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20 day cycle: is pregnancy possible?

Quite often women are wondering?Is pregnancy possible on this or that day? In order to be sure of the result, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist. A doctor can conduct a series of studies and determine whether a conception has occurred. This article will review the 20th day of the cycle. You will find out whether pregnancy is possible at this time. Also get acquainted with some opinions of doctors and reviews of patients.

Note that the material presented is not a guarantee that in your case everything will be exactly this way. The organism of each woman is individual and full of its features.

20 day cycle

A few words about the theory: the process of fertilization

To understand if conception is possible on day 20cycle, you need to learn about the principle of this process. For the onset of pregnancy, two cells are needed - male and female. Spermatozoa are secreted during ejaculation at any time. A woman's body is arranged somewhat differently. A representative of the weaker sex washes the baby not every day of the cycle. There are so-called fertile days.

Usually, in women, ovulation occurs on day 12-16cycle. However, there may be exceptions. After the rupture of the follicle, the egg enters the abdominal cavity. From there, the gamete enters the fallopian tubes. It is here that most often a decisive meeting takes place. After fertilization, continuous cell division begins. They are rapidly moving into the uterine cavity. Here they will have to gain a foothold in the coming months.

Is conception possible on day 20 of the cycle?

This question can not be answered unambiguously.It is necessary to consider each situation separately. Much depends on the health of sexual partners, in particular women. Also important is the average duration of the menstrual cycle.

Doctors divide female periods into short,average and long. In the first case, the cycle lasts up to three weeks. In the last - 35 days. All this is considered normal and does not require medical intervention. Let's consider separately described cycles and find out whether conception is possible on day 20 of the cycle.

16 day cycle

An average woman with regular menstruation

With a period of 28 days, the outputthe egg is carried out approximately on the 14-16 day of the cycle. The viability of gametes is only a few hours. If sexual contact occurs on the 20th day, then the onset of pregnancy is extremely unlikely. This fact is explained by the fact that more than 4 days have passed from the moment of ovulation.

Despite the available data, conception is stillcan come. Remember that every representative of the weaker sex has hormonal failures that shift ovulation in one direction or another. Also sometimes in the cycle two eggs can leave. This is, rather, an exception than the rule. However, one should always remember it.

Fertile days in a short cycle

Is it possible to make pregnancy on day 20?cycle in this case? The answer to this question will be rather negative, than doubtful or positive. The representatives of the weaker sex with a short cycle lasts up to three weeks and is 21 days. Ovulation occurs about a week after the new menstruation. Therefore, if sexual contact without protection occurs on the 20th day, then on the 21st the next cycle will begin. Gameta will simply die by the deadline.

It is worth considering another situation.As you already know, rupture of the follicle occurs approximately on the 7th day after the menstrual period. The viability of spermatozoa in the sexual organs of a woman is up to ten days under favorable conditions. Based on this, it can be assumed that contact took place on the 20th day, and after 8 days, ovulation occurred. Pregnancy may well come from gametes, which still wait for its time. However, you will learn about your new position in the next cycle.

the first day of the cycle is

A woman with a long cycle and a probability of conception

On which day of the cycle, ovulation in womena weak sex with a duration of 35 days? In this situation, the follicle rupture occurs approximately on the 21st day. Can pregnancy occur during sexual intercourse, committed a few hours before? Of course, yes.

Doctors say that this is the daythe most favorable for conception in women with a long cycle with a long cycle. That's why, if you do not plan a pregnancy, you should be extra careful during intercourse. Use barrier methods of contraception.

Symptoms of ovulation, which you need to know about every woman

On which day of the cycle does ovulation occur in one or the otherwomen, you already knew. It is also worth learning how to determine the gamete's output by symptoms. This will allow you to answer the most important question: is pregnancy possible?

  • Allocations on day 20 of the cycle with ovulation usually mucous, viscous and transparent. This kind of environment is most favorable for spermatozoa. In it, the cells move quickly, reaching their goal.
  • To determine the onset of ovulation can be using special means (testing, laboratory studies, ultrasound monitoring).
  • Cervical position.This symptom will be indicative only if a long-term regular study. The cervix becomes more soft when ovulated, opens slightly and rises. Remember that research should be carried out exclusively with clean hands with short-cropped nails.
  • Increased libido. When ovulation on day 20 of the cycle, as in any other, there is an increase in sexual desire.

on which day of the cycle is ovulation

Anovulatory cycle: is pregnancy possible?

The first day of the cycle is the day in which thebleeding. Doctors say that every woman normally has up to two anovulatory cycles per year. What it is? Can pregnancy occur on the 20th day in this case?

The anovulatory cycle is a period whenThe ovaries sleep (do not function). Ovulation does not occur this month. Hence, pregnancy can be absolutely accurately excluded. It should be noted that the anovulatory cycles are often longer or shorter than the usual periods. Do not focus on this if the absence of menstruation lasts up to 40 days.

menstrual cycle days

Definition of pregnancy on day 20

What signs ovulation has on the 20th day of the cycle,you already know. Often a question arises in women: is it possible to establish the presence of pregnancy at this time? It is almost impossible to independently determine this fact. The most popular diagnostic tool is the test. However, on the 20th day he will show negative results because of the low level of chorionic gonadotropin in the urine.

To establish the fact of conception on the 20th day is possible atlaboratory research. However, they will show an accurate picture only with early ovulation. In other words, if the egg yield occurred on the 7th day, it is likely to see a positive level of chorionic gonadotropin. Progesterone (20 day cycle) will also be high, corresponding to the first trimester.

Ultrasound examination at this time will not give a clear picture. Even with the onset of pregnancy, the fetal egg is still negligible, it simply can not be seen.

of the allocation for the 20 day cycle

Women's comments on the possibility of pregnancy on the 20th day of the menstrual cycle

Not every representative of the weaker sex knows,that the first day of the cycle is the beginning of menstruation. Some girls think that the period begins with the end of bleeding. That's why most of them can determine on the 20th day the presence of pregnancy even on a home test. The days of the menstrual cycle, in which the device will show the most reliable result, is from the 14th to the 16th after ovulation.

Many women use the calendar methodcontraception. They calculate the time in which ovulation should occur. These days, representatives of the weaker sex try to exclude contacts. These ladies report that many managed to get pregnant on the 20th day of the cycle, when it was almost impossible.

There are women who have experienced pain for 20 dayscycle. After that they were pregnant. Unpleasant sensations during this period are explained by implantation. After fertilization, the zygote is attached to the uterine wall. In particularly sensitive women, this process is accompanied by pricking or pulling sensations. Sometimes there may be pink discharge. They are determined by the damage to small vessels in the genital organ. A few days after this, using a test for home use, you can establish the fact of pregnancy.

ovulation on day 20 of the cycle

Special, non-standard situations

In recent years, many couples have resorted toin vitro fertilization. This is often required for childless couples who can not conceive a baby on their own. During the procedure, the woman undergoes hormonal correction. First, with the help of drugs, the ovaries are stimulated. After that, cells are taken from there. Transferred to the uterus already fertilized gametes. It is worth noting that this happens usually on the 20th day of the cycle. In this case, the answer to the question whether pregnancy is possible on the described day will be positive. However, the woman will be able to learn about the new condition only after a week.

Many women in the first month of pregnancyface bleeding. It comes in the time of the supposed monthly. Doctors also call this fact a threat of termination of pregnancy. In this case, representatives of the weaker sex will learn about the new condition only for the next month (more often on the twentieth day of the cycle). It turns out that pregnancy at the time described is quite possible. It all depends on which side to look at the situation.

progesterone on day 20 of the cycle

Short summary

You have found out which days of the menstrual cycleare the most favorable for conception. Remember that the body of the fairer sex can not always work like a clock. Sometimes there are failures. That's why, if you do not want to get pregnant, you should use the appropriate contraceptive. If you, on the contrary, want to become a mother, then sexual contact should be as close as possible to the time of ovulation. Perhaps, it is in your case that the 20th day of the cycle will be decisive. If you have additional questions about the possibility of pregnancy, you should contact your gynecologist. The doctor will explain to you the exciting moments and controversial situations. Strong to you health and good results!