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Road protivotarannoe device

To protect against terrorist threats, accessterritories to different objects are surrounded by anti-trolling devices. They should be installed near industrial, defense, socially significant buildings. These structures control the passage of vehicles to the protected area.

antitouch device

The anti-weeding device is used onrailway crossings to improve road safety in hazardous areas. This reduces the number of accidents. When you enter the toll parking you can also see the barriers. There are several types of structures that ensure the safety of people and transport.

Stationary devices

To protect objects from various kindshazards, install road blockers, barriers, bollards, gates. Each stationary antitask device has its own characteristics. The constructions differ:

  • different levels of confrontation;
  • width of travel;
  • type of drive;
  • the period of opening and closing;
  • lifting height;
  • the temperature at which the working capacity of the product is guaranteed;
  • complexity of installation;
  • technical service;
  • cost.

Stationary devices are installed in one place, so they are the most reliable. Many areas in cities are surrounded by such structures.

Mobile devices

Such designs are quickly delivered andare collected. They can be easily installed based on the required width of travel. The products withstand a high load, and also, if necessary, stop the transport. Mobile structures have a small weight and differ autonomy. They provide a stop of transport without serious damage.

installation of antitark devices

By design, the products are uncontrollable.These include metal "hedgehogs", artificial road jaggies and portable blockers. Their installation in the necessary territories allows to prevent a lot of unforeseen situations. Mobile structures are also suitable for protection against free access to the protected area, although it will be more reliable to use stationary products.

Value of road blockers

Powerful design makes only places vulnerableentrance to the site of the protected facility. The anti-tamper device creates the security of buildings, and also helps to manage the passageways that lead to a closed territory.

anti-tamper device ptu

There are strengthened barriers that havehydraulic or electromechanical drive. Shock resistance is established during the test. The results of the tests show that the devices stop the moving truck, and the damage falls on the structure itself.

In the technical characteristics of manufacturersIndicates the axial load that the blockers withstand. During the selection of the protective structure, the magnitude of the characteristic is taken into account, as well as the type of threat. The antitark device is controlled by an access control system or remotely by a radio device.

Features of use

Bombers are also classed as anti-trolling devices. Their difference is that they do not limit pedestrian traffic in a raised form. The roadway overlaps not all, because the poles are placed at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. Such structures are used in pedestrian areas located near residential and administrative premises.

The diameter and thickness of the wall of the column are determinedthe value of the load, which will be acceptable for the design. Installation of the antitark devices involves the opening of the roadway, since under them is a concrete structure. Bollards are raised electromechanical or hydraulic drive mechanism.

That there was no unauthorized access toprotected area, install additional structures. They are mounted on the entrances to the antiturant structures. Their task is to force down the speed of transport. Won seconds allow the guards to bring the barrage devices into full readiness.

Barrier structures

Counter-tread device of barrier typeallows you to limit access to a closed area. The product is ideal for travel 3-6 meters wide. Such protection is established in places of intensive movement.


The anti-tamper protection device can work in any weather. It is reliable, because it serves as a barrier to spontaneous entry into the protected territory.


In every city there is not oneantitask device. PTUs in the form of barriers are made of an aluminum case inside which is a steel cable. The product can withstand strong impacts, as well as stop the car.

Also in the design there are 2 solid supports. They need a strong foundation, since the product must withstand heavy loads when unauthorized entry is made. The device has controls and beacons. This is a pretty high quality design.

Advantages of the barriers

The advantages of such products include:

  • Durability, because for the manufacture of structures used strong materials.
  • Reliability. Metal parts of the product distribute the load evenly.

antitask device

  • Precise positioning, as there is a system of proximity switches.
  • Many products can be used in any weather.
  • Quick opening and closing times.

Barriers are installed in areas of increased wind load. They are suitable for ensuring safe entry into the protected area.