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Anasarca: what is it, the causes, symptoms and treatment

Many people completely do not pay attention tovarious ailments, postponing to the last visit to the doctor. For medical help a person usually turns already when the disease reaches its peak, and its symptoms are very pronounced. Doctors do not like this attitude to health, because treatment at an early stage of the disease helps to avoid a large number of complications, such as, for example, anasarca. What it is? This is a pronounced edema of the subcutaneous tissue due to the presence of excess fluid in it, which the body can not infer. In this article, we will take a closer look at this terrible complication.

Anasarka - what is it?

anasarka what is it?

Anasarka is a diffuse puffinessSoft tissue, which is formed most often in the lower part of the trunk. Contribute to its occurrence of various diseases, and it is considered their complication. If the anasarku is not cured in time, it will lead to a serious deterioration in health, as the fluid begins to accumulate not only in the subcutaneous layers, but also in all internal organs. The patient's condition in this case is regarded as very serious, requiring immediate medical correction. Thus, if there is an anasarca, symptoms and treatment must be controlled by a doctor.

Causes of anasarca

Puffiness provokes various diseases. Since this is an edema, the causes of anasarca are associated with a violation of transcapillary fluid exchange between tissues and blood. This is a very serious complication requiring immediate medical attention.

Why is swelling considered a formidable complication? The fact is that the anasarka quite often accompanies severe, chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Often, edema occurs as a result of the development of cancer. If there are pathologies of the urinary system, swelling is formed as a result of a violation of the normal excretion of fluid from the body, which is very noticeable on the legs, hands and morning on the face.

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In diseases of the heart and blood vessels, especially whenheart failure, puffiness is more pronounced in the evening. There is a heaviness in the legs, tingling, pain, cramps calf muscles. When the foot is bent and the ankle turns, painful sensations appear.

Often the anasarka occurs when a violation occursblood circulation, insufficient work of the heart, when its pumping function is weakened. It provokes edema and myocardial infarction, as well as flaws in the valves, when connective tissue replaces muscle.

Such reasons do not arise independently, but onethe factor pulls the other. It does not matter what causes contributed to the appearance of edema, since virtually any disease can provoke the onset of anasarca.

Symptoms of anasarka in heart failure

On the symptoms of swelling and its degreeprogression affects the underlying disease. Anasarca with heart failure develops slowly, affecting the distal parts of the lower limbs. This is especially pronounced in the evenings. Why does swelling occur in this particular area? Only here the hydrostatic pressure is high due to the distance from the heart.

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If severe heart failure occurs,then swelling in significant quantities also begins to cover the lower back, front of the abdomen, genitals, chest. Puffiness in bedridden patients is most strongly formed in the area of ​​the back and the sacrum, which is explained by the influence of gravity. If the treatment is ineffective, then anasarca provokes ascites (fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity) and pulmonary edema (hydrothorax).

Symptoms of anasarca in diseases of the kidneys and urinary system

If there is a pathology of the urinary system ordiseased kidneys, anasarca symptoms begin to manifest due to a disturbance in the normal filtration of the fluid, as it begins to accumulate in the body. The volume of circulating blood increases, which leads to a lack of protein molecules in the plasma, and oncotic pressure decreases. Because of this, there is swelling of the subcutaneous tissue.

If a person has kidney problems, anasarki symptomsvaried in degree of localization, severity, persistence. In the first hours after waking up, bags form under the eyes, the face becomes puffy, hands begin to swell. If the nephrotic syndrome begins to progress against the background of a violation of mineral metabolism, then an increase in edema occurs. Anasarka is developing very rapidly, and only hemodialysis can relieve the patient’s condition.

Puffiness treatment

Many patients often have a question whenthe doctor recommends that they treat an illness like anasarca: "What is it?" It is not even a disease, but a complication. If the swelling is of moderate severity and is manifested by a small accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues of the extremities, then drug therapy may not be necessary. In this case, review the diet of the patient, limiting salt intake. In addition, a correction knit should be worn.

anasarca for heart failure

If the swelling is caused by heart failure andthey affect all organs and systems, then the patient is prescribed bed rest with the use of preparations of the cardiac glycosides group. In addition, the doctor may prescribe drugs that have a dilating effect on the walls of the venous vessels. To eliminate metabolic disturbances in the heart muscle, the patient is prescribed the means of the cardiotropic metabolites group.

Very good for edema use.diuretic drugs. Anasarca, resulting from chronic heart disease, is treated with a combination of drugs such as Furosemide and Veroshpiron, daily diuresis is necessarily controlled.

If diuretic drugs are powerless, and puffinesscontinues to progress, and respiratory failure occurs, the doctor may decide on the surgical removal of fluid from the abdominal and pleural cavities with the help of thoraco-and pleurocentesis.

Treatment of edema with folk remedies

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For the treatment of edema caused by heartdiseases, take the leaves and buds of birch in equal quantities, crushed and add to them the same amount of grass and spring parsley. Stir and brew one tablespoon of this mixture in a glass of boiling water. Infusion take in the form of heat 3-4 times a day for a quarter cup.

Infusion of the leaves of the May dandelion helps to get rid of edema.

anasarca symptoms and treatment


Often patients ask a question: "Anasarka - what is it?" Now it became clear that this is a complication in the form of swelling that occurs in various diseases. At the slightest hint of this pathology, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences.