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Flux - home treatment

Periostitis, or dental flux, - insidiousa disease that brings unbearable suffering to the patient and is often accompanied by complications such as an enlarged abscess or phlegmon. If untimely treatment, the disease can take a chronic form. If dental flux is suspected, treatment can be entrusted only to the dentist.

Pain in the causative tooth, when you touch itspreading over the entire jaw, sometimes affecting the neck, ear and diverging along the trigeminal nerve, significantly worsens the well-being and general condition of the patient. The swelling appears first around the aching tooth, then it quickly grows, sometimes distorting the facial features beyond recognition. The body temperature rises, the patient often falls into a febrile state. Painkillers - a temporary measure, even if the pain has passed, but there is a flux, it is impossible to completely treat the house.

The cause of this disease is usuallyis damage to the tooth or untimely treatment of caries. As a result, the infection penetrates into the pulp, causing an abscess, which, in turn, contributes to the formation of dentogingival pockets. The impossibility of thorough purification of these pockets and promotes the development of bacteria in them, which leads to an abscess that destroys bone tissue.

If the patient has a tooth floss, a home treatmentpeople's means are unlikely to bring a positive result. The risk of complications, common with periostitis, is so great that only a timely call to the dentist can be the only reliable guarantee to avoid serious health problems.

Dentistry distinguishes acute serous and purulentperiostitis. In the first case, removal of the affected tooth leads to recovery. In the case of diagnosis of purulent periostitis, it is necessary to open the subperiosteal abscess and drain it. From this it follows that in no case can you let loose the flux. Treatment at home will only hurt the patient. Both folk remedies and antibiotics can be prescribed by a dentist only as additional measures. Typically, after surgery, such measures are required in order to completely eliminate the dental flux. Treatment at home reduces to rinsing the mouth with a mild warm solution of potassium permanganate, a solution of furacilin or sodium hydrogen carbonate. Recommended for rinsing medicinal plants. For this purpose, calendula, chamomile flowers, sage, oak bark, St. John's wort are suitable. It is also considered useful propolis - it can be chewed periodically during the day, and then swallowed. It will help to relieve pain and inflammation 5% propolis extract on alcohol.

Medicinal preparations should be purchased at the pharmacy andstrictly observe the instructions for use. It should be remembered that the use of medicinal plants and the simultaneous administration of antibiotics is not always possible, so it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Often, periostitis complicated by sinusitis,lymphadenitis. In order to avoid these complications, prescribe physiotherapy. In the first case - UHF and UHF on the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses. Also used vasoconstrictor (galazolin, ephedrine, sanorin). In the second case, it is advisable to designate UHF and fl uctuorization, electrophoresis, magnet, and helium-neon laser beams. Therefore, if a diagnosis is made of the flux, it is impossible to completely treat the house.

To prevent flux or, scientifically,periostitis, it is necessary to observe oral hygiene and have a timely examination at the dentist. It is important not to start the treatment of tooth decay, which can provoke not only the appearance of the flux, but also lead to serious complications.