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The emblem of Mari El is the main symbol of the republic

In the State Heraldic RegisterThe Russian Federation contains data on individual symbols of all regions of the country. But it happens that the government of the region or republic does not agree with the decision of the Heraldic Council and disagreements arise between them. The emblem of Mari El has long been the subject of controversy.

emblems of Mari El districts

Description of the new coat of arms

The new coat of arms of Mari El is aFrench shield with a silver background, inside of which is a brown bear, standing on its hind legs and turned to the right. In the right paw the beast holds a long sword in a blue scabbard, pointed downwards, and a golden hammer with a silver handle. In the left paw there is a blue shield framed with a gold ribbon. In the middle part of the shield there is a golden slanting Mari shield.

All this construction is crowned by a ground golden crown, stylized under the Mari ornament.

emblem and flag of Mari El

This version of the emblem was adopted in 2011 and did not pass the commission for the following reasons:

  1. The procedure for registering and providing a new coat of arms to the Heraldic Council under the President of the Russian Federation was violated.
  2. It is believed that the government of the republic was notreasons to change cardinally the individual symbol, because such changes are possible only if the object changes its name, boundaries, national composition, status, etc. Otherwise, it is possible to make an easy adjustment, during which they will not be affected essential elements.
  3. Also in the council noted that the land crown can be used only in the coats of arms of settlements, but not of regions.

All these factors indicate that the Mari El emblem should be changed to the previous one.


The emblem of the Republic of Mari El, as well as other symbols, is full of deep meaning. Each individual element has its own meaning:

  1. The bear symbolizes strength, caution, indicating that the republic is rich in forests.
  2. The sword speaks of readiness for defense, and the fact that it is sheathed, shows nobility, peace and the desire to restore order in the region.
  3. The hammer reminds that hardworking people live in the republic.
  4. Shield. It depicts the Mari guardian, which symbolizes law and order and security.
  5. The crown speaks about the status of the republic and shows its importance for the country.

The government of the republic came to the conclusion that a radical change in the coat of arms is necessary for a more accurate justification of the status.


The emblem of Mari El is often modified, so for a more accurate description of the symbol you need to plunge into history a little.

In the days of the USSR and until 1993, the coat of arms was completelycopied the symbol of the state and differed only in the presence of two inscriptions ("Mari ASSR" and "Proletarians of all countries, unite"), which were performed in Russian and Mari.

From 1993 to 2006, the coat of arms looked like this:

  1. In the heraldic shield, the background of which is executed in a yellow-brown color, the skewed Mari cross is depicted, and the inscription with the name of the republic was decorated with the lower part.
  2. The shield is depicted in a frame of ears, spruce and oak branches, which have long been considered a symbol of fertility and rich forestry.
  3. Also in the composition there is a ribbon made in the colors of the Mari flag (blue, white, red).

emblem of the Mari El

In 2006, it was decided that the coat of arms was notcorresponds to the rules of heraldry. In accordance with this, it was decided to change it. Until 2011, the symbol was a golden shield, inside of which was a scarlet Mari cross-cut. As a frame, the ribbon was chosen in the colors of the state flag of Mari El.

emblem of the Republic of Mari El

Emblems of districts

The emblems of the districts of Mari El and cities of the republic look like this:

  • Yoshkar-Ola. The French shield is made on a blue background, and inside it is a silver moose with golden horns. The design is crowned by a tower crown with a traditional ornament.
  • Volzhsk. The shield is divided in half: the lower part is blue, and the upper one is blue. The center of the composition is a silver osprey with golden paws, in which it holds a silver-gold pike.
  • Kozmodemyansk. On a red background there is a golden bow with three crossed arrows.
  • The Volga region. In the left part of the shield is shown a silver ornament, the rest is painted in azure color. Closer to the edge is a silver woodpecker with wings raised, under the wing there are eight inverted wedge crosses.
  • Mountainous region. On the scarlet background is a silver leopard holding 3 golden arrows.
  • Zvenigovsky district. On a blue background, a golden helm is shown, in the middle of which a Mari cross instead of spokes. The figure is framed by branches of hops, in the upper part 4 gold squirrel skins are symbolically shown.
  • Kilemar district. In the middle of the coat of arms on a green background, a silver spruce is shown, in the center of which there is a black grouse, sitting on a scarlet bow with 2 arrows, and looking around the spruce on both sides, there are lynxes looking in different directions.
  • The Kuzhenersky District. On a claret background, a flying silver moose with golden horns and wings is depicted. In the lower part there are 3 spruce trees, through which the azure band passes.
  • Mari-Turek district. The lower part is painted in silver, inside there is a black grouse with a gold wreath around its neck. On the top is a green ribbon with seven golden bees.
  • Medvedevsky district. The shield is divided into 3 equal parts: the bottom and top are painted in blue, and the middle one is in silver. In the center of the composition is a red diamond sign.
  • Morkinsky district. The left upper part of the shield is crescent shaped and colored green, and inside is a golden squirrel with the same bump. The right upper and lower lower parts are silver, and the lower right is red. The top and bottom are separated from each other by ornament.
  • Novotoryalsky district. On a blue background there is a silver arc with red ornament and a golden bell in the middle. A silver duck sits over the arc, and under the arch there is a similarly curved fish.
  • Orsha district. On a purple background, an open flax wreath is shown, inside which is a ceremonial Mari ladle with a bird sitting above. All elements are made in gold color.
  • Paran'ginsky district. The left side of the shield is painted red, and the right one in green, below is a silver ribbon with ornament. In the middle of the composition is a silver horseshoe, crowned with the same astra. On the sides of the horseshoe there are 2 golden bees.
  • Sernursky district. The right side of the shield is made in silver, and the left part in green. Below, with variable colors, the point is depicted, on the sides of it are 2 birds, and the half of the crocheted Mari cross completes the composition.
  • The Soviet district. On a red background a silver inverted point with scarlet branches of a mountain ash in the middle. The top shows 3 piercing crosses.
  • Brinsky district. On a green background, there is a castle on the towers of which there are 2 gold lions holding a golden-colored flap in their paws, inside of which is a laurel wreath, crown and 2 crosses. At the bottom of this shield lies a sword and a peak. Also the lions hold a scepter. The composition is crowned by a crown crown.


The arms and the flag of Mari El are similar to each other. The panel is divided into 2 parts in a ratio of 1: 8. The right one is made in the form of a scarlet ribbon with Mari ornament, and on the left side, on the silver background, there is a coat of arms of the republic.

The Mari El emblem, although surrounded by many disputes, but in any case it is a symbol of the republic and points to its historical significance for the state.