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Asahi massage for face

Japanese women have long known technologysmoothing wrinkles, which is based on the effect on the lymphatic system in the face. To achieve maximum effect, it is important to study the layout of the lymphatic vessels.

  1. Wrinkles on the forehead.The ring, middle and index fingers of both hands work. Determine the central axis along the vertical forehead, attach to it the pads of the six specified fingers. In this case, raise the elbows on the shoulder line. For three seconds, press your fingers tightly against your forehead. Slip, holding pressure, to the temples. There, without tearing off the pillows, lower your elbows down. Asahi facial massage is performed with frequent repetition of the basic movement. It is the following: from the temples pressure to weaken, to lead three fingers along the face oval to the zone of the peak of the ear, to fall to the lobes, even lower into the fossa at the collarbone. Three times, repeat the first exercise to smooth wrinkles.
  2. Problems under the eyes.The index and middle fingers of both hands are working. The leader is the middle finger. The starting point on the outer corners of the orbit. Japanese massage of the asahi The morning sun, aimed at restoring the elasticity of the skin under the eyes, appears as the movement of the bundles of the middle finger along the edge of the bone of the eye pit. So, under weak pressure, there is movement from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eyes, this is at the nose, there is a stop in three seconds. You can not touch the mucosa. Finish the circle to the outside corner. There again, a stop in three seconds. Do not tear off your fingers, make another half of the circle, to the bridge of the nose. There again, a stop in three seconds. Stop, return without taking your fingers to the outer corners, stopping further, not reaching the temples for three seconds, the second stop at the temples, easing the pressure. Repeat the basic movement downwards, to the pits of the clavicles, under the lobules of the ears. Movement for problems around the eyes is repeated three times.
  3. Tighten the shape of the lips.Massage asahi for the face in the oral zone is like all women. The nameless and middle fingers of both hands work in pairs. Finger pressure in the center point of the chin for three seconds. Pressure without pain, but there is a feeling that the fingers slide over the jaw bone, and not on the muscles. This is an effect - deep drainage. Trajectory of the movement - round the mouth pit and connect the fingers in the central point under the nose. There's a traditional stop for three seconds. In an ideal performance, the nostrils are slightly raised. Tear off your fingers from your nose. Again start at the center point of the chin, just below the lower lip. Repeat three times.
  4. Remove the age folds between the nose and cheeks.Asahi massage for the face is manifested in a miraculous change in the shape of the cheeks. The same fingers, pressure in the outer corner points of the wings of the nose. Five smooth movements, then up, then down, stretching the longitudinal nasal crease at the wings of the nose. After the fifth time, the bundles of fingers rise higher, to the center of the bridge of the nose. There are three moving from the bridge of the nose, aimed at smoothing the skin. For the third time the movement goes to the base: to the temples, down under the lobes of the ears, to the pits of the clavicles.
  5. Remove the sagging contour of the cheeks.Asahi facial massage includes exercises with osteopathic effects, such as this. Work index, middle and ring fingers. Position in longitudinal position. Press the pressure in the center of the chin under pressure. "Getting to the bone", go past the mouth, past the nose, stop under the eyes. The result of correct movement will be raised cheeks, just closing their eyes. Do not tear off your fingers, move under the eyes to the basic movement. Again from the temples, past the lobes of ears to the clavic pits. Repeat three times.

With systematic studies very soonThe skills of more complex exercises, which are taught by asahas massage for the face, are acquired. Comments of women practicing the Morning Sun, contain amazing examples of victory over the "second chin" and "chubby cheeks."