/ How to cure pearly papules?

How to cure pearly papules?

Sexual organs play an important role in ourorganism. It is through them most often in our body falls into a different infection, which sometimes leads to incurable diseases. Everyone knows that prevention is better than any treatment, but if your body still has an infection, the main thing is to know how to treat it properly. One of the widely known and often occurring diseases in men and adolescents are pearly papules. This disease occurs in almost 50% of adolescents, but its causes are different.

Pearly papules of the penis are papulesconvex form in the form of small pryshchikov, often located on the head of the penis, namely, on its crown. They are also considered a Fordiys disease. This disease is considered a more transitional stage in adolescents. But very often it happens that pearly papules do not pass into the puberty period and remain on the penis for a long time. Of course, they do not contribute to various complications, they are not transmitted during sexual intercourse, and are also harmless. After all, the papules on the head are not classified as sexually transmitted diseases, so all fears of infecting your partner are in vain. Since there are no problems with them, there is no need for permanent treatment or surgery. If the papules on the head of the penis itch, they are secreted fluid or they bleed from time to time, then go to the doctor. Do not try to remove the pearly papules themselves, so as not to infect the infection and prevent the infection of blood.

The causes of the appearance of pearlescent papules

The initial reason for thisharmless disease is considered bad hygiene. Very often teenagers do not pay attention to it. All the accumulations that form on the head of the penis, can cause disease. Also papules appear due to blockage of the sebaceous glands or pores of the penis head. The appearance of them is characteristic and with an increased amount of androgens in the blood.

If the papules appear in 14-15 years, then as far as possiblepuberty, they themselves disappear or simply dissolve. The increased level of androgens in the blood contributes to the large release of smegma, and it, in turn, irritably affects the skin near the crown of the glans penis.

Signs of pearly papules

The main sign of this disease isthe appearance of closely located papules of the same color, shape and size with a shiny surface that resemble small pimples. Pearly papules spread on the surface of the head of the penis in a circle in one or more rows. Therefore sometimes the disease is called a mother-of-pearl ring. Be careful - if you notice that the pimples are of different size and shape, then, most likely, you have picked up some kind of infection. It is better to be examined by a doctor for the final diagnosis and clarification of the methods of treatment.

Types of treatment for pearly papules

As such, treatment of papules is not necessary if they are youdo not disturb. But for those who want to get rid of these pimples for cosmetic purposes, there are different treatment options, or rather - removing unpleasant papules. The most popular and highly effective are three treatment methods. The first is laser coagulation. The second is electrocoagulation. The third is cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen of mother-of-pearl papules.

Each of the three methods of treatment is good in its own way. They are quickly made and give a positive result. Of course, this procedure will cost a certain amount of money and may require additional medications so that no traces of papules remain on the head of the penis. After completing the full course of treatment, mother-of-pearl papules will not bother you more and will disappear forever.