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Scheme of an accident: how to draw?

The first thing done by the inspector of traffic police who arrivedon the scene - this is a road accident scheme. But, as is known, not all traffic accidents from recent times should be formalized with the participation of traffic police officers. Minor road accidents can be registered by its participants. Then the scheme of the accident is drawn up. Consider what it is and how to draw it.

scheme of accident

At what accident can you do without traffic police?

Accidents on our roads, unfortunately, arefrequent incidents. And the number of them does not become less. Therefore, recently it was decided to allow in some cases to dispense with the call of traffic police. Immediately make a reservation: not every accident can be issued only by its participants. For this, it must have the following characteristics:

  • In an accident only two cars are involved (no more and no less);
  • damage to health has not been done to anyone;
  • both participants have OSAGO insurance policies;
  • drivers agreed among themselves and agree on all points.

In addition, the amount of damage is not more than fifty thousand rubles or four hundred thousand for Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Notification - the main document

For any accident, a notice isthen sent to the insurance company within five working days. But in those cases when the documents are issued without calling the inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, it is the main document.

When filling it is desirable for both driversuse the same form, write with a pen with good pressure, so that everything can be read on a copy. Column A or B is filled regardless of who is the guilty person and who is the victim. On the front side of paragraph 17, too, is the scheme of an accident.

About it and talk more.

What is the scheme of an accident?

In simple words, this paragraph is asketch of a traffic accident. It should reflect all the information that law enforcement agencies need to issue documents. They are then presented to the insurance company. Only then can you expect to pay insurance.

It's not difficult to draw a diagram. The main thing is to be able to fully reveal the situation. By agreement, one of the participants draws up an accident scheme. How to draw it, look at the example.

how to draw a crash

In order to accept the document in the GIBDD subdivision, the scheme must clearly meet certain requirements.

Drawing up an accident scheme

So, here's what should be portrayed:

  • two cars involved in an accident;
  • they should be drawn in position at the moment when the forced stop occurred;
  • The names of all nearby streets are written with the direction of traffic;
  • the direction of inspection of the incident is written in the upper right corner;
  • cross marks the collision of the vehicle;
  • also reflect fragments and other elements of damage;
  • write the distance between the machines and the size of the road;
  • indicate the TC models and their position after the collision.

On how to draw up an accident scheme, it depends on whether the insurance companies will satisfy the request for payment.

Tips for filling in

When drafting a document, follow the following recommendations.

  1. Do not use a pencil, draw with a pen.

  2. Do not fix anything.

  3. And one and the other driver signs the scheme with the decryption of their data.

  4. Trust the measurement of distances to the tape measure, not to the eyes. This is especially true of serious road accidents.

  5. Try to enlist witnesses. Then the scheme in the eyes of insurers will become more convincing.

Look at the sample of the road accident scheme. It reflects all the points that it was taken to the traffic police and insurance company.

sample scheme

Details and features

Attracted witnesses must attach the document with their signatures and report the data.

Both drivers should be absolutely similar inOpinion: who is the culprit of the accident, and who is the victim. And the culprit must admit guilt to the full. If he writes in the document that he recognizes the blame in part, getting a payment will be problematic.

At the end, the scheme should be carefully checked andsign. Try not to hurry, even if there is not much time. After all, inattention can lead to the fact that from the innocent side you will become the culprit of the accident.

If both parties agree, they cantake photos of each other's documents. Also, photos or video of the accident will be superfluous. If you want them to be taken into account in the future, they need to be handed over to the police so that they can add them to the case. In this case, you must specify the camera, with which the survey was taken, and the exact time of its holding.

Examples of the road accident scheme

scheme crash form

Consider how the scheme of the accident should be drawn.

The first example is very common. The accident happened at a turn, when the reconstruction was not carried out beforehand. That is, the driver did not occupy the left lane, at which the turn is permitted in order to then make it. The outcome of the dangerous maneuver was a clash that you see on the diagram above. It is clear that the driver of the car making the turn is the culprit of the accident. To make this clear, all lanes and their directions should be displayed.

Another case can illustrate how onethe vehicle crosses the intersection. The other moves from the perpendicular side to the red traffic light. As a result of violation of traffic rules, there was a collision. That it was visible, it is necessary to reflect a red light of a traffic light in the circuit.

In the third example we show how one carmoves along the main road. The other must give way to it, but does not do so, so an accident occurs. For understanding, you need to draw all the signs on the road.

And here is what the scheme of the accident looks like. You can bring the form with you. It shows what happened.

how to draw up a roadmap

What to do after?

After drawing up the documents for both participantsit is advisable to go to the GIBDD unit together. If one of the drivers can not go there immediately after the incident, arrange and drive up at the appointed time.

An explanation should be considered. As in an ordinary traffic accident (when an inspector arrives at the scene), drivers must describe all the circumstances of the incident. All this is written on a special form, which will be given out to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. Do not hurry when filling out the document. Try to consistently describe what happened. Scheme of an accident, how to draw that, we dismantled above, will help greatly if it is held in front of you. So it's easier to concentrate and correctly describe the traffic accident.

example example diagram


We learned that to draw up a scheme without employeesGAI is possible only when only two cars participated in the accident and none of the people were injured, and there should be no trailers.

But the point about insurance is also important. The method is resorted to only when both parties to an accident have MTPL policies. Drivers must check each other's insurance so that they are not overdue. However, if in addition to compulsory motor TPL insurance, the vehicle of one of the participants or both is immediately insured under CASCO, the situation is changing. Insurers, most likely, will refuse payment if the road accident is formalized without the call of the traffic police officer.

However, if in a voluntary insurance contractthe options for the possible execution of an accident by means of the europrotocol are indicated, then in the event of one of such cases the car owner can use the independent registration of the accident and expect to pay. In some contracts, the maximum amount of payment can be stipulated, and in others - types of accidents can be listed.

tracing scheme


From the article you learned how important the scheme isAccident. Having studied all the nuances and knowing how to properly compose it, you can save a lot of your time. All drivers know how bad accidents happen. Perhaps, just at this time there are other urgent and urgent matters. When registering an accident on the European protocol you will not drop out of the schedule and have time for all the planned meetings.