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If a person is burned in the sun, what should I do?

How many vacations were spoiled only because,that people underestimated the threat that the sun's rays carry! Tan bronze body, of course, looks attractive and beautiful. But in everything there must be a measure. And if you abuse sunbathing, the results can be very deplorable. Burns, pain, increased body temperature - these are far from all the consequences of a passionate and irrepressible desire to tan. But if a person is burnt in the sun, what to do and how to help himself, he should know.

burned in the sun what to do
Experts can adviseanti-inflammatory drugs. Their reception will prevent serious damage to the skin. And except for such special drugs, it will be superfluous to take medications - "Ibuprofen" or "Aspirin". These pills also remove the pain.

allergy to the sun what to do
If a person is burned in the sun, what to do, hesometimes does not know. For example, do you know that you need to drink a lot of water? After all, the rays of the sun greatly dehydrate the body. The liquid will help him to recover, and you need to take it, even if you do not feel thirsty. If a person is burned in the sun - what to do? First, take a shower. Only it should be cool, but not hot. And do not use soap, it is better to give preference to soft gel.

If you received a sunburn, but forced andfurther be under the rays, it is necessary to protect the damaged area of ​​the skin with a kerchief, clothing. And it is best to sunbathe only in the mornings and evenings. To go out into the sun in the scorching heat is just silly.

burned in the sun what to do

If burnt in the sun, what should I do? This question is particularly acute on the arrival ofhome. Here are some tips to help remove redness, pain and burning sensation. First, the damaged skin can be smeared with high-fat sour cream or a cool kefir. Potato juice also helps. Secondly, try to brew a strong green tea, then cool it and compress with gauze. Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes. Thirdly, ordinary vodka will help you. If you smear it with a reddened place, the next day it will become bronze brown. Fourth, aloe always helps out. His leaves should be placed for half an hour in the fridge, and then with the juice of them lubricate the burns.

Now in pharmacies to the customer's question: "I was scorched in the sun. What to do? Tell me, please! "- Usually instead of a response, special sprays, foams or gels are immediately offered. After application to the skin, the pain passes almost immediately. As an example, you can bring the drug "Pantenol".

If you are scorched in the sun, it is better to refuse to take alcoholic beverages. Alcohol contained in them, dries the skin, which will exacerbate an already problematic situation.

Many people are allergic to the sun. What to do, tell the allergist or dermatologist. In any case, such a problem should not be ignored.

If you are going on vacation, do not skimp onpurchase of special sun and tanning creams. And before using them, decide what your goal is - to obtain a beautiful smooth bronze shade of the skin or to preserve its original color. The cream should be chosen based on the person who produced it. Do not buy doubtful cosmetics.