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Temporary registration: what is it. How much does the temporary registration cost? Temporary registration in Krasnodar

In the Russian Federation,procedure for temporary registration of people. As a result, a certificate is issued, and it should be obtained for all citizens who stay more than 90 days in the country. Temporary registration - what is it? To find out the answer to this question, read this article.

Purpose of obtaining information

Usually people often face problems,related to the place of residence and residence permit, but not all of them can correctly exit from such situations. It is because of this and many other nuances in each city that there are consultants and other professionals related to law, who can ask all the questions that are available, and they will help you in solving your problems.

Registration of temporary registration

Legal advisers will be able to respond to anyinteresting question. Mostly specialists come to find out what a form is and for what it is needed, how much is a temporary registration, what documents are needed for issuing a certificate. They also ask about what can happen to people if they did not formalize them in accordance with the procedure established by law, at what time it should be done to citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners. In addition to the above issues, legal advisers talk about the rules for registering temporary registration on the territory of any city.

Features of temporary registration in the subjects of the Russian Federation

The main document confirming the identity andplace of residence of each person, a passport is recognized. The stamp on permanent residence registration is usually placed from the fifth to the twelfth page. There is not only a permanent, but also a temporary registration, it is usually drawn up for a period of 3 months and up to 5 years. If citizens come to the city for more than 90 days, they should receive a certificate during this time. It is recommended to do this, despite the constant registration in another locality.

Temporary registration for citizens of the Russian Federation

The interim certificate is aa document that a citizen receives for a certain period, it records the address of residence. This process allows people to have their rights and responsibilities in the new territory, but they can not require a permanent residence permit after the expiry. In order to make a temporary registration, you need to collect the documents necessary for this procedure, and then send them along with the application to the specialists of the Office of the Federal Migration Service (FMS).

Differences between permanent and short-term registrations

In order to start describing the difference between the twotypes of registration in a certain territory, you first need to have an idea of ​​what a residence permit is. So, this is the main procedure that all citizens must fulfill in order to be able to exercise their direct rights, and public safety in the territories of the subjects of the Russian Federation is also mentioned. It is because of this that those citizens who do not have a registration are fined when checking documents by police officers.

temporary registration in Yekaterinburg

Based on this, you can imagine that you have decidedreceive a certificate in one of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. For example, in case of a visit to a city for more than 90 days, documents must be issued during this period. All citizens must hand over documents at the place of stay. Temporary registration in Yekaterinburg means that people are credited to the same address in this city for several months. But none of the citizens can claim further residence after the expiry of the term.

The difference between these two species isThe fact that with a temporary residence, for example, for a business trip, you need to issue a short-term certificate. And when moving to a permanent place of residence, you should get a regular registration. When a temporary record is issued a certificate, and with a permanent stamp in the passport.

The reasons why documents should be issued

And do you know why the temporary registration inEkaterinburg needs a newcomer to this city citizen? If not, then below is a list of various points when, due to lack of evidence, life in a particular city will be difficult.

  1. A citizen can not officially get a job.
  2. Get a loan in any branch of the bank in Yekaterinburg.
  3. Contact the medical institutions for help.
  4. Register a car at your place of residence, rather than permanent residence in another village.
  5. To issue documents in order to send the child to school or kindergarten.
    temporary registration in Krasnodar

Let's consider an example if you already have a temporary registration in Krasnodar, and your child is in the territory of this city. Then you can collect the necessary papers for this case.

This is only one of the main points that need to betake into account when moving. There are many other reasons, too, but few people pay attention to them. Any people, irrespective of their citizenship, may be on the territory of the Russian Federation, but according to the law, this must be done in time.

Order of registration of documents

All people who arrived in the new settlement,must undergo such a procedure as temporary registration. The rules and methods for obtaining it by all citizens are the same regardless of their age and nationality. This certificate is acquired according to the following scheme:

  1. Visiting people apply to the FMS with a statement.
  2. They also inform the employees of the branch of the address of their temporary registration. Together with visitors to the migration service, the apartment owners must also come.
  3. Each owner of the premises, if this shareholding, gives his consent to the fact that in his territory (in the house or other form of dwelling) a person will live for a period of 3 months or more.

Temporary registration: documents to be used for this event

temporary rule registration
If a citizen lives in one of the citiesRussian Federation, for example in Yekaterinburg, then when moving to another city, he must issue a certificate of registration at the place of stay. Temporary registration in Krasnodar passes in the same way as in other cities, and requires the following documents:

  1. A document that certifies the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a foreign country.
  2. A certificate of the birth of children (in the event,if they have not reached the age of 14). And if they are more than the specified age, then they must have a passport, and they apply for a temporary registration on their own behalf, the parents just have to explain how to do this in order not to make a mistake.
  3. A leaf of arrival on the territory of the subject,issued in triplicate. In all cities of the Russian Federation, this document must be filled by authorized people, but in practice they are made up of visiting citizens. For the form of arrival, you do not need to pay any money, since it is provided free of charge.
  4. A copy of the document certified by the notary public or its original (employment contract), which is recognized as the basis for settling a person on a certain residential area.
    temporary registration documents

Temporary registration form and its clearance process

This document usually contains a lot of information. Below are the main points and points that are available in it:

  1. In the upper right corner the name of the form is written - form number 3.
  2. Further, the number of the certificate, which consists of 11 digits, is fixed, they are usually inscribed in the document through a hyphen.
  3. FULL NAME. person who was issued a certificate of temporary registration.
  4. Date and place of birth of this citizen.
  5. Temporary registration address.
  6. The period during which you are allowed to reside in a certain territory.
  7. Passport Information.
  8. Signature and its decoding, as well as the post of employee working at the passport office.
  9. Round stamp of the Office of the Federal Migration Service (UFMS).

If any of the above items are missing in the sample of the temporary registration form, then the certificate is considered invalid.

What is the cost of processing the document

When entering a residential apartment for minorschildren at the location of the parents (guardians or adoptive parents) consent from the owners of the living quarters is not required, no matter how many months they are there. If you decide to issue the documents, you should first find out how much is the temporary registration.

how much is a temporary registration

According to the legislation of the country, for registrationthese fees are not charged. Thus, if employees of the Office of the Federal Migration Service demand money from citizens, one can say that their actions are illegal in relation to people who apply for services. To pay it is necessary only for the documents certified by the notary, photocopies of passports and other papers. Thus, the amount of money does not exceed 1500 rubles. The main nuance is that it is worthwhile to know what actions citizens should pay for, and for what - no.

The period for which a document on temporary and permanent registration is issued

Typically, the officials responsible fordocuments, check them and fill, if necessary. The term of temporary registration is established by two parties. This is the owner and temporary tenant. Employees of the FMS usually add time to the arrival sheets and then transfer them to the interior management bodies (OVSD) within three days.

Specialists of these services for the same periodtime from the receipt of securities must be in writing to disclose the refusal or register at the specified address. When completing the documents, the employees of the visa and passport departments usually monitor how correctly the applications were filled, and then they check each sheet for the fact that there are external signs of forgery, which are usually in the form of texts and drawings, poor-quality photos, adding pages from similar files, impressions of stamps and seals.

Registration of people usually occurs without their removalfrom the account on a residence. In case the expiry date of the certificate has expired, the citizen may not draw up address list No. 7. If the temporary tenant decided to leave ahead of time, the owner or the visitor himself writes an application to the registration authority.

Placement of citizens at the place of their stay

After reading the previous paragraphs of this article, youlearned a lot of new information: temporary registration - what it is and for how long. Based on the received data, it became known that it is needed in the event that you are on the territory of another city of Russia for more than 90 days.

In order to obtain a temporary registration,should seek help and advice from the Office of the Federal Migration Service. If such departments were not in your territory, then it was usually issued by the administration.

In order to formalize a temporary or permanentregistration, you should contact specialists with the help of a legal representative or in a personal order. If this is a child under 14 years of age, then his interests in this case are parents or guardians. This process takes about a week. After the registration takes place, citizens receive a certificate at the place of residence, which is signed by the chief or his deputy. Upon completion of the registration, a letter is sent to the employer or to the owner of the accommodation, stating that his or her apartment is temporarily occupied by a certain person.

Removal of citizens from the register at the place of temporary stay

In order to issue a temporary resident ahead of time, or you have a desire to move to another place, then you should take such actions:

  1. Each party that participates in the process,must write an application to the Office of the Federal Migration Service stating that the visitor does not need a temporary registration and in the future also will not be required. This sheet should be addressed to the authority in which the certificate was obtained. The application is transmitted both by mail and in person.
  2. Citizens can be removed from temporary registration at the place of stay automatically immediately after the expiration of its validity.

Based on only these two conditions, you canTo evict from the living quarters, in other cases the actions are recognized as illegal. Still it is possible to come to the compromise decision at which one of representatives - the employer or the lessor - writes the application for preschedule discharge of the time tenant from an apartment or the house.

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. Usually citizens ask about what is a temporary registration, what does it bring to the positive for each party?

This term is understood as the procedure for obtainingdocument, which is necessary for all citizens who are on the territory of the Russian Federation. The same evidence should be obtained by foreigners on the same grounds. Temporary registration for citizens of the Russian Federation is issued upon application in the Office of the Federal Migration Service.

2. What documents should I use to apply for this type of certificate?

To receive on hand you need to have a passport, birth certificates of children, an arrival sheet, a contract of employment.

3. What is the obligation of temporary registration at a particular address?

If a citizen works in a city where there is noregistered, then he must arrange this kind of document. If there is a temporary registration at a certain address, it is possible to pay utility bills legally.

4. Should citizens of the Russian Federation, who are registered outside the state, keep a ticket for the duration of their stay in this territory?

Yes, since this document, according to whichthe person arrived in the country, confirm the exact date of arrival. From this day on, citizens who do not have an internal registration can stay in Russia for ninety days. At the end of this period of time, further residence in the country is possible if you receive a certificate of temporary registration. When you are hiring, you should apply immediately on the day of your arrival, otherwise you will not be able to find a job.

Temporary registration of persons who are not citizens of the Russian Federation

A foreigner who has entered the territory of anotherThe state, in this case Russia, must obtain a document of its place of residence within three working days from the moment of arrival. The registration process takes place if the citizen has presented the identity document (passport) to the employees of the migration service. And also a map in which there is a note from the border control authorities. What is the duration of the visa of a foreign citizen, such is his period of stay in the territory of the Russian Federation. In the absence of this document a person may stay in the given state for not more than 90 days.

Registration of a foreign citizenis carried out on a written application from this person, which is submitted personally to the executive body, or more precisely, to the Office of the Federal Migration Service. The recording takes place at the place of his stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Now you know everything about such a procedure as temporary registration, what it is, and also about what its pros and cons are.