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Causes and signs of a stomach ulcer

Ulcerative lesions of the stomach - a problem quitecommon. Such diseases bring a lot of troubles to a person's life. And the question of how the first signs of a stomach ulcer look, is becoming more urgent. After the earlier the therapy is started, the less likely the development of complications.

What is a stomach ulcer?

signs of a stomach ulcer

It's not a secret for anyone that the ulcer is not uncommondevelops against a background of gastritis. Nevertheless, there are many reasons that can cause such a disease or provoke its aggravation. And before you find out what the main symptoms of stomach ulcers look like, it is worthwhile to find out the main risk factors.

Enzymes released by specific cells,have proteolytic properties - they can split protein molecules. But the activation of these biologically active substances occurs only in the presence of hydrochloric acid. In turn, the mucous membrane of the stomach protects the tissues from the effects of the acid medium. Ulcers are formed when the equilibrium between the level of hydrochloric acid and the amount or properties of mucus changes.

Such violations may occurexposure to toxins and poisons, as well as against the activity of certain bacteria. Risk factors include poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol abuse, uncontrolled intake of certain medications, persistent stress.

The main signs of a stomach ulcer

what are the signs of a stomach ulcer

The clinical picture largely depends on the stagedevelopment of the disease. And patients often write off the deterioration of health on the error in nutrition. So what signs of stomach ulcers are necessary to pay attention?

As a rule, at the initial stages of the diseasethere are pains in the upper abdomen - they can be as blunt, and sharp, different in intensity. Over time, the patient begins to notice bouts of soreness at night, which, of course, affects the quality of sleep and leads to the development of constant fatigue and drowsiness.

More often than not, the pain is more or less associated with eating. For example, patients note the soreness that occurs with an empty stomach - it disappears 40-60 minutes after eating.

Regularly occurring nausea followed by vomiting is also signs of a stomach ulcer. Along with this, there is a decrease in appetite and as a result - rapid weight loss.

As the disease develops, the pain canweaken or disappear altogether, but this does not at all indicate a cure. At this stage, it is possible to increase body temperature, rapid pulse, bloating and bulging belly, dry mouth.

The most dangerous is perforation of the ulcer,which is accompanied by severe pain, fever, bloody vomiting, a sharp deterioration in the state of health - a person in this state needs urgent medical care.

signs of stomach ulcers treatment

In any case, in the presence of the above problemsIt is necessary to address to the gastroenterologist. Only the doctor knows how the signs of a stomach ulcer look. Treatment should be started only after determining the exact diagnosis. Of course, this requires additional studies, in particular, sounding, radiography, and sometimes biopsy. In most cases, properly selected medication, as well as adherence to the appropriate diet, helps to cure the disease.