/ Does cowberry pressure increase or decrease? Folk recipes

Cowberry pressure raises or lowers? Folk recipes

Hypertension - a disease today is prettywidespread, and not only in older people, but also among young people. Sometimes you have to cure this illness all your conscious life. And then, as they say, all means are good (within reasonable limits, of course).

Here we are helped by a wonderfulnorthern berry - cowberry. Is the pressure raising or lowering this little beauty? Strangely enough, for many this question remains controversial. We will try to answer it below.

cranberry pressure raises or lowers

Useful properties of cowberries

Is the berry a good berry? Does pressure increase or decrease? How can it be useful to the body? This beautiful little berry is a treasure trove of nutrients. It has high healing and toning properties. What is there in it only!

  1. Vitamins of groups A, B, C, D - substances responsible for the state of our skin, hair, immunity. They ensure the plasticity of our blood channels and blood vessels.
  2. Antacids and plant fibers - take care of our stomach and intestines, if we have low acidity.
  3. Amino acids.
  4. Minerals.

But not only berries are useful in cowberries. Leaves with seeds have no less healing properties. In folk medicine, practically the whole plant is used.

Medicines made from this wonderful plant, heal wounds and soothe.

Cowberry berries pressurize or lower

Cowberry pressure raises or lowers?

Cowberry really will be useful to people with hypertension.

The juice of this plant:

  1. Improves the functioning of the heart muscle.
  2. Strengthens blood vessels.
  3. Accelerates various metabolic processes in the body, which in turn, allows you to get rid of excess weight.
  4. Eliminates the slag.

With the help of lingonberry juice, you can easily get rid ofheadache and fatigue. An infusion of her leaves is a wonderful diuretic. This is useful for hypertensive patients, since such people are often prone to puffiness.

Cowberry perfectly reduces the amount of sugar. If as a result of a strong experience you get a headache, take berries of cranberries and rub them. Spread the juice with water and drink. After a while your condition will improve noticeably.

In the fruits and seeds of the plant contain substances such as chromium, copper, polyphenols. They protect our blood vessels from the formation of fatty plaques, normalize the heart rhythm, preventing a heart attack.

Here such she - a berry cranberry. Pressure increases or decreases - you already know. Now you should learn how to use it correctly.

how lingonberries act on pressure

How to use lingonberries correctly

Cowberry berries raise or lower pressure? The reader already knows this. And how correctly to use a cowberry? Practically the whole plant can be used for medicinal purposes. But, in order for our beauty to have the maximum effect, it is necessary to collect and store it correctly. It is best, of course, to apply the plant in fresh form. But it will be nice if you decide to indulge yourself with a mors or a jelly from a cowberry. Berries cranberries can be stored for a long time in the freezer, without losing their useful qualities.

Leaves with stems are best collected from May to the end of October. Usually they are dried, then used to make various infusions.

Below we describe a few simple recipes from cranberries to lower the pressure.

Recipes from high blood pressure with cowberry

  1. Cowberry tincture. Berries to sort out, wash. Half the berries put in a bowl and put in the oven for half an hour. Squeeze juice from those and other berries. Add one spoonful of honey and alcohol for each liter of juice. Pour into bottles, put in a cold place. Drink a third of the glass three times a day.
  2. Cantaloupe during flowering to gather together withstems and flowers. In 100 grams of stems and flowers pour a half-liter of water and slowly cook for about 20 minutes. Insist not less than six hours. Strain, broth to drink 0.5 glasses in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  3. The berries are crushed or wiped to a consistency of mashed potatoes and diluted with warm water one to one. Then add a little honey and drink throughout the day.
  4. If there is no way to cook all these broths andinfusions, there is an even simpler way to normalize your pressure. Simply rub the cranberries with sugar in the same proportions, put in a refrigerator, eat a couple of spoons a day or use as a jam.

You can hardly heal high blood pressureonly cranberries, but to ease your situation, eliminate headaches, relieve nervous stress and swelling, help control the pressure fluctuations in cranberries is fully able.

cranberries increases or lowers blood pressure


We now know how lingonberries act onpressure. Now is the time to talk about her contraindications. Like any medicine, cranberries can be not only useful, but also harmful. Physicians, for example, are not advised to use this berry to people suffering from kidney stones or cholecystitis.

Do not use this berry and with increased acidity, the stomach mucosa may suffer.

Since we found out in this article that lingonberrieseffectively reduces the pressure, of course, it is contraindicated to hypotension. Of course, nothing terrible will happen if you treat your friend with a piece of cranberry pie, but if your friend has problems with reduced pressure, then from using pure cranberry juice it is better to refrain.

Now you will not have a question, cranberries raise or lower blood pressure. But, adding to your diet a new drug, do not be lazy and talk to your doctor.

Be healthy!