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Symptoms of conjunctivitis: where to start treatment?

Any eye disease is extremely unpleasant, sinceit is through sight that a person receives most of the information about the world around him. All problems are quickly reflected in the quality of life, which is why it is so important to notice the first signs of conjunctivitis in time, so that it can be transferred as quickly as possible and cured as quickly as possible.

first signs of conjunctivitis

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes - veryunpleasant condition. Initially, it may just feel discomfort, a little itching or pain, but over time, these feelings increase. Later, swelling, reddening of the eyes is added to them, purulent discharge, tearing of the eyes can occur, even blurred vision is possible - it is rather difficult to miss these signs of conjunctivitis.

However, without medical assistance is not enough. The fact is that the disease can have various causes: viral, bacterial and others, so the treatment should be under the supervision of a physician. In addition, the ophthalmologist will prescribe such drugs that will facilitate the patient's condition as quickly as possible.

signs of conjunctivitis
Ignore the disease can not, but more often justit does not work - constant pain and tears are simply brought to despair. However, it is possible to ease my condition a little to wait for a visit to the doctor. First, you can wash the eyes with tea. Secondly, it is possible to apply an effective antibacterial agent, sodium sulfacyl, however, one must be prepared for the fact that it will lead to a short-term deterioration of the condition. Still, noticing the early signs of conjunctivitis, the best solution is to see a doctor as soon as possible. Improper or incomplete treatment can lead to re-aggravation and aggravation of the disease. Subsequently, the disease may even lead to vision impairment.

Quite often diagnosed with conjunctivitissmall children - this is due to some anatomical features. The fact is that in the process of intrauterine development, a thin film is formed between the eye itself and the lacrimal duct, which, as a rule, bursts at the moment of the first cry of the newborn. But this is not always the case; tears washing the mucous membrane can stagnate, bacteria can multiply and cause inflammation.

signs and treatment of conjunctivitis

In any case, do not engageself-diagnosis and self-treatment, an experienced ophthalmologist will immediately see all the signs, and the treatment of conjunctivitis will be much more effective and faster than with independent attempts to cope with the disease.

Prevention of any inflammatory diseasesthe eye is quite simple: first, it is necessary to observe hygiene and wash hands before touching the face and eyes. Secondly, women should carefully choose cosmetics, follow the expiration date, do not use someone else's ink and wash makeup brushes more often. If you want to get the mote out of the eye, it is better to use disposable tissue.

If there are signs of conjunctivitis,you need to make an appointment with a doctor, and until that time you can often wash your eyes with tea brewing, but for each eye you need to use a separate cotton pad to prevent the transmission of infection. And you should always remember that vision must be protected.