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Roundabout Circulation. SDA: circular movement, entrance to the circle

Many, especially novice drivers, aresome difficulty traveling round the clock. What is the reason for this? Is it so terrible and dangerous the roundabout, as it might seem at first glance? These questions will be answered in the article.

A roundabout - what is it?

Perhaps, it is worth starting with the most important, namelyfrom the answer to the question of what is all the same a circular movement. SDA prescribes that circular (or circular) movement, and more specifically, a roundabout - is a crossroads, having the appearance of a ring with some number of intersections of carriageways. It is worth noting that the carriageway on the ring itself is not a separate road, but only a section intended for a congress from one road to another.

Quite a few and sparingly prescribe about the ringcrossroads of traffic rules. On a circular motion, drivers often have problems and difficulties, especially for beginners. This is most likely due to lack of awareness. But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that circular intersections are designed to facilitate traffic on the roads. In addition, if you understand the arrangement of such intersections, it will become much easier and easier to travel. There is nothing terribly complex and terrible in the circular movement.

On the advantages of circular motion

The ring movement does have a largenumber of advantages. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this. Many novice drivers, not fully understanding the rules, and do consider the circular form of crossovers unnecessary and dangerous. However, the ring traffic on the roads still has a number of advantages.

Firstly, this is a short waiting time.Especially hasty drivers will not have the opportunity to violate traffic rules. The passage of roundabouts and so on can be done quite quickly, and all because of the absence of traffic lights. Secondly, the throughput significantly increases. The absence of the need for the "red for all vehicles" phase helps out, making travel much more convenient. Third, the scheme of possible branches on the ring is much simpler and more convenient. After all, at the intersections with the installed traffic lights the system of passage is very complicated and often incomprehensible. At the circular intersection, the number of possible branches directly depends on the diameter of the ring.

There is a circular motion and manyother advantages. Among them - an environmental advantage, because cars throw much less exhaust. It is also possible to add low noise, lack of traffic lights and much more.

On the disadvantages of circular motion

Of course, the circular motion has its drawbacks. It is because of them that most novice drivers are so afraid of roundabouts. So what's the problem of circular motion?

Firstly, it is the congestion at the rush hour.

circular motion
The thing is that drivers who needgive way to all motorists at an intersection, sometimes expect a fairly long amount of time. And to call at such a crossroads in conditions of intensive traffic is not so easy even for experienced drivers. Secondly, there is a problem with signs and illiterate motorists. The thing is that some signs at the crossroads may simply be absent, which has a very negative effect on traffic. Many drivers believe that finding a ring is already a priority. It is with such motorists often there are conflict situations. Beginners in such cases should be especially careful.

Of course, at roundabouts with roundabout trafficthere are many other problems: for example, difficulties in organizing travel for cyclists, a large required area, an increase in the length of the path for pedestrians, etc. Nevertheless, crossroads with ring traffic should not be afraid. You need to re-read the traffic rules section "Circular motion". The entrance to the circle after that will seem not so complicated. However, knowledge of the rules alone will not be enough. The danger must be expected from everywhere, one must be prepared for the worst. Perhaps, it is this tactic that will help to avoid an accident.

About the entrance to the roundabout

Pretty painful topic - vzd on a circularmotion. SDA, it should be noted, does not circumvent the ring intersections in any special group. Therefore, there are no separate rules for the passage of such intersections, as well as entry to them. When entering the roundabout, you should follow the simple rules of the traffic rules, namely: the rule of the right hand, road signs, road markings, and in some cases traffic lights (traffic lights, I must say, are installed on the rings quite rarely.) But sometimes you can meet them.

pdd circular traffic circle entrance

If the ring intersection has congresses withone-way traffic, then the ring itself can be stopped from any lane. However, often before the crossroads, and not only roundabouts, the signs "Direction of traffic along the strip (s)" are installed, or special markings are marked. In this case, of course, the entrance to the intersection must be strictly in accordance with the markings or road signs.

On leaving the roundabout

Departure from the roundabout is still the samemust be carried out in accordance with certain rules. Many drivers, unfortunately, completely forget that when leaving the ring you need to change to the extreme right lane. And to leave from the intersection is also necessary only from this strip. However, this rule does not work when special road signs are installed at the intersection, which indicates the direction of traffic along the lanes. The same is true when special markings are placed on the road. Do not forget that often on the roundabouts, especially the large size, there are pedestrian crossings. In this case, you need to slow down and give way to people crossing the road.

Turning the turn signals when driving round the roundabouts

It is quite clear and clear about the inclusion of turn signalsis registered in the traffic rules "Circular motion". Turners, however, are not included by all drivers, and often not by the rules. What problems can arise at the roundabout with turn signals turned on?

rules for pdd on a circular motion

So, the rules oblige drivers to include the rightthe signal of the turn signal always at the entrance to the roundabout. But it is here that most problems arise: some motorists either do not know about this simple rule, or consider it uncomfortable. That is why so many participants in the movement at the entrance to the ring feel it necessary to include that turn signal, in the direction of what road they are going to go next. Here one more problem is added. Many, especially novice drivers, who drive strictly by the rules, often deceive other participants in the movement, including the right turn signal always when entering the ring. What to do in such a difficult situation? Since the movement on the ring is always organized from left to right, the turn signal when driving on its own strip is better not to include at all. And if the driver needs to turn left, then in this case, of course, you need to turn on the left signal of the turn signal.

So, what is the conclusion to be drawn? Turners always turn on when rebuilding on the ring, as well as when leaving the ring. Should I drive strictly according to the rules and always include the right turn signal when I arrive at the roundabout? The question is controversial. Sometimes this decision can provoke an accident.

Movement at the roundabout with the sign "Circular motion"

If the driver is driving around a roundabout,which has only one "Circular motion" sign, then all the following rules are observed. At an equivalent roundabout, you can enter from any strip. This condition, of course, does not apply to the case when there is a road sign at the intersection with the meaning "direction of traffic along the strip" or special road markings are marked. In this case, it is worth remembering the section of the traffic rules "Circular motion": the entrance to the circle will be strictly in accordance with the signs or markings.

All those who enter this circle will haveadvantage. After all, the "interference on the right" rule operates here. This means that all vehicles located at the crossroads will have to give way to cars entering the ring. And how to leave the intersection, which organized a circular motion? SDA, again, establishes a simple rule: in the absence of signs and markings with the value of "Direction of traffic on the lanes" to leave the circular intersection will have only from the far right row.

Movement at the roundabout with the sign "Give way"

Often at the roundabouts, there is a roadsign with the value "Give way". How can I get through such a crossroads where a circular traffic is organized? SDA establish a fairly simple rule.

pda traffic
All the circle of motorists havepriority, since the ring is the main one in relation to the roads leading to this ring. This leads to a very simple conclusion: drivers of vehicles entering the ring must give way to motorists moving around the roundabout. When drivers enter the roundabout, they essentially end up on the main road. In this case, you can continue the movement, not yielding to anyone.

Movement on a roundabout intersection with the sign "Main road"

How to cross a roundabout, if on itis the sign "Main road" and the sign "Circular motion"? SDA in this case set a few simple rules. All vehicles at this intersection must give way to drivers entering the ring.

pdd entry for roundabout
At the same time motorists that enter on a circularintersection, are obliged to make sure that they really are inferior to the road. After all, many illiterate drivers believe that on the ring they always take precedence. It is because of this that most accidents happen.

Drivers that enter the roundabout withinstalled on it the sign "Main Road", should pay attention to another sign - "Direction of the main road." In this case, you should immediately determine how exactly the main road is laid.

Recommendations for the passage of circular crossings

Beginners should pay attention to all the tips and recommendations given below, of course, in accordance with the SDA.
The entrance to the circular movement seems to many newcomers to be something extraordinarily complex and dangerous, although this, of course, is not at all the case. But how can you make life easier for novice motorists?

As is known, to move on the ring only onthe extreme right lane is completely unnecessary. Nevertheless, it is better for beginners to pass a roundabout on the right side. Such a solution has a number of advantages. This saves time, as you do not have to constantly rebuild from band to band. The exception is only those cases when the right row is occupied by parked cars. But then they should safely go round and continue moving again on the right side. Such a solution will help to avoid and emergency situations, especially in conditions of dense flow.

pdd circular motion indicators

If the driver is required after crossingthe rings continue to move straight, then occupy the middle row better. This simple solution will help to avoid an accident. After all, often drivers who want to continue driving on the outermost lane directly face drivers from the middle lane wishing to turn to the right.

And, finally, the most important and most important advice: To go on a ring it is necessary easy, not making any sharp maneuvers. Do not forget about pedestrian crossings, the inclusion of turn signals and road signs. Ready to be to everything - that's exactly what will help to avoid an accident.

Is it so dangerous and terrible around the crossroads?

Many illiterate drivers do make mistakes on the ring, thus violating traffic rules.

circular motion sign

A roundabout due to thisseems to many novice motorists an extremely dangerous place. But you should not be afraid of the ring in any case: it is important only to consider that the danger can arise from everywhere, even from there, where you do not expect it. It is necessary to understand that many vehicle owners do not slow down before the ring, they do not observe the necessary distance and a safe side interval. Especially dangerous are those drivers that for some reason consider any roundabout intersection a place where they have an advantage. And lately a lot of drivers have appeared that park their cars on the ring completely wrong: they do not comply with the condition that parking is forbidden and the stop is closer than 5 meters from the intersection of the carriageways. Do not repeat the mistakes of such drivers. It is necessary to know the traffic rules. Travel roundabout in this case will not seem such a difficult task. Always on the ring and at the entrance to it you need to be very careful and careful. Only then will the movement be really safe.