/ / Training in safe handling of weapons. Rules for the Safe Management of Firearms

Training in the safe handling of weapons. Rules for the Safe Management of Firearms

When only a person begins to receive trainingsafe handling of weapons, he needs to remember some of the operating rules and precautions. In the future, when shooting, they must be strictly observed in order not to fall victim to a foolish mistake or negligence.

Training in safe handling of weapons

Conditions for obtaining a license to purchase weapons

A person who applies for a license foracquisition and possession of weapons must be at least 18 years old. Also, the candidate must necessarily have a permanent residence permit in the territory of the Russian Federation. Those who wish to have an open criminal record will automatically be refused. Also, the candidate who was once sentenced for a serious or especially serious crime involving firearms will also be refused.

A candidate who has been brought to administrative responsibility more than once a year, as well as one who has not received training in the safe handling of weapons, will not receive a license.

A waiver can also be expected for the person who was once refused by the court. Also, an unconditional refusal will be received by a citizen who has not undergone compulsory medical examination.

For self-defense

Weapons for self-defense are very popular inmodern society. The measures to be taken with weapons are the main requirement on the part of the authorities when issuing a permit. Weapons for self-defense are divided into 4 types:

  1. Guns long-barreled, smooth-bore. Charges with fighting and traumatic cartridges.
  2. Firearms of limited defeat. This type includes a pistol, a revolver and other weapons. It is charged with traumatic, gas or light and sound cartridges.
  3. Gas weapons. In addition to this group, we can include various sprayers, which are filled with tear and irritating substances.
  4. Electroshock weapons and spark arresters. Most often, these products do not require special permission to wear, but sometimes they require compliance with certain rules.

Rules for the safe handling of weapons

Hunting weapons

No less popular weapon in Russia is andhunting. It is worth noting that for this type, it is also necessary to undergo training in the safe handling of weapons. It can be divided into six types:

  1. Guns long-barreled with a rifled barrel.
  2. Smoothbore longbore.
  3. Combined - smoothbore and with a threaded barrel. It is also produced with replaceable and added barrels.
  4. Pneumatic.
  5. Cold blade.
  6. Signal. This is not exactly a hunting weapon, however it is widely used by hunters in the season.

How to properly handle weapons?

Handling measures

Of course, a knowledgeable person can handle thator another type of weapon with almost closed eyes. Despite this, there are basic rules for the safe handling of weapons, which should be performed both for beginners and for professionals.

  • each time it is necessary to check whether the weapon is loaded;
  • It is strictly forbidden to aim at a person or valuable objects, this can not be done even in jest and when the weapon is not loaded;
  • it is necessary to check the barrel's charge independently;
  • it does not matter whether the weapon is loaded or discharged, it must be handled carefully and neatly;
  • after cocking the trigger, the muzzle can only be pointed at a particular target or upwards into the air;
  • Keep your finger on the descent can only be just before the shot, just so do not put a finger on the descent;
  • before working with weapons, it is important to take courses in the safe handling of weapons, without this approach to the trunk, especially to the gun, is prohibited.

Preliminary check of the weapon

Before each use of weapons it is necessary to conduct its verification. For this, the rules for handling weapons before the shot are developed.

Rules for the management of weapons

So, before working with weapons, you needmake sure that it is working properly. Shoot is allowed only in specially designated areas. During shots it is desirable to be in special headphones, and you can correct them only by putting the weapon on the stand. If during the operation of the weapon any other sporting elements (turns, tumblers) are performed, then in this case the trunk must be put on the fuse.

Always remember about the listed rules for checking weapons. All items must be carried out not only during combat operations, but also during the conduct of harmless competitions.

What is prohibited when working with weapons

Training in the safe handling of weapons also provides for bans. They describe situations in which weapons are strictly prohibited:

  • Move the muzzle towards living objects. It does not have to be people.
  • Shoot in prohibited places for this, and also perform a descent press without the appropriate command.
  • Shoot from a defective weapon. You can not also shoot from the trunk, where at least one part is damaged.
  • Personal weapons can not be left unattended. It is also not allowed to be handed over to other people.

Also, each safe handling instructorwith the weapon should tell that the work with the barrel should be stopped immediately after it was put on the fuse and in situations when people or cars appear on the horizon. Also, according to safety rules, shooting should be stopped immediately if a fire arises during regular shots.

Courses of safe handling of weapons

If there is a violation of the operation of the weapon,certain fines. For improper storage, administrative responsibility is imposed in the amount of up to 1500 rubles, and for its incorrect operation, a penalty of up to 3,000 rubles is provided. It does not matter what kind of cartridges the weapon was loaded with.