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Requirements for fire safety briefing

Briefing on fire safety onthe enterprise should pass in all divisions, that is the established rules and requirements are common for all. Thus, each and every employee will not only need to read the instructions, he is required to observe them without question. In order to avoid misunderstandings, all employees need to leave a signature in a special journal stating that they have been trained in fire safety.

fire safety briefing

In order for the rules to be adopted by everyone, includingnumber and newly arrived workers, the instruction should be repeated with some periodicity. It is best to train fire safety measures at least once a year. This will help to exclude the violation of the rules by the staff, which entails disciplinary, administrative or other liability.

Only after having been instructed on the firesecurity, a new employee of the enterprise can start fulfilling his duties. A huge responsibility falls on the shoulders of those who will work with a large number of people in special rooms. Such employees should be able to organize people in an emergency situation.

fire safety training

Instruction on fire safety should bedeveloped in accordance not only with the rules of fire safety, but also on the basis of normative and technical and other documents. Individual instructions are drawn up depending on the specific fire hazard for specific buildings and premises, production processes and process equipment used in the enterprise.

Briefing on fire safety must necessarily cover the following issues:

  • rules for the maintenance of buildings, individual premises and the surrounding area;

  • rules for maintaining order on evacuation routes;

  • requirements for behavior during the conduct of fire hazardous works, the algorithm of actions for the safe operation of equipment;

  • the procedure and requirements for the storage or transfer of substances and materials that are explosive or flammable;

  • information about places for smoking, rules when using an open flame;

  • the algorithm of actions for the collection and utilization of materials of increased combustibility;

  • information should be provided on whichthe data of the monitoring equipment (thermometers, pressure gauges and others) are limiting; staff should know what evidence may trigger an explosion or fire.

training in fire safety measures

This list should also be supplemented with information on how to operate employees during a fire. Instruction on fire safety should include such rules:

  • actions to call the fire brigade;

  • how to perform emergency shutdown of production equipment;

  • actions to disconnect electrical equipment;

  • rules for the use of fire extinguishing agents;

  • actions for the evacuation of flammable substances, important documents, material values.