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Vaginal microflora: cocci in the smear

Inside a person, in addition to other microorganisms,The bacteria of the globular form - cocci constantly live. Do they benefit us? Yes, sometimes they do bring it. In many cases these microorganisms perform very important functions. However, do not forget that there is a conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic coccal flora. Active reproduction of cocci can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Cocci in the smear

The beneficial microflora of the body is very important for maintaining the functioning of all systems and organs. Microorganisms perform the following functions:

- improve metabolic processes;

- destroy pathogenic microbes and bacteria;

- regulate the level of acidity.

For women's health, the vaginal biocenosis is important. By the word "biocenosis" is meant the microbial composition. It is worth highlighting lactobacilli. For women, they are important in that they create favorable conditions for conception. They are also able to resist various kinds of infections. Their significance is really great.

Violation of the biocenosis of the vagina can occur for a variety of reasons. With it, the number of lactobacilli decreases, cocci are detected in the smear, and many other signs of dysbiosis appear.

The appearance of all this contributes:

- improper personal hygiene or lack of it;

- a rare change of gaskets;

- constant wearing of synthetic underwear;

- change of sexual partners;

- abuse of antibiotics and other potent drugs;

- Early onset of sexual life;

unprotected sex.

To the first symptoms of a violation of the microflora of the vaginashould include an unpleasant smell, which under certain circumstances can be very strong. Often it is compared to the smell of herring. Also, mention should be made of such symptoms as increased discharge (speech about natural discharge), burning, itching.

For any of the listed symptoms, you needundergo a gynecological examination. Standard analysis - smear on the microflora. The woman is located on the gynecological chair, and the swab is taken with a special sterile spatula. Douching before taking the test is unacceptable, since it can affect the results.

Smear from the urethra, the canal of the cervix, the vaginal vault is removed by smear. Next, the material is applied to the glass and dried, viewed under a microscope.

In the smear of any healthy woman should be present leukocytes, epithelial cells, lactobacilli, also there may be single red blood cells.

Single cocci in the smear are always locatedextracellularly. In the event that a violation of the vaginal biocenosis occurred due to sexual infection, pathogens will be found in the smear. For example, gonorrheic cocci in a smear with its shape are like beans, they are always next to each other.

In some cases, disturbance of microfloraThe vagina is not caused by any infectious agent. Here, the analysis will show a decrease in lactobacilli, a marked increase in leukocytes. Also it will be possible to observe numerous cocci in a smear, fungi.

In the event that the smear shows a violation of any acceptable standards, the patient will be sent for an additional examination.

Cocci in the Smear: Causes

The reasons are different. If cocci is found in the smear, the woman is likely to have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. It is possible that the consequences of this kind resulted in ignoring the rules of personal hygiene, the long use of antibiotics and so on.

Treatment of the disease can be prolonged for a long period of time. After the treatment, it is necessary to visit the doctors for some time and to take certain tests.