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Sanitary protection zone: basic provisions

Forced living in unfavorable conditionsclose to industrial enterprises contradicts the constitutional right of any citizen to protect health and stay in a safe environment.

The current legislation does not allow living in sanitary protection zones, therefore, measures for resettlement of citizens can be carried out.

sanitary protection zone
What is a SPZ?

Sanitary protection zone - an integral partAn object that becomes a source of negative impact on people or the environment. It separates residential buildings, recreational areas and recreational areas from industrial sites. At the same time, boundaries are necessarily indicated and information signs are established.

The calculation of the sanitary protection zone is carried out incompliance with the sanitary classification of organizations. In this case, its size is from 5 to 1000 meters, which depends on the level of vibration or noise, as well as other harmful factors.

sanitation zone
It is worth noting that in practicethe sanitary protection zone is measured differently - from the land plot where the enterprise is located, from production buildings or from a source of harmful industrial emissions. This is due to the fact that there is no clear indication as to what boundaries should be measured or how it is most correct to determine the sanitary protection zone and its area.

Sometimes there is a need to change the SPZ orcreate individual sites for enterprises that do not fit into any classification category. The sanitary protection zone can increase with a significant excess of the level of any production factor, as well as using new technologies that have not been adequately studied. It should be noted that with the increase of this area, only data based on practical indicators are taken into account, and not those obtained as a result of calculations.

Sanitary protection zone is reduced in the following situations:

• when confirming a stable technogenic impact, which is below the regulatory requirements;

• decrease in the level of physical factors affecting the environment within residential buildings;

• reducing the strength of the enterprise, its re-profiling or changing the hazard class.

calculation of the sanitary protection zone
It should be noted that the sanitary protection zone inIn any case, it should not include any food enterprises and organizations that produce food containers, water supply buildings for drinking water storage, parks, educational and sports organizations, as well as medical or recreational facilities. In this territory it is also forbidden to place collective or individual garden-garden and country sites.

In order to regulate the described positions,normative documents are being developed that help to fulfill the orders of supervisory bodies in a more qualitative and timely manner, as well as to impose more stringent requirements on the heads of organizations to ensure maximum protection of the population from negative industrial factors.