/ / Coat of arms of Tambov region: description and meaning. Coats of arms of Tambov region

Coat of arms of Tambov region: description and meaning. Coats of arms of Tambov region

Tambov Region - Eastern RegionRussia within the Oka-Don plain. The region is famous for its fertile soils and richness of nature. Here, agriculture and beekeeping have long developed. What does the coat of arms of the Tambov Region look like? Does he show all these features? What is depicted on the arms of the districts?

Coat of Arms of Tambov Region: photo, description and meaning

One of the old activities of local residents wasbeekeeping. It developed during the times of Imperial Russia, and perhaps earlier. Of course, this could not but affect the symbols of the region, so the coat of arms of the Tambov region is decorated with a beehive and three bees above it.

The coat of arms is French. It is painted in blue, which symbolizes purity and fidelity. Above it is a golden crown, showing the status of the region as a subject of the state. On the sides are two order Leninist ribbons.

coat of arms of Tambov region

The silver color of the hive and bees means generosity,nobility and justice of the people. Their images have not only a literal but also an allegorical meaning. Thus, bees on the arms of the Tambov region symbolize the collective work and diligence of the population. The Beehive is a kind of house in which the perfect order and smooth functioning of the actions reigns, and each of its members has a role. It can be compared to an area where each resident contributes to the development of the region.

The history of the coat of arms of the Tambov region is simple. It appeared at the end of the XVIII century, and its model was the coat of arms of Tambov, the main city of the region. Since then, only the frame has changed, and the composition on the shield has remained the same. The last version was created in 2003.

Administrative division

The Tambov Region covers an area of ​​34,462square kilometers. Its territory is divided into 23 districts, including one city of district significance, 12 soviet and 234 soviet. In addition, seven cities of regional importance are singled out: Tambov, Kotovsk, Kirsanov, Morshansk, Rasskazovo, Uvarovo, Michurinsk.

On most of the arms of the Tambov regionyellow, blue and green predominate, and red and silver are often found. The images on them are designed to reflect the essence and main features of the areas. Let's look at some of them.

Staroyurevsky district

The coat of arms of the district is divided into two horizontalunequal areas. The upper and wider is painted in blue - a symbol of sincerity and devotion. It depicts a gold lira in honor of the native of the region, the composer A. N. Verstovsky. From two sides there are golden towers as a symbol of the Kozlovo patrol line - the border of medieval Rus. From above there is a golden star, taken from the birth coat of A. Novikov - a large landowner, philanthropist and ideologist.

coats of arms of Tambov region

Lower and narrower field is green -a sign of youth, hope and spring. In the middle is a wavy silver line as a symbol of purity. It also means the river Forest Voronezh, which crosses the area.

Uvarov district

In the center of the green coat of arms of the Uvarov districta golden color depicts a cherry tree with red or purple fruits. At the base of the tree trunk is divided into four thin lines, which are intertwined with each other and converge at the top of the shield again in the form of thick branches of a cherry tree. Below the emblem is crossed by a wavy silver line, and on the sides of the cherry are two bees.

coat of arms of Tambov region photo

The silver line denotes the Crow River, and the bees- The ancient branch of the local economy. The abundance of cherry orchards is expressed by the symbol of the tree, and its unusual trunk denotes various traps and traps that were prepared for the guard’s guard’s enemies (the southern border of Russia).

Michurinsky district

The emblem of this region is divided into two main fields. The top is several times smaller than the bottom. On its red background is depicted a golden fortress with two watchtowers. It denotes Kozlovskaya guard line.

coats of arms of Tambov region

In the lower field there is a golden rook. It symbolizes the shipyards, which in the XVII century built ships for the Azov flotilla. To her right is the golden apple branch, and to the left - ears. They represent the fertile lands of the region and the famous Michurin apples.

The lower part is painted in green and blue. The first means youth and hope, and the second - local rivers, as well as loyalty, sincerity of intentions and cleanliness.