/ / Medicine "Maraslavin": instructions for use

The medicine "Maraslavin": instructions for use

The medicine "Maraslavin" is aa natural herbal remedy. It is used by dentists to treat hemorrhagic forms of periodontal disease, as well as after surgical intervention in the treatment of periodontal disease for topical use.

As part of complex therapy with purulent formThis medicine is also prescribed a medicine "Maraslavin". The instruction indicates that treatment should be performed only by the dentist, self-use is not recommended.

Before using the drug "Maraslavin" doctorremoves the supragingival tartar and simultaneously ventilates the gingival pockets by means of a nebulizer or a jet of warm water. After preliminary preparation, the cotton and gum pockets are inserted using a special probe with cotton swabs of the appropriate size, moistened with a solution of "Maraslavin". The instruction regulates in the first application to leave tampons in pockets for five minutes and repeat this procedure five to six times on each pocket.

After each change of a tampon it will be possible to notice,that every next time the tampon penetrates into the gingival pocket more easily and deeper. The last in the first session, tampons are left in pockets loosely lying until the next session. If the temperature then rises due to a purulent exudation (fluid outlet), the patient can remove these tampons independently before contacting the dentist.

The drug has anti-inflammatory,antiseptic, antiallergic, astringent, irritating and local anesthetic action. Also, regeneration of tissues as a result of treatment with "Maraslavin" can improve. The use of this drug first causes hyperemia, irritation and swelling of the mucosa.

During the second treatment session, tampons thatremained after the first, removed, and then removed tartar, which is under the gums. Similarly, as in the first session, tampons are changed several times and the last ones are left until the next dose. The first five to six sessions are held at intervals of 24 hours.

After this, the dentist determines the furtherscheme of treatment using the drug "Maraslavin." The instruction recommends conducting a total of about 17-20 sessions at intervals, distributing them for three months. Approximately in half a year it is possible to conduct an intermediate control examination of the patient.

Regardless of the condition of his gums, the sameplaces on the alveoli are treated with the drug "Maraslavin" once or twice to eliminate the pathogens of infection and prevent recurrence of the disease. And a year after the start of treatment, a final examination is necessary.

It is better not to eat spicy food during the treatment periodmeans "Maraslavin". Rinsing with cold water during therapy should replace the daily brushing of teeth with a brush. Also during treatment it is desirable to additionally prescribe the intake of vitamins A and C. Do not stay in the sun for a long time when you are treated with this drug.

During therapy with the solution, removal fromgingival pockets and gum tissues of toxic decay products and increasing the amount and compaction of collagen fibers. The normal structure of the gums is restored by the formation of a new epithelium during the use of the drug "Maraslavin". The instruction shows that the periodontal connection with the roots of the teeth is strengthened, which significantly reduces their mobility. This drug does not affect negatively on cement, enamel and dentin teeth.

Contraindications, except for individualsensitivity to the components of the drug, no. And the side effects are limited by allergic reactions and an increase in temperature with the outflow of pus. In general, this drug is safe and effective in its application, if used in accordance with the instructions.