/ The coat of arms and the flag of Qatar. Description and meaning of official symbols

Coat of arms and the flag of Qatar. Description and meaning of official symbols

Qatar is a Muslim state in the Middle East. What do the official symbols look like and what do they mean?

Flag of Qatar

The official flag of this Middle Easternthe state is the narrowest and longest flag in the world. It has a rectangular shape, and its proportions of width and length of the panel are 11:28. The drawing is quite simple. The flag of Qatar is divided vertically into two unequal areas of different colors.

Closer to the shaft is a narrower stripwhite color. The second strip is about twice as large as the first, it has a brown or burgundy color. The border of the two vertical regions of the flag is uneven. It is made in the form of a set of triangular ledges, creates the impression of torn edges.


The colors of the flag, as is customary in heraldry, haveits symbolic meaning. The brown area refers to historical events, means blood shed for the honor of the country. White color symbolizes the present. He talks about aspirations for prosperity, means the bright hopes and thoughts of the people of Qatar.

History of the flag

The flag of Qatar was adopted in 1971, afterliberation of the country from the British protectorate and gaining independence. Before that, there were several more variants of the official symbol of the state. The first version appeared in 1916, when the country began to control the British Crown. Then the flag was also divided into two fields - one was white, the other was bright red.

In 1936 he wasmore with technical reasons. The red color burned out strongly in the sun, so it was replaced by a darker one. On the flag also appeared the Arabic inscription "Qatar". In 1949, the state flag acquired a modern look, but was officially approved only in 1971.

Triangular projections on the border of two colorsrefer to an important historical event of the country. In 1916 in the Persian Gulf began a process called "Reconciliation of the Emirates". Qatar became the ninth country that took part in it, so the flag depicts exactly nine triangles.

National emblem

Together with the flag and anthem the emblem of Qatar isofficial state symbol of the state. Its shield has a round shape. In the center is a yellow circle, inside which the main composition is located: a sailing vessel floats along the white-blue waves next to two palms. There are two crossed swords under the ship.

The yellow circle is framed by a strip colored in colors,which depict the flag of Qatar. The upper white part of the strip contains an inscription in Arabic. At the bottom of the brown color is the English translation of the Arabic inscription: State of Qatar, which is translated into Russian as "the state of Qatar".


The sabers depicted on the coat of arms aretraditional weapons of Arab men. The same symbol is present on the arms of Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Waves are a sign that the state has access to the sea. This includes a sailing ship. Palms symbolize the local vegetation.