8 Mp. The battery received a capacity of 2650 mAh. The phone weighs 144 grams, which is quite good.

This device together with the described phoneflashes in the comments, where they are constantly given their comparison. This shows the success of both options. The model from "Meize" is more suitable for those who love a bright and fresh design. If we talk about the parameters, still this device loses noticeably. Reviews and Specifications Meizu U20 (16GB) just make sure of this opinion.