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Bumps on the penis: reasons, how to treat?

Not always a rash on the skin in the groin of menare signs of any diseases. For example, every healthy guy has pimples on the penis - such formations are nothing more than sebaceous glands. Most often they are localized at the base of the male organ. In some guys, they are visible to the naked eye, others are not so easy to detect. The differences are determined by the individual structure of the epidermis. But in some cases, rashes and various pimples on the penis may indicate the development of pathology.

When you should not panic

But if pimples appeared on the penis,that do not bother, do not hurt and itch, most likely, there is no reason for excitement. All men have sebaceous glands on the skin of the penis. The first pimples appear at puberty. They may resemble small whitish, slightly yellowish seals or be completely invisible and imperceptible. Rashes that appear on the skin as early as adolescence have their name in medicine - they are called Fordyce granules.

These formations do not deliver anydiscomfort, although they can be easily felt. In diameter, they are able to reach several millimeters, but, as a rule, such pimples on the penis can be examined by pulling the skin well. Sometimes a rash is found not only on the stem of the penis, but also in the scrotum.

What other rashes on the penis are considered normal

Penis formations are localized in thicknessepidermis, but it may be located deeper or closer to the surface layer, depending on the structure of the skin. At the base of the member, their number is maximum. As already mentioned, boys up to 13-14 years old have no pimples on the penis. Instead of Fordys' dense granules, young boys have only whitish specks, which can be seen if you look well. As they grow older, they become more and more solid and convex, turning into tangible formations.

what to do if the penis is on the penis

In addition to the white granular rash, on the malenacreous papules may appear in the penis. These changes on the skin are also considered a variant of the norm and should not cause any worries. Unlike pimples, they have the appearance of cone-shaped papular acne. Often, papules coincide in color with the epidermis on the trunk of the penis, and therefore men may at first not notice their appearance. In addition, the size of such formations on the skin does not exceed 3 mm.

Pearlescent papules are usually located onthe crown of the head of the penis, so often such eruptions are called “pearl ring”. Once again it is worth noting: papules on the head of the penis are not a pathology and not an infectious disease. The manifestation is perfectly safe for both the man and his partner. The only thing that can scare is the pinpoint bleeding from papules.

Should I go to the venereologist

Fordyce granules are sebaceous glands, notpathological bumps on the male phallus trunk. They arise due to natural causes, but sometimes even innocuous sebaceous glands are troubling and forced to consult a doctor.

In normal and pearly papules do not declareabout its presence, but if the rash suddenly begins to bleed, itch or release an atypical liquid, it is better to contact the experts. You should not take any measures to treat or remove the pimples on the penis on their own.

pimples on the penis head

Lack of hygiene

What do the pimples on the penis mean? By themselves, as we already understood, nothing. But if the lesions begin to suddenly increase in size, the inflammation of the sebaceous glands or mother-of-pearl papules most likely occurs. The main reason for this phenomenon can be considered the lack of proper hygienic care of the genitals. Also, bumps can be disturbed when wearing too tight linen from synthetic fabrics.

If small white pimples on the penisare located at the base of the organ and on the scrotum epidermis, this may indicate that the man injured the skin while shaving in the intimate area. In addition, after removal, the hairs can grow into the skin, which leads to inflammation and the appearance of specific painful pimples, resembling pimples. Due to microtraumas on the skin of the penis, acne and purulent formations can develop, which can be prevented by using antibacterial antiseptic agents.

Speaking of the wrong choice of underwear, it is worthnote that wearing non-natural materials contributes to the formation of a kind of "greenhouse effect" in such sensitive places. Due to the lack of proper air exchange and rubbing, blood circulation and the balance between the beneficial and pathogenic microflora of the skin are disturbed.

With bacterial infection, Fordyce granules alsobecome larger in comparison with conventional sizes. Pearly papules and white bumps on the penis, changing against the background of the growth of pathogenic microflora, can not be called completely harmless to the male body, despite the fact that they do not cause any pain.

Skin diseases

Each venereologist to whom a man withpimples on the head of the penis, must first eliminate scabies. This is an infectious skin disease that is caused by a microscopic mite. Itchy nodules can appear on the skin of the trunk of the penis or scrotum. A distinctive feature of scabies - the so-called "scabby moves", which resemble a tortuous line length from 1 mm to 2-3 cm.

white bumps on the penis

Pimples on the skin of the penis can also occur whennon-communicable diseases (for example, with acrochordone, soft fibroids). Penis eruptions in chronic skin diseases are localized by foci on the genitals with clear boundaries.

Molluscum contagiosum

This is a viral infection, the causative agent of whichis one of the smallpox viruses. Molluscum contagiosum affects the epidermis and mucous membranes, spreading in dense round nodules of pink or flesh-colored. When palpating and pressing does not cause discomfort and pain. The size of the lesions in this pathology can reach several centimeters in diameter, but most often does not exceed 10 mm.

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Confuse manifestations of molluscum contagiosum withother eruptions are quite difficult, as it has a characteristic feature - curd discharge, which appear from the formation with a slight pressure. A rash can occur on the trunk of the penis, while in men, usually several such pimples appear on the penis at once. Infection is transmitted by contact, including during intimacy. The name of the disease was due to the special shape of the twisted papule, which resembles a sea shell. Molluscum contagiosum does not require any treatment and normally passes on its own after a few weeks or months.


The cause of the pimples on the penis in this casenervous system disorders or progression of genetic disorders become. When neurodermatitis at the base of the penis, on the scrotum and folds form reddish tubercles of large size. Red bumps on the penis are unbearably itchy, and during a night's sleep, men unknowingly comb the affected skin, resulting in scars in these places. In addition, due to skin damage, the likelihood of bacterial infection increases.


One of the most common viral diseaseswhich are transmitted during sex. In men, papillomas occur on the bridle of the penis and head, much less often appear on the scrotum. Initially, the papillomas appear unnoticed, as they more resemble smooth, almost imperceptible bumps. Education does not bring pain, but with weakened immunity quickly spread and turn into genital warts, which are popularly called warts.

Pimples on the penis as a symptom of a dangerous disease

The formations on the skin become larger withreducing the immune forces of the body. In addition, with a weakened protective system of the body in a man increases the risk of contracting the human herpes simplex virus, localized on the genitals.

Venereal or infectious dermatologicaldiseases can also trigger an increase in the sebaceous glands. Among the most serious ailments that cause the appearance of pimples on the head of the penis are syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B.


Regardless of provoking reasonspimples on the penis arise from the inability of the skin sebaceous glands to cope with the production of their own secretions, resulting in small white formations. Since the manifestations on the genitals can talk about infection with sexually transmitted diseases, a man should always consult a doctor and be examined to exclude infectious lesions. Particularly wary of the fact that the pimples appeared on the head of the penis and, in addition to external changes, there are such symptoms as:

  • severe itching and burning in the area of ​​rashes;
  • pain when urinating;
  • pulling pains in the lower abdomen;
  • erection problems;
  • purulent discharge from the urethra with an unpleasant odor;
  • discomfort and soreness during sex.
pimples on penis how to treat

With the appearance of such problems with a huge shareProbabilities can be said about the development of one of the above diseases, therefore, external hygienic means can not do. After a comprehensive examination, the venereologist will be able to prescribe the appropriate therapy, which will be based on antivirals or antibiotics.

Both Fordyde's granules, and other typespimples on the penis can become larger, change shape, cause pain and discomfort, especially when touched and in contact with them. Such manifestations occur due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which harden during inflammation, and in appearance resemble pustular acne.

Skin care

Reduce sebaceous glands on the skin inIntimate location is possible at home. But if the cause of this symptom was an infectious disease, the treatment should be a doctor. At home, Fordyce pellets can be reduced as follows:

  • During the day, you need to wash the phallus several times with warm soapy water. The most suitable for the treatment of pimples is tar soap.
  • After hygiene procedures, treat andTo disinfect the rashes on the penis with an antiseptic solution of greens, iodine or hydrogen peroxide. If the formation appeared on the head of the penis, it is better to refrain from using green stuff.

Trying to squeeze the pimples on the penis is impossible,but if the cause of pimples is a bacterial infection, the pimples will erupt in a few days, after which it is necessary to thoroughly treat the surface of the epidermis.

pimples appeared on the head of the penis

How to treat pimples on the penis

Beneficial effect on sebaceous glands andthe skin of the penis have herbal decoctions of Hypericum, chamomile flowers, calendula. To prepare the solution take 1 tsp. each dry ingredient, pour a glass of boiling water and put on a slow fire. The mixture should boil for 10-15 minutes, after which it must be removed from the stove to cool and strain. Broth washed penis several times throughout the day.

A good alternative to pharmaceutical antiseptics are essential oils, especially tea tree and fir. To relieve itching and burning with a thin layer of mustard oil impose.

What to do if the bumps on the penis have arisen onbackground herpes? Apply antiviral agents. Herpes is not completely cured, but in the next exacerbation, acyclovir-based drugs do a great job of dealing with it.

When treating neurodermatitis in a patient,require the use of sedative drugs to reduce the severity of neurotic reactions. To effectively combat scabies mites, use "Permethrin" emulsion "Benzyl benzoate". Means rubbed into the skin and hairy part of the penis, scrotum, with the exception of the head. Drugs do not need to be washed off, and after 2-3 days they are applied again.

In order to prevent

what do the pimples on the penis mean

To prevent inflammation of the sebaceous glands,It is necessary to perform hygienic washing of the genitals every day, even in the absence of a full opportunity to take a shower. It is especially important not to forget about the hygienic care of the intimate area after having sex, regardless of the use of a condom. It should be borne in mind that excessive use of soap can lead to increased dryness and irritation of the penis head.