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Wearing a cold steel is important!

In order to acquire weapons for self-defense,for sports activities, signal weapons, hunting weapons, as well as such, which is an integral attribute of national costumes or Cossack uniforms, it is necessary to issue certain documents and obtain a license that corresponds to it.

Wearing a knife
But if a person has contraindications to possessionweapon, for example for health reasons, it will not be possible to become its owner under legal conditions. Citizens suffering from mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse are not allowed to obtain a license even for carrying cold steel. But not only these reasons can act as contraindications. The receipt of a license may be denied if the person has poor eyesight.

When obtaining permission to wear a coldA medical certificate is submitted, confirming the absence of contraindications to the possession of weapons. If a person has an undeceived or outstanding conviction for the committed intentional crime at the time of issuance of the permit, if he is on the account of a narcological or psycho-neurological dispensaries or does not have a permanent place of residence, such a person will not get a license.

Asking about how to get permissionto carry weapons, citizens turn to the licensing and licensing service of the local Department of Internal Affairs. They collect the necessary documents, starting with a statement drawn up in a special form. They give their passport data, information about the place of residence, data about the weapons they own. In addition, two photos of the standard size of 3x4 are submitted together with the conclusion of the doctors that the applicant has no contraindications.

Permission to wear a blank weapon

In some cases, for example, to purchaseelectric shocks, cold bladed, propelling or pneumatic weapons license is not required. But if the muzzle energy of a pneumatic weapon exceeds 3 J, then it will be necessary to receive a license for it. Licensing and authorization service, in addition to the permit for storage of weapons, may issue a permit to carry cold steel.

If a citizen first applies for permissionand before that time he had no experience of possession of weapons, the license will be issued to him only after passing special training. A citizen must pass the exam, thereby confirming the knowledge gained.

The ATC considers the documents submitted withinmonths from the date of receipt of the application. On average, it takes a couple of weeks to get permission to carry weapons. Depending on what the license is issued, the term of its validity is also limited.

How to get permission to carry weapons

The license is extended if the applicant submits the necessary documents to the licensing and authorization service of the Internal Affairs Directorate. One license entitles to purchase up to five weapons of the same category.

In modern Russia, schools are actively developing,teaching techniques of fighting at knives. Their skills are demonstrated by athletes in the championships in sporting fights on knives. Knife in skillful hands is a serious cold weapon, capable of causing serious harm. If a person has received permission to carry a cold steel, then he must understand that he will have a potential murder weapon.