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Disease of tracheitis: signs and treatment

One of the most unpleasant respiratory diseases is tracheitis. Signs of it often occur against the background of developing bronchitis and laryngitis.

What is this disease, what is it caused by, how to treat a tracheitis?

This disease can occur in acute orchronic form. Tracheitis, as it becomes clear from the name, affects the area of ​​the trachea and is localized mainly in it. Often, it can be combined with lesions of other parts of the respiratory tract.

tracheitis signs
This occurs quite often by virtue oflocation of the trachea between the larynx and bronchi. In this case, tracheitis can be an independent disease, and can become a complication of influenza or other infections, as well as the most common cold.


Characterizing tracheitis signs - this is the firstthe queue is fever and general weakness. In addition, this trouble is often accompanied by difficulty breathing, and as they develop, they become stronger. There is noise during exhalation, compression of the ribs. Specifically, these signs of tracheitis in children can lead to serious consequences. In addition, with such a disease, a cough appears as a protective reaction of the body to stimuli in the respiratory tract.

signs of tracheitis in children
With tracheitis, it is deep, thoracic, but with allthis can be dry. It arises from a slight coughing and gradually passes into an attack. Often he appears at night. In addition, there are other tracheitis-defining symptoms. These are difficulties with swallowing, the voice may disappear for a while.

As mentioned above, the disease can developagainst a background of infections, such as streptococcal, semiphilic, pnevomokokkovye. Also contribute to the disease tracheitis influenza, influenza, enterovirus, as well as purely childhood diseases - pertussis, measles, chickenpox. But this is the cause of the so-called "viral" form.

What can cause non-infectious tracheitis?

Signs of its appearance arise when exposedextreme temperatures. With severe hypothermia, inhalation of very hot dry air or, conversely, ice, trachea is affected and, as a consequence, coughing starts, chest compressions during breathing. Often the cause of tracheitis are toxic substances.

So, to promote the development of this diseasemay prolong inhalation of aerosols, household chemicals, dyes or varnishes. Well, it is important to know that one of the causes of tracheitis may be a prolonged exposure to allergens on the respiratory tract.

The diagnosis is set: what needs to be done next?

Treat this disease, no doubt. To begin with, climatic treatment is carried out, and also oil inhalations are practiced. And for children, and for adults, warming is prescribed with the help of mustard plasters or ointments for rubbing. Also very useful are inhalations of herbal preparations, eucalyptus or chamomile, menthol or peppermint. The doctor may also prescribe expectorants, such as syrups or tablets. Such treatment is necessary in the presence of sputum in the trachea.

tracheitis signs treatment

Well, the last thing to tell, thisprevention of disease in children. To prevent its occurrence, the child needs to be tempered from childhood, spend more time with him in the fresh air, contribute to his physical development, especially when practicing winter sports. Also a big role is played by high-grade nutrition and vitamin intake.


Now you know what tracheitis is. Symptoms, treatment of this disease, we examined in detail, and gave some practical advice to help you protect yourself.