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Safety rules in the gas sector

These rules are designed to providesecurity in enterprises, organizations and residential premises, regardless of the form of their property. They are subject to both officials responsible for the operation of gas facilities, as well as private homeowners or tenants using gas. From their strict observance and implementation of all the recommendations that are specified in the regulatory documents, life and health of people, the integrity of their property depend.

Safety rules in the gas sectorprovide for the responsibility for the safety of equipment and maintenance in good working order of the engineering communications in the premises. Only in this case is it possible to safely use appliances that provide heating for residential and industrial premises, cooking. In addition, these rules regulate the fact that the need for ventilation - chimneys. In a private homeowner, the obligation to comply with the rules is imposed on the owners of apartments and houses, in housing-operational organizations and housing cooperatives - on their heads (chairmen). Responsibility for the safety of the operation of gas appliances used in everyday life is borne by both owners and persons directly using gas. Quality repair of gas equipment and its maintenance are provided by operating organizations.

Safety rules in the gas economy dictate the following duties for homeowners and housing maintenance organizations:

  1. Assisting gas enterprises in maintenance of equipment, as well as promoting the basics of safe use of gas among the population.
  2. Providing employees with operationalorganizations of the unrestricted access to residential and technical premises located on the first and zero floors, in order to check their gas content.
  3. Timely notification to enterprises of the gas industry that it is necessary to disconnect gas appliances due to the discovery of their malfunction.
  4. The settlement of gasified apartments only if there is a document confirming the instruction on the safety of the tenant or the owner of the housing by the representatives of the gas enterprise.
  5. Call a gas worker in the event of a tenant leaving the apartment to disconnect the gas appliances that are in it.

Safety rules in the gas economy provide for the obligation for the population using gas for domestic purposes:

  1. A briefing on the safe use of gas in the organization responsible for the operation of the gas economy, compliance with instructions for the use of gas appliances.
  2. Calling the workers of the gas enterprise inIf it is necessary to make changes in the gas outlets (their design) or to detect a malfunction of the equipment, admission to the apartment of the above-named employees at any time. For the sake of personal safety, you must require the presentation of service certificates.
  3. Economical gas consumption, timely payment of its cost and maintenance cost of gas equipment (in private homeownership).
  4. Periodic checking of the heads in the winter, cleaning them from hoarfrost and ice.

Only in the case when the rules are observedsecurity in the gas economy, provides a clear work of all the structures responsible for its operation, preserving the life and health of citizens. It is about such documents that they are said to be written by the blood of the victims, and their fulfillment allows one to prevent the recurrence of tragedies, because behind many cases of violations are someone's broken destinies.