/ / Flag and the coat of arms of the Bryansk region. Description of Symbols

Flag and the coat of arms of the Bryansk region. Description of Symbols

The flag and coat of arms of the Bryansk region are official symbols of the region, reflecting its history, culture and characteristics. What elements are depicted on them and why?

Description of the coat of arms of Bryansk region

The regional coat of arms was approved in November 1998, andits use is regulated by the law "On the Symbols of the Bryansk Region". The coat of arms is used in some securities, administrative documents, on the facades of administrative buildings, etc.

The coat of arms of the Bryansk region (see photo below) hasThe shape of the French heraldic shield, pointed in the central lower part and with rounded corners. On a blue background of the shield there is a figure of a golden spruce with a three-tiered crown. Under the image of spruce are three golden rays of Y-like shape.

The coat of arms of the Bryansk region includes in its compositionand the coat of arms of the main regional city. It is located right in the middle of the shield. Outside, the coat of arms is surrounded by oak leaves and acorns, which are braided with ribbons. On the right side is a ribbon of red color, on the left - green. Over the arms is a sickle and a hammer.

coat of arms of Bryansk region

Meaning of symbols

Symbols placed on the coat of arms of the Bryansk region,have a direct link to the main characteristics of the region. They are designed to show the characteristics of the region, as well as to demonstrate the tradition of continuity. In this connection, the image of the sickle and hammer is placed on the emblem as an element of the historical coat of arms. These elements also testify to the fact that the region was formed during the period of the existence of the Soviet Union.

The blue color on the shield speaks of a connection with the Slavicculture, symbolizes the unity of the Slavic peoples. Three golden rays, placed under the image of spruce, also attest to the Slavic unity. They also point to the geopolitical position of the region - between the three states - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Golden spruce, placed on the coat of arms of the Bryansk region,points to the main attraction and the pearl of the region - the Bryansk forest reserve. Oak wreath indicates the status of the region as an administrative and territorial unit of the Russian Federation, which is endowed with certain powers and rights of state power.

Red and green ribbons are orderly andtestify to the rewards of the region. On the right is the ribbon of the Order of Lenin, to which the Bryansk Region was awarded in 1967. Green - ribbon of the medal "Partisan of the Great Patriotic War".

Coat of Arms of Bryansk

The emblem of the main city plays an important role indescription of official symbols, because his image is placed on the coat of arms of the Bryansk region. The city symbol was approved in 2009. For the first time it appeared in the 18th century in almost the same form as it is now. All elements were taken from the coat of arms of the landlily regiment, so the symbolism is of a military nature.

the coat of arms of the Bryansk region

The city coat of arms has a shield of the French type.It is divided into two horizontal areas. The upper, red, is a symbol of courage and fearlessness. The lower region of green means bright hopes, abundance and joy.

On the green field there is a stylizedimage of mortars (artillery weapons) of gold color. Its main significance is wealth, generosity. Next to it are pyramids: on the right side of ten shells, left - of six. Mortars and shells together point to combat power and strength.

Flag of Bryansk region

The regional flag was approved in November 1998.Its author is Yury Evgenievich Lodkin. The flag is a rectangular panel, the sides of which are related as 1: 1.5. It is painted in burgundy color - a symbol of partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War. In the center there is an exact image of the coat of arms of the region.

coat of arms of Bryansk Region Photo

On the shield of blue color there is an imageThe golden spruce, at the foot of which is the Y-like cross. The historical coat of arms of the city of Bryansk is located in the center. The heraldic French shield framed golden oak leaves and fruits, intertwined with red and green bands of red ribbon. The composition ends with a sickle and a hammer that are placed above the coat of arms.