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How does registration and closing of LLCs take place?

LLC as it was, and remains the most convenient formsmall business management. It is not so difficult to open, and in the event that there is not enough money to continue to conduct business, it is always possible to liquidate according to the procedure established by law.

Registration LLC in St. Petersburg can be made both independently and with the help of an agency that will help you to complete all the necessary documents and register your enterprise according to all the rules.

In any case, you need to know that for thisThe moment in the Russian Federation A limited liability company is registered with the Federal Tax Service of Russia and for this purpose the Federal Act No. 129-FZ "On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs" is applied. Be sure to read this document, as there are basic requirements and documents for the registration of a legal entity.

Next, prepare the necessaryregistration LLC documents. At the moment, they include the charter, in the event that the founders of LLC 2 or more a special memorandum of association, as well as the Minutes of the Meeting of Founders and the Application for State Registration.
The form of this application can be found on the FTS website under the serial number P11001.

This application form is electronic and maybe submitted by yourself. It is not necessary for the validity of this statement to have all founders as applicants at once. Even one of the founders can sign the form.
As for the case where the applicant is a legal entity, the form must be signed by the head of this legal entity.

Well, if you needed close LLC with debts or without, then again have to contact the Federal Tax ServiceRussia. This procedure implies the complete closure of a legal entity without the right to conduct further activities, and also without the possibility of reorganization into a legal entity of a different type.

For this procedure, you will needan extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, a list of members of the liquidation commission, as well as copies of their passports and identification codes, copies of passports of the manager and founders of the legal entity, the charter of the LLC, and it is important that it be in the latest version with all the additions and changes introduced earlier. Also, do not forget to provide a decision on the establishment of the company, the minutes of the meeting at which it was decided to appoint a director of this company, a certificate that shows the statement of tax registration, as well as a certificate of state registration.

Further, it is necessary to carry out the procedure for the official liquidation of LLC, which is quite a long process, but which is direct and does not cause any questions from the State in the future.