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Excise stamp

The excise stamp is nothing more than one of thevarieties of fiscal stamps. It is used to pay excise duty, which is mandatory for specific types of goods. Examples of these products include wine and tobacco. The excise stamp is a tool that allows state authorities to determine whether such producers distribute the goods without paying mandatory sums. Also, it gives the buyer information through which it can be concluded on the quality of the products purchased. The excise stamp is used not only in Russia, but also in many other countries.

excise stamp

Once upon a time in our country were usedexcise packages. Boxes were sealed by them so that it was impossible to make a discovery without violating the integrity of this remedy. Today excise packs are still used in Bulgaria, Canada, the USA, etc.

Excise stamps on alcohol and other goods inour country appeared around the middle of the century before last. In 1994, excise stamps were introduced throughout the country. To date, excise labeling must be in due course subjected to wine and vodka products, alcohol, tobacco products, as well as tobacco itself. In principle, the ban on the sale of goods without such a mark has been in effect since 1995.

excise stamps for alcohol

The excise stamp is nothing more than a documentstate reporting, which certifies that this product was manufactured legally, and there are no violations of the law in this case, as well as its sale. This brand is also a carrier of special automated information.

What can be said about whetherexcise mark to prevent illegal business, as well as the sale of clandestine products. First and foremost, it is worth noting that it is a way for the state to get a lot of money for itself. The bottom line is that certain goods have a very low cost price. A vivid example of this is alcohol. The real cost of a bottle of vodka is about twenty times lower than the one for which it is released. With such high prices, manufacturers are trying to get back the money they gave to the state for the right to engage in their activities.

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The sums of excise duties are indeed oftentranscendental. Let's note, that, raising them, the state raises the prices for alcohol. This method is sometimes used not only to replenish the pockets of officials, but also to take certain measures to prevent the fight against alcoholism.

The excise stamp is inspected with the help ofmost modern devices. In general, it has many distinctive signs and protective means. However, it is worth noting that many excise stamps for some reason can still be easily peeled off the product. Of course, the gluing of excise stamps is the simplest way of transferring goods, produced underground, to the market. Criminal liability for this kind of violation is foreseen.