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Anti-cellulite vacuum massage - feedback

Women are not always satisfied with their figure orappearance. Some are either lazy to deal with themselves, or they want to change for the better, or they just cry to each other in a vest, complaining about the shortcomings of their figure. I decided to overcome the "orange" crust on my body. Unsuccessful attempts at home have shown that I can not do without a specialist. And I went to the salon.

There they told me that the anti-cellulite vacuummassage (feedback about it inspire confidence) is carried out with the help of technology, that is, special machines or hands. And also happens lymph-drainage or roller-vacuum. The skill of professional masseurs, of course, is indisputable, but the machine just works wonders. The apparatus destroys the subcutaneous fat deposits almost instantly. Special nozzles carefully pull in the skin, moving around the entire body of the client. Banks leave behind themselves eloquent tracks - bruises. After passing the entire course, the color of the skin is normalized.

Vacuum massage - feedback on how everything happens

The main instrument of the masseur is the pump andVacuum cans with thick, smooth edges. The body is smeared with oil, so that the slipping of the apparatus is easy and at ease. Special aromatic and anti-cellulite mixtures or gels help to achieve the maximum result.

The pump picks up the air, creating in the cavity banksvacuum. The can is attached to the body. Most of the skin is pulled inward. The masseur moves the massager in a circular motion around the body, thereby stimulating the lymph flow and blood circulation, and the fat begins to crumble.

Sensations a little unpleasant, even painful. The session lasts twenty minutes, and the manual massage requires ten such procedures.

The result simply stunned me. Now I just do not need to cover my hips and buttocks on the beach, resorting to pareo help.

There is also, so-called, homevacuum massage, reviews about which are the most positive. All necessary accessories can be purchased at pharmacies of the city. Home massage requires a longer application than a salon massage. It's understandable: more powerful devices are used in cabinets. But you do not need to go anywhere.

In addition, vacuum massage promotesrejuvenates the skin and fights not only with the manifestations of cellulite, but various ailments. Men see this as an ally in the fight against prostatitis. With the help of a simple, but most importantly, regular massage, you can strengthen immunity, get rid of back pain and even improve your condition with a diagnosis of "diabetes." Simply fantastic.

Vacuum massage, reviews about which onlypositive, smoothes the skin, removing excess fatty deposits. This is achieved, first of all, by the dynamics of the procedure itself. The skin is stretched, but the tightness when moving cans is not disturbed. The session ends when the skin turns red.

Lymph drainage is associated with vacuum massage. Effects on the lymph nodes and vessels are made, as a result of which lymph that stagnates in the body comes into motion. Due to the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, all toxins are removed from the body in time, and our state of health and appearance improves. Massage by the banks helps to bring lymph in motion, which restores the healthy energy of the body and removes harmful substances.

A simple and very effective way to achieveAspen waist is a vacuum massage of the abdomen. Reviews about him are known only good. It's enough for five procedures of a hardware massage and your waist will come back to normal. Every woman, no doubt, dreams of a slim figure. Therefore, do not be shy, but just once to go to the salon to make sure of the effectiveness of this procedure.