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Why should I smear half of my egg with toothpaste? Experiment for children with eggs

On the TV screens you can see not quiteunderstandable for the average consumer advertising, in which dentists conduct an unusual experiment with a simple chicken egg. What is the essence of such a demonstration - why put half of the egg with toothpaste? Let's try to answer this question from the point of view of scientific knowledge.

An advertising trick or a reality?

Today many manufacturers of toothpastes have adopteda so-called trick with an egg, using it in commercials. But the ideological inspirer of such a marketing move is the company "Blend-a-honey". It was she who first showed consumers such an experiment. In the video, the dentist offers to spread one side of the egg with toothpaste, and leave the other as it is. Then it should be lowered into a liquid medium, similar to the one in the oral cavity. After delivering the egg from the liquid a day later, the doctor demonstrates to the spectators the following result: the half that was smeared with toothpaste remained white and firm, and the other became soft.

With advertising everything is clear, but how much is it believable? Let's try to figure out why half of the egg is smeared with toothpaste.

Why should I smear half of my egg with toothpaste?

What is the essence?

What is the meaning of such advertising that I wantedto demonstrate the manufacturer in this way? Why put half the egg with toothpaste and leave the other unchanged? With the help of this marketing approach, the seller focuses on how their dentifrice protects enamel. On the side where the toothpaste was, the shell remained solid and white, and with the "unprotected" completely dissolved, changed color. The manufacturer demonstrates to the audience how their product will take care of teeth and what can be if you do not use this toothpaste.

Here is such an unpretentious idea became a reala legend in the advertising field. Thanks to this move, the demand for the advertised product has grown significantly. And similar advertising commercials began to produce and other companies producing toothpastes.

To smear half an egg with toothpaste

What happens to the egg in the vinegar?

Let's see what really isoccurs. We hasten to upset gullible spectators - not everything in this video is true. Firstly, in an acidic environment, the shell can not remain white, even if it smears half of the egg with toothpaste; and secondly, we do not have pure vinegar in our mouth, so the concern that teeth in the near future will become soft, if not to use the advertised product, is a pure water marketing trick.

Then why half the egg smear with toothpaste,what will happen in reality? The truth in the commercial is still there - toothpaste, which contains fluoride and calcium, does protect the shell from destruction a little. But very little! The effect that is demonstrated in advertising, namely a snow-white hard shell, is impossible to achieve in reality. The egg will noticeably soften and change color, regardless of whether it is smeared with toothpaste or not.

Nevertheless, the difference between the two halveswill be noticeable. Therefore, you can offer to perform such a simple experiment with children. In this way, the toddlers will get acquainted with the effect of the toothpaste, the need for its application. How to conduct such a job is described in detail below.

Why smear half the eggs with toothpaste?

Experiment for kids

Thanks to this practical research, children will understand how important it is to brush their teeth. For the experiment will need the following materials:

  • raw chicken egg (1 or 2 pieces);
  • any toothpaste;
  • brush;
  • glass jar with lid;
  • vinegar 9 percent.

Take a chicken egg with your baby. For the purity of the experiment, we propose to use 2 pieces - then the result becomes clearer for the child. We offer the child to smear one egg (or half) with toothpaste with a brush. The other (or second half) is left unchanged. Both eggs gently dipped in a glass jar, pre-pouring vinegar there, close the lid. The kid will certainly ask an adult about why smear half the eggs with toothpaste. He will receive the answer to this question at the end of the experiment.

Now you need to wait 12 hours. After that, you need to remove the eggs from the acidic environment. What happens? Here's what:

  • Untreated toothpaste shell is completely dissolved. The egg will change color, become soft and "bouncy";
  • On the other, the shell will become much thinner, but not completely dissolved.

Thus, after analyzing the obtained results, you can answer the initial question of the child about why half an egg is smeared with toothpaste.

half an egg with toothpaste

In our article we shared the idea of ​​an interesting informative experiment with children. In addition, they explained why smear half the eggs with toothpaste, what it is for and what result to expect.