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How to pay the sick leave

The question "how to pay a sick leave" is of interestmany workers. Indeed, even the most responsible and healthy employee may come a time when he becomes temporarily incapacitated. Salary during this period is reduced, and the costs of treatment and recovery are increasing.

The way the sick leave is paid and in what waydepends on several factors. First of all, this is the size of the salary. If an employee receives money for his work "in an envelope" or is not officially employed at all, you can not count on a hospital one. The larger the "white" official salary, the higher the payout.

In addition to wages, the length of service on oneplace and how much the person has worked for the last 24 months before the onset of disability. If he worked, the payments will be calculated based on his average salary, and if not - based on the minimum wage. If the employee has more than 8 years of continuous experience in the enterprise, then the amount of his benefit will be equal to 100% of the average daily earnings. If it has worked more than 5 years, but less than 8, the amount of payments will be reduced by 20%, and if it has not worked for five years, the payment will decrease to 60% of the average daily earnings. If a person just settled in a new place and went to a sick leave without having completed half a year, the payments will be calculated according to the size of the minimum wage, which at the end of 2012 is 4611 rubles.

How the sick-leave is paid in view of the income forcalculation period? According to the latest changes, the salary is taken into account only for the two previous calendar years. In other words, if the employee became temporarily disabled in September 2012, the calculation will be made according to 2010 and 2011 indicators. It turns out that the amount of payments on the sick list within a year will not change. The amount will be the same in January and in November 2012. Before calculating the amount of benefits, you need to calculate the average daily earnings. It turns out by dividing the sums earned for the calculated period by the number of workdays.

Calculation of a sick leave sheet, for example:

Suppose an employee for 2010 and for 2011 earned240 thousand and 270 thousand rubles, respectively. Then the aggregate income for the accounting period will be 510 thousand. We divide them by the number of working days (730) and get the average daily earnings - 698.6 rubles. To get the amount of the benefit for the entire period of incapacity for work, you must multiply this amount by the number of days spent on the sick leave. Let's say it's 9 days. Then 698.6 * 9 = 6287 thousand. The obtained value must be multiplied by the length of service. If the employee has worked at the enterprise for 7 years, the coefficient will be equal to 0.8. Accordingly, the total amount of the allowance for the time spent at the hospital will be 6287 * 0.8 = 5030 rubles. It's her who gets it.

Is the sick leave paid ifincapacity for work due to alcoholic intoxication? Paid, but only based on the minimum wage, without taking into account length of service and real wages. Similarly, payments are reduced if the patient violated the regime and the prescription of the doctor or did not appear at the appointment on the appointed day. If the disability results from an accident at work, the employee will receive a benefit that will equal 100 percent of the earnings, no matter how much he worked there. The average daily earnings have an upper limit, which the allowance for working capacity can not exceed - this is 1137 rubles. If the employee's salary is higher, the calculation will be based on this amount.

How is the hospital paid to care for the baby? It is calculated exactly the same way, taking into account the worked-out years and income. But it is paid differently. The first 10 days - based on seniority and average daily earnings, and in subsequent days only 50% of earnings are paid.