/ / Yellow body on ultrasound: what does it mean

Yellow body on ultrasound: what does it mean

Many women ask why they could have found a yellow body on ultrasound, whether it's a pregnancy or not, and how they should be treated with such a diagnosis. Let's understand.

Yellow body on uzi
What does the term itself mean?

The yellow body is not a disease. This is what is formed on the spot of the bursted follicle, from which the ovum came out for fertilization (this process is called ovulation). While the egg is in the sperm-free access, the yellow body secretes a special hormone progesterone, which prepares the entire body (in particular the uterus and mammary glands) for the onset of pregnancy. If it does not come, the yellow body ceases to function, there are menstruation. It itself is replaced by a tissue similar to cicatricial, and acquires the name "whitish body". Hence the conclusion: the yellow body in the right ovary (it may be in the left) is a temporary endocrine organ.

If the pregnancy has occurred

If the "efforts" of the yellow body were notin vain, it will remain in the ovary and will continue to produce progesterone, which is now needed to maintain pregnancy up to 10-16 weeks. Then this function will be taken over by the placenta. That is, the option, when there is a delay in the monthly and a yellow body is determined by ultrasound, most likely indicates that you are pregnant. Precisely this can be recognized by the presence of the fetus, revealed on ultrasound, by the increase in the uterus.

There is a delay in menstruation, there is a yellow body on ultrasound, a negative test - what does it mean?

The size of the yellow body
If the doctor who conducted the ultrasoundthe study with a delay in menstruation, said that he does not see the fetus, but sees the yellow body, give the blood test from the vein to the chorionic gonadotropin. If its number exceeds the norm, then you are pregnant, just the gestation period is quite small, to see a fetal egg on the ultrasound. And, let's repeat, the yellow body on ultrasound is not a child, but a sign of pregnancy. The necessary organ, which before the formation of the placenta is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy.

If the yellow body is small on ultrasound, there is no menstruation, there is no fetus, and the test became positive?

The first thing that is recommended in this case isto alter the ultrasound from another specialist after a second examination of the gynecologist. If the result is the same (no fruit and small yellow body), then there may be a complication of pregnancy, like a bladder drift.

Yellow body in right ovary
He meets 1 in 2 thousand pregnancies,The diagnosis means that, instead of forming a normal placenta, a kind of villi and vesicles are formed from its tissue. In this case, the fetus may not be. But the bladder skid should be visible on ultrasound. To treat it necessarily, since this situation can result in heavy bleeding.

The size of the yellow body

Its normal dimensions are 12-20 mm in diameter up topregnancy. At her approach, the yellow body increases to 30 mm. If there is a pregnancy, and the yellow body is 10 mm or less, this indicates that the woman should be given synthetic progesterone to maintain pregnancy (for example, the drug "Utrozhestan"). Sizes over 30 mm (this is called a yellow body cyst) does not indicate that there is an excess of this hormone. Therefore, if pregnancy is desired, it makes sense to determine its level in the blood, and then proceed from the situation. Usually the cyst does not affect pregnancy in any way and resolves itself. One should only avoid extremely active sex, so that the cyst does not burst.