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The drug "Hondrokside" (gel)

The drug "Hondroksid" (gel) is included in the groupcorrectors of the cartilage and bone tissue metabolism. The product is used externally. The active substance is chondroitin sulfate. Additional components: Vaseline, purified water, distilled monoglycerides, dimethylsulfoxide, anhydrous lanolin.

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The drug "Chondroxide" (gel) promotesnormalization in the hyaline tissue of metabolism, stimulation of regenerative (regenerative) processes in the cartilage of the joint. The agent has analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, slows the development of osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis.

The drug "Chondroxide" (gel) contains inas an active ingredient, a natural high molecular weight mucopolysaccharide, which is obtained from tissues of cattle. The active substance, improving the phosphoric-calcium metabolism in cartilage tissues, increases the rate of their repair, slows the degeneration (destruction) of the cartilage tissue. The component inhibits the activity of enzymes provoking tissue damage, has a stimulating effect on the synthesis of glucosaminoglycans.

chondroxide gel reviews
The drug "Hondroksid" (gel) (reviews of specialistsconfirm this) contributes to the restoration of cartilaginous surfaces, as well as the articular bag, increases the production of intra-articular fluid, and also normalizes the chondrocytes of synthetic processes, improving the structure. Restoration of the main component of the tissue leads to a decrease in soreness and increased mobility in the affected joints.

Included in the drug dimethyl sulfoxide provides better penetration of the agent deep into the tissue through the cell membranes.

Ointment "Chondroxide" (patients' reviews indicate this) is well absorbed, leaves no traces on the skin and, accordingly, clothes.

The agent is prescribed for pathologies of the spine and joints of a degenerative-dystrophic nature. The drug is indicated, in particular, for the treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis and osteoarthrosis.

Contraindicated drug "Chondroxide" with hypersensitivity.

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Application of the drug during pregnancy and lactationmust be agreed with a specialist. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the ratio of benefits for the mother and harm to the fetus (child). It should be noted that the safety of the use of drugs for the treatment of children has not been studied. In this connection, the doctor decides on the expediency of using the drug.

When using the drug "Chondroxide" (gel), allergic reactions may appear. Using a medicine, it should be avoided on sensitive areas (mucous membranes).

The drug is applied to the lesion and is rubbeduntil completely absorbed within two to three minutes. The duration of therapy is two to three weeks. If necessary, on the recommendation of a doctor, treatment (prevention) is repeated.

The drug should be stored at a temperature of not more than twenty-five degrees. The product is allowed to be used for two years. After this period, the drug should be disposed of.