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Coat of arms of the Kemerovo region: description and meaning

The official date of the creation of the Kemerovo region1943 is considered. This region was famous at all times for its developed industry and agriculture. The modern coat of arms of the Kemerovo region was approved in 2002. What does the main state symbol of the region look like and what is its significance?

Coat of arms of the Kemerovo region: photo and description

Coat of arms of the Kemerovo region
Center of the main state symbolKemerovo region - French shield. Its lower part is colored green, symbolizing natural resources and developed agriculture in the region. In the central part of the shield there is a triangle of black color - this is a stylized image of the waste oil crockery. In the center of the coat of arms (on top of the triangle-trefikon) there are golden ears, a hammer and a pickaxe. Even not a specialist in heraldry, having seen the emblem of the Kemerovo region, will understand that its central figure symbolizes equally outstanding achievements of the region in agriculture and industry. In the upper part of the shield, the heap is bounded by two inverted triangles of red color. These are symbols of the metallurgical industry, representing nothing but molten metal. The coat of arms of the Kemerovo Region is framed on the sides by two oak branches, fastened at the bottom with the ribbon of the Order of Lenin. This symbol was not used by chance, the region was twice awarded the award. On the coat of arms, you can also see the date of the formation of the Kemerovo region - 1943. In the upper part of the shield is crowned with a golden crown, depicted in the form of a bowl.

Heraldry of the coat of arms

In heraldry, each color and shade has its ownspecial meaning. What can you tell about the emblem of the Kemerovo region, having studied its palette? Golden color is a sign of abundance, wealth, permanence and strength. Red shades symbolize energy, courage, patriotism. Green color is a symbol of abundance, fertility of the earth, favorable ecological conditions, as well as joy and hope. It is worth noting that black color is very often perceived with negative associations. The flag and coat of arms of the Kemerovo region is an exceptional case, because the triangle of black color symbolizes the main natural wealth of the region, coal mined here.

Flag of the Kemerovo Region

Coat of Arms of Kemerovo Region photo
The official flag of the region is a rectangularthe cloth (1: 2 aspect ratio) is red. Near the pole there is a vertical strip of blue color, in its upper part the emblem of the Kemerovo region is depicted. The blue color used on the flag is considered a symbol of truth, divine blessing (the color of the Mother of God), honor and permanence.