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How to quickly fall asleep: tips and tricks

Every adult at least once in his lifeexperienced such a thing as a sleep disorder. Agree that it is very unpleasant to toss from side to side in anticipation of blissful oblivion, when instead of it various thoughts come to mind, finally casting off sleepiness. But even worse, as a rule, after such a sleepless night, a man wakes up not rested the next morning and has to go to work or business with a heavy head. In this article we will give some tips and recommendations on how to quickly fall asleep.

how quickly to fall asleep

Count the sheep, elephants, parrots

One of the most famous ways to bring sleepis the account of sheep, parrots, elephants or anyone else. And it is necessary to visually represent the objects being recalculated visually, because if you just say the numbers to yourself, then in parallel you can start thinking about some other things that will not let you fall asleep.

An evening walk

As a rule, in avid dogs it is seldomthere are problems with sleep. The reason for this is regular evening walks with their pets in the fresh air. Therefore, if you want to sleep fast and hard, walk half an hour before going to bed in the nearest park or square.

sleep disorder

Warm bath

Another way of how to quickly fall asleep,is the reception for a night of a warm bath. The main thing is not to overdo it with the temperature: if the water is too hot, then your dream will be lifted by hand. Also for additional relaxation, you can add a few drops of aromatic oil to the bath.

Open the window

If the window is always open in your bedroom,so you breathe fresh air, then, most likely, you do not have a problem with how to quickly fall asleep. If you do not open the window, because you are afraid to get cold, better put on a warm pajamas and cover yourself with a blanket. But in order to quickly fall asleep and sleep well, it is strongly recommended not to sleep in a stuffy room.


One answer to the question of how to sleepvery quickly, will become engaged in sex. In this case it is desirable to experiment less and to overexert physically, using more caress and tenderness. You will not even notice how literally a few minutes after intimacy you will fall asleep happily in the arms of a loved one.

how to fall asleep very quickly

Reading Encyclopedia

Another recommendation on how to quicklyto fall asleep, is reading in bed an encyclopedia, a textbook on political economy or the grammar of the Chinese language, etc. The main thing is that reading to you is completely uninteresting, and ideally the book should also have a small, difficult-to-read font. You will see that you will fall asleep without having to close the book and put out the night light.


If you can not sleep, then brew your tea. The ideal option will be a herbal decoction with chamomile or melissa, which will soothe and relax you. Do not drink green tea at night, because thanks to its toning properties it has the same exciting effect as coffee.

Do not eat at night

It is advisable to refuse snacks whenever possibleat night. This will not only benefit your figure, but it also allows you to quickly fall asleep. It is recommended to have supper no later than two or three hours before bedtime, and only light food: salad, rice with vegetables, yogurt, kefir, etc.