/ The coat of arms and the flag of Cameroon. History, description and meaning of the flag

Coat of arms and the flag of Cameroon. History, description and meaning of the flag

In central Africa, slightly to the norththe equator is the state of Cameroon. The flag and the coat of arms of the republic reflect its geographical and historical features. They are the official symbols of the country.

Flag of Cameroon: photo, description and meaning

Regulations on the modern state flagthe country was adopted by the Constitution in 1975. The flag of Cameroon is a cloth with a 2: 3 aspect ratio. The composition is divided into three equal vertical strips, and a golden star is placed in the center.

Flag colors are traditional for Africa. They are present in many heraldic symbols of the continent. Cameroon became the second state after Ghana, which adopted the Pan-African colors for the flag.


The nearest strip to the shaft is painted green. It is a symbol of forests and lush vegetation in the southern part of the country. According to the canons of heraldry, it also means hope and freedom. The middle band is red. It is a symbol of the unification of the south and north of Cameroon, the independence of the republic.

The last bar has a yellow color. It is a sign of the sun and savannas, which are located in the northern regions of the state. At the same time, yellow symbolizes wealth and power. The five-pointed star in the center of the flag reflects the unity of the country.

How did the flags of the republic change?

Cameroon was not always an independent republic. In the XIX century the territory of the country was transferred under the protectorate of Germany. In the colony, the official flag of the German West African Company was recognized as official. The red cross divided his white cloth into four equal areas, each with a letter from the company's abbreviation (DWAG). In the middle there was a yellow circle with a black eagle.

flag of Cameroon photo

In 1914 new arms and flag were developedCameroon. The cloth was divided into three horizontal stripes of black, white and red colors. In the center there was a red coat of arms, on which was depicted an elephant's silver color. Because of the war, the symbols of the Protectorate of Cameroon have not been formally approved.

cameroon flag and coat of arms

After the war the country passed under the control of France andBritain and did not have its own symbolism. During the struggle for independence in 1948, the Union of the Peoples of Cameroon chose as its flag a red canvas with a picture of a crab on it.

Independence of the republic was received only in1960 year. Then the flag of Cameroon colored in strips of Pan-African colors. A year later two gold stars were placed on the green strip, and in 1975 they were replaced by one star in the center of the panel.

The arms of the republic

Just like the flag of Cameroon, the country's coat of arms is paintedin the stripes of green, red and yellow colors. In the central red field the map of the republic is shown in blue. On top of it are scales of justice, and above them - a golden five-pointed star.

cameroon flag and coat of arms

Together, these figures symbolize the unity of bordersstate, the fair association of its lands and the right to independence. The green and yellow fields of the shield are empty. Behind the shield intersect the fascia, at the ends of which are placed axes. They symbolize the strength of the state, its readiness to protect it.

On top of the composition crowns the national motto ofFrench: Paix, Travail, Patrie, which means "Peace." Work. Fatherland. " Below, under the shield, in English and French, there is an inscription "Republic of Cameroon".