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A sample of a collective complaint against neighbors. Application to the precinct: sample

Accommodation in any apartment building canbe overshadowed by unyielding neighbors who do not put other tenants in anything and violate rest by their actions. Therefore, when buying an apartment it is important to pay attention not only to the state of the apartment and the entrance, but also to the people who already live in it. The most common complaint is noise from construction equipment, loud music, family squabbles. It's great if you can negotiate with neighbors-violators. But if you can not do this, then you have to turn to specialists for help. In this case, all actions begin with the writing of the complaint.

sample of a collective complaint against neighbors

Collective complaint against neighbors

What problems with neighbors most spoil our lives? There are not so many of them, but any of them can do much harm. For example:

  1. Overhaul is a serious stress forneighbors, especially in Soviet homes. And it's not just the construction of electrical appliances that work without interruption. When repairing an apartment, almost always the access road is occupied by large garbage bags (boards, foam blocks, tiles, boxes, linoleum, laminate).
  2. Another case - when neighbors are simply lazy to take out household garbage, especially in a house where absent garbage chute. They do not want to keep unnecessary bags in their apartment, and then such neighbors collect garbage near the stairwell between the floors. It happens that the neighbors are not going to clean up the stuff at the entrance.
  3. There are other situations when adults do notcope with the maintenance of pets, and their apartment produces an unpleasant smell. In general, this happens to single people who acquire a large number of cats and dogs. And it happens that pets released without a leash can bite someone from passers-by. Or the loud barking of a dog can cause a storm of indignation from neighbors.

complaint to neighbors


From the ceiling it flows without fail, and now the wholetailor-made repairs. In this case, you do not need to start solving the problem right away with clarifying the relationship with the offender, so you will not achieve anything. First of all it is necessary to call emergency service, to fix the fact of flooding and to eliminate the leakage. it foremost a nuance that will play in your favor in further proceedings. At best, the culprits must repair the damage, inflicted property in the apartment below the floor, otherwise have to go to court.

If the flooding touched not one apartments, then neighbors can write a collective complaint.

Noise, finding out the relationship

If you happen to live next to alcoholics or rowdy, then in the case of regular noise, parties, loud music or fights is necessary call the police. You do not need to wait in the morning to write a complaint to the district police officer, you can safely call at number 02 and call out an attire.

Where can I complain with my neighbors?

Here everything depends on the type of violation. Each case is considered individually. For example, after visiting one instance for signing the appeal, you will need to escape to the second, third, and so on. It's good, if in each state body they will really do their work, and not postpone the letter to the remote box.

In any difficult situation, you can write a complaint to the district police officer on neighbors. This is the simplest and most common option, especially at first "the war" with neighbors. A precinct officer is obliged to familiarize himself with the complaint received from the victims and must immediately react to her. In this case, the district attends " problem apartment", then I must interview all neighbors in the entrance and draw up a protocol.

statement to the police

The prosecutor's office

If there is no action from the precinct officer to solve the problem situation, then you can contact the prosecutor's office. In this case it is necessary to take a written refusal from the precinct and go with him to higher authorities.

To the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service

This the organization will help to solve the problem with the eternal mud in the entrance, dog excrement on the flower bed - all these are epidemiological disorders. Well, if the complaint will be accompanied by a protocol that before was drafted by the precinct officer.

To the fire brigade

Is one of the options when the stair spans and inter-floor areas are occupied with a variety of trash (garbage, frames, furniture). The argument for contacting the fire department is simple enough - These clutter can make it difficult to evacuate people in case of fire.

parcel application

To the administration

In most cities, you can send a complaint toadministration of the district directly by e-mail or by registering on the official site of the authority. This does not mean that deputies and heads will certainly be engaged in this appeal. However, specially trained staff will sort out complaints and send them where they should go.

In many situations the situation can help Rospotrebnazdor. By calling to "hot line", you can quickly solve the problem, get the necessary advice.

collective complaint against a neighbor

How to write a collective complaint to a neighborhood policeman? Sample

Collective struggle always was the most effective method in "the war" from violators public order. A single sample for writing a collective complaint, what in the police, what to the administration does not exist. But there are several standard rules. They are not registered anywhere, but are quite effective over many years of existence "outlaws" and truth seekers. When writing a statement, it is necessary to rely on the following nuances, which are indicated in the sample of the collective complaint against the neighbors:

  1. Correctly addressed. There is no need to write immediately to all inspections, where they will answer. It is necessary to contact only certain bodies that qualify for this type of problem. If there are doubts about the correctness of the choice of the addressee, it is worth writing in addition: "Please forward our appeal if this authority is not authorized to resolve such issues."

  2. In the sample complaint against the neighbors of the precinct it is said that the appeal must be written essentially without unnecessary colors and exaggerations. In a collective complaint of neighbors, only facts should be described.
  3. According to the sample, statements to the district officer should be brief and clear. The sentences should be short and clear.
  4. Appeal should be reasoned. One case - when you just dislike man, another thing - when he violates your rights.
  5. Written request must be compiled correctly. The statement should not contain errors.
  6. Attach audio whenever possible- and video-materials. If someone's car is parked on the playground, for example.
  7. With specific requests. For example: "We ask you to oblige neighbors to eliminate these violations in time for ...".

An individual complaint is made according to the same rules as described above.

complaint to the neighbors

What should be in circulation?

A sample sample of a collective complaint about neighbors can be found on the Internet and download. The application is usually written in free form. The written appeal must consist of three parts:

  • introduction, initial part;
  • main part;
  • final part.

Sample collective complaint of neighbors to the policecan also be found on the Internet or ask for a paper version of your precinct. A police officer can write a written appeal, based on the words of the tenants, after which it must be signed. If there are difficulties in drawing up an application, then a lawyer will help solve the problem and show how to write a complaint correctly.

What information you need to specify when writing a collective complaint to the district police officer?

The sample statement to the police indicates the following information, with which you can write an appeal:

  • The name of the company or organization to which the complaint is filed.
  • Position of the head of the institution, its initials.
  • Name of people who file a complaint, their signatures.
  • House number and street name, the tenants of which file a complaint.
  • The house number and street name of the neighbors that cause problems.
  • A specific and detailed description of the essence of the treatment with mentioning all the details.
  • List of people who participated in the writing of the appeal.
  • The date, month, and year of the collective complaint to the neighbors.

complaint to the neighborhood on neighbors

Features of writing a collective complaint

In the sample of the collective complaint of the neighbors clearlyit is clear that there should be more pronouns "we". Since the application does not come from one person, but from several (society). When writing a message, you must make reference to the articles and norms of current legislation. According to the sample, a statement to the police is drawn up in two copies. One application is sent to the appropriate authority, the second remains with the residents of the house.

You can send a complaint in two ways:

  • to the addressee directly in hands, through the secretary;
  • by mail or registered mail.

Terms of filing and consideration of a collective complaint

According to Art. 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, a police officer must decide on a collective appeal (the district police officer is given about three days).

In the presence of official request from the district police chief has the right to increase the a period of up to 10 days, in accordance with Part 3 of Article 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.

Consideration of a collective complaint by the prosecutor's office is up to thirty days from the date of receipt of the appeal.