/ How to make a house. Registration of property rights in Russia

How to apply for a house. Registration of property rights in Russia

Any house stands on a land plot that has a certain area. Therefore, each owner must own two documents: the ownership of the plot and the house.

Registration of a land plot in personal property

For registration it is necessary to go through several stages:

  • documents for land are handed over and registered;
  • verifies the legality of the transaction and examines documents by proxy;
  • the rights of the applicant are checked, there is no contradiction;
  • entries in the Unified State Register;
  • documents are signed, a property certificate is issued.

For registration the following documents will be required: identity card, sales contract, right to the plot, cadastral plan, receipt for payment of state duty.

how to apply for a house

Simplified procedure for registration of property rights

"Simplified" extends to the following buildings:

  • built on the ground for gardening and cottages residential buildings;
  • Cottages and houses, which are erected on the sites allocated for individual housing construction;
  • Cottages and houses near the settlements, built on special allotments, which are intended for subsidiary farming;
  • Other buildings for which permission is not required.


Before you make a property in the house, you needto pass cadastral registration of a building and a site. For the preparation of passports, an application is submitted to the BTI, and after the inspection, ready-made documents are issued. This usually takes two weeks. Then it is necessary to apply to the city architectural bureau with the application for assigning the address to the house (on the basis of documents from the BTI). Preparation of the resolution lasts for a month.

For registration of the house in the property the following documents will be required:

  • cadastral plan;
  • a document certifying the rights to land;
  • confirmation document that the house is built;
  • a detailed description of the building;
  • a statement written by the future owner;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • passport of the applicant or a power of attorney written in his name.
    how to apply for a private house

Registration in the ownership of a holiday home

How to apply for a house in a dachasite? To do this, you do not need to provide documents such as a building permit and an act of commissioning. To register property, an application is submitted to the registration authorities with additional documents, which include:

  • Receipt in duplicate on payment of state fee.
  • Passport of the applicant. If the applicant is a representative of another individual, then he should additionally be given a power of attorney certified by a notary.
  • Declaration of the building with its fullcharacteristics in duplicate. It must be filled in by a special form by the owner (it is not subject to agreement with other persons or bodies). When it is compiled, the data of the object are indicated: type, name, designation, cadastral number and technical description.
  • Documents that establish the right to the site on which the cottage is located.
    how to apply for a house on a land plot

How to apply for a private house

Since 2006, a simplified designReal estate, allowing the registration of property rights without the formulation of an act of commissioning. How to apply for a private house? The cadastral and technical passports for the residential building and the land plot are prepared. These documents confirm the fact of the creation of the object. For passports it is necessary to apply to BTI. Specialists conduct an inventory of the house and prepare a technical plan. Documents required for submission to the BTI:

  • a cadastral extract for the land on which the house is located (the issuance is made in the Cadastral Chamber);
  • an extract from the cadastre on the lack of information about the residential facility;
  • the decision on the assignment of the address to the house (it is issued in the city administration - in the architectural bureau).

A cadastral passport for a site is not required if a property right was previously registered. From 01.03.2015 it will be necessary to present acts of commissioning together with passports.

Then they turn to the territorial serviceregistration with an application for ownership, a receipt (payment of state duty), an identity document, a resolution on the assigned address and a document on the property of the site.

how to apply for a house in a suburban area

Residential house on land

How to apply for a house on landsite? The following documents will be required: identity documents, a cadastral plan, a receipt for payment of the state duty, the right to this site, a technological passport of the house and a statement.

All documents are photocopied, but the originalsmust be presented for inspection. Some documents will need to be handed in two copies, so it's better to make copies of all documents in advance in a double copy. The application is filled out on a special form in the presence of the employee of the registration authority. The collected documents are submitted to the Rosreestr. A receipt is issued on hand with the indicated date of receipt of the completed certificate.

How to apply for a house in SNT

In the horticultural partnership registration inproperty adheres to general requirements. But before you place a house on a garden plot, it is necessary to find out if the plot on which the house stands is already in someone's property. If the site is free, the municipality will receive a certificate of ownership. In some cases, it requires a boundary survey.

Then the cadastral passport of the givensite in the regional Rosreestr. This will require documents for ownership and passport. The state fee is paid. A few days later receive an extract from the register.

how to apply for a house in cnt

The application with the description of the garden house is filled in,where the number of storeys, the area of ​​the structure and the material from which it is made are indicated. The structure is entered in the state register. If the house is bought from other owners, then all documents are simply reissued.

Decoration of a house in the village

Before you can register a house in the village, you need to collect the necessary documents for consideration by the regional department of the state register.

The package of documents includes:

  • an extract from the cadastral passports of the site and the house;
  • a copy of the cadastral plan of the plot and the house;
  • documents establishing the rights to the house with the plot;
  • passports of future owners of the house;
  • application to the registration center;
  • receipt of payment of state fee;
  • notarial power of attorney, if the design is handled by a trustee.

The cadastral passports for the site arehouse, extracts are prepared, in which all buildings are marked, and copies of the plot plans and the house. In order to receive an extract, the land plot should be on the cadastral register. It will also be necessary, with the help of a specialist, to survey the site. After inspection of all buildings a cadastral passport is issued, if only technical is on hand.

How to apply for a house? The documents are registered in the state register, and a certified certificate is issued in a month. If a trusted person is engaged in registration, he must provide a power of attorney, which will be notarized by a notary.

Decoration of an abandoned house

An abandoned house is an object that does not haveowner, or if the latter is unknown. It is possible that the former owner refused to own. Such houses are the bodies that carry out state registration, they are registered. The basis for this can be a statement from the local government, on the entrusted territory of which the building is located. In order to recognize the ownership of an owner who does not have an owner, local authorities can apply to the court in a year, during which the owner was not shown.

how to buy a house in the village

Before you get into the ownership of a house that is abandoned, you need to clarify whether he has an owner, whether there is a refusal of the structure, who owns the plot, whether the property is registered in the property.

How to apply for an abandoned house,if the owner does not exist for 15 years? Based on the statute of limitations. Provided that the person who makes out the house, continuously, in good faith and openly owned it as their own for five years. In this case, you can take advantage of the prescription. And the person who issued the house for himself is later considered to be the rightful owner.

Before obtaining the right of ownership, the person owningproperty as its own house, has all the rights to protection, if third persons who are not owners of the building claim to be building. When referring to the prescription of possession, it is possible to attach to it the time when the house was owned by the person whose legal successor is the person applying.

How to deal with the "unfinished"

Such a house can also be registered as a property, but the main stages of construction must be completed. The building can not be moved to another location.

If a citizen acts as an investor, thenThe signed contract is considered the basis of its rights as an owner. The obstacle here is the same: if the contract specifies the point at which the house is transferred into ownership after commissioning. This condition can complicate the entry into possession of real estate.

how to apply for a house in a garden plot

How to make a house an unfinished house? The following documents will be required for registration:

  • description of the building;
  • project documentation;
  • building permit;
  • documents establishing the right to a land plot.

If the documents for the land are not properly documented, the house will be considered built illegally, and by law is subject to demolition. First you need to draw a plot, and then - the objects located on it.