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About that lowers the pressure

To date, hypertensionrepresents a rather serious social problem. The fact that this disease occurs in about 10% of young people and almost half of those who have already reached 50 years. It is worth noting that this disease often affects men, but the question of what lowers the pressure is usually just interested in women, because they are more concerned about their health.

What lowers the pressure

Reduce body weight

Excess weight negatively affectsblood pressure level. The fact is that each 1 kg of excess body weight adds 1 mm Hg. So the full person is unlikely to find out for himself what kind of pressure is low. Reducing weight with hypertension is a task no less important than the constant intake of special medicines. This measure is particularly effective when the patient has only 1 degree of disease. In this scenario, the patient does not even need to know what lowers the pressure, in addition to reducing body weight. It is quite enough for him to simply lose 10-15 kg weight, and this figure will return to him within the limits of the norm, and he will again feel completely healthy.

What is the reduced pressure

In order to effectively reduce body weight,you need to correctly calculate your diet. To date, the most appropriate option is eating 5 times a day. Among them, the main are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between them there should be 2 small snacks. It is better if they consist of sour-milk products and / or fruits. As for breakfast and lunch, then by their caloric content these 2 meals should be approximately the same. If we talk about dinner, then it should be made about 1.5-2 times more light than other basic meals. In the human diet, which reduces pressure by reducing body weight, vegetables and fruits should predominate (grapes and bananas should be avoided), fish, and chicken breast. It is better if these products are boiled, stewed or cooked for a couple.

Decrease drug pressure

Making our life more active

It is established that under physical exertionblood pressure rises. However, exercises at the same time train the cardiovascular system. This leads to the fact that the person normalizes the tone of the vessels, and blood pressure indicators can be leveled.

Lower blood pressure will help best!

To date, you can get rid ofincreased blood pressure only with the help of numerous medicines. The most common and often used drugs is a group of drugs called "ACE inhibitors." In addition, diuretics (diuretics) are often prescribed. Also often used drugs from groups of calcium antagonists and beta-blockers. Patients with 2 nd and 3 rd degree of arterial hypertension are usually assigned several different drugs at once. It should be remembered that lowering the pressure of such a complex is much better than one drug.