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Ganoderma: negative reviews. Preparations from the ganoderma fungus

Not so long ago the domestic market appeareda unique healing plant ganoderma. Negative responses about the preparations made on its basis, are, but they are few. In general, consumers are delighted with the effect produced by the ganoderm. That she just does not heal! Some patients say that with her help they got rid of even birth defects of the body. What is this ganoderma really? What does it help and to whom?

Correct name

Ganoderma, or the fungus of immortality.This is the name of the miracle of Koreans and Chinese. The first mention of him is connected with the almost mythical Shen Nun, born with the head of a bull. He was already 3200 years BC BC "Ben-Cao" - his famous herbalist, in which he called ganoderma a tool given to the gods. After a half thousand years, he wrote about the useful properties of the ganoderma and Li Shizhen, a famous Chinese scientist. There is a legend about the emperor Shi-Huang, who ruled China in the III century BC. He ordered 250 young men and so many girls to find a plant for him, which gives immortality. They brought him a ganoderma. The Japanese called the same mushroom "reishi", or "mannentake", which in Japanese means "mushroom of ten millennia and spiritual strength". In Russia it is better known as a trumpet. The learned world calls it Ganoderma lucidum.

Ganoderma negative reviews

Biological Description

There are many kinds of mushrooms called ganoderma.Negative responses about him, probably, are due to the fact that they used not the plants that are needed. These mushrooms belong to the Ganoderm family, which means "growing on stumps and trees". All of them are divided into two subfamilies - with shiny and ordinary bonnets. Ganoderma lucidum belongs to the first. To confuse it with other tinderies is almost impossible, since it is the only one growing not on the trunk of a tree, but on a leg, sometimes reaching 25 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter. The ganoderma cap is oval or ovoid with approximate dimensions of 8 x 25 x 3 cm, but smaller or larger specimens are found. From above it, like tree trunks, is striated by multiple annual growth rings. Outwardly, the cap is brown (maybe purple-brown, even black), with a light edging, smooth, shiny, for which many call the mushroom varnished. Its pulp is hard as hard as wood. There is no taste and smell in it. Bottom of the bonnet is light, tubular. It is the huminofor of the fungus. His spores are small, like a powder, brown.


Many marketing companies state thatonly in China and Japan ganoderma grows. Negative feedback from some consumers is caused by mistrust of such "experts" and products in general, because you can meet a miracle-mushroom not only in advanced countries in the field of philosophy and non-traditional medicine, but practically on all continents except Antarctica. There is it in Russia.

preparations from the ganoderma fungus
Ganoderma grows mainly on the deadDeciduous trees in the lower part of the trunk. On coniferous he also occasionally comes across. If the fungus begins to grow on a healthy healthy tree, it dies at a speed, since the tinder is a saprophyte, that is, a wood destroyer. It is very rare to see ganoderma right on the ground. This happens when the fungus begins to germinate on the roots of a tree. Collect it from the beginning of July until frost. The therapeutic properties of the fungus, as well as its appearance, depend very much on the substrate on which it grows. Now ganoderma began to be cultivated, like oyster mushrooms.

Biochemical composition

Ganoderm plant, negative reviews aboutwhich, unfortunately, is, is not a panacea for all ills, but a unique chance to improve health. The composition of the fungus is well studied. In his body and mycelium, carbohydrates, proteins, alkaloids, vitamins, amino acids, triterpenes (steroids), peptides, glycosides, essential oils, trace elements (potassium, magnesium, molybdenum, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, germanium, zinc and others). Each of them is immensely important for the work of the human body. But the most valuable are the groups of polysaccharides present in the ganoderma, providing us with energy, strengthening immunity, performing many other important functions, and triterpenes, affecting the work of almost all systems of the human body.

Reishi ganoderma lusidum consumer reviews

Application area

The chemical composition determines a wide rangediseases and negative conditions, the treatment of which helps ganoderma (fungus). Reviews of people who used it, indicate a significant effect in many diseases. In folk and non-traditional medicine ganoderma is recommended for:

- Heart diseases (ischemia, myocardial infarction and others);

- hypertension;

- problems with the gastrointestinal tract;

- asthma;

- neurasthenia;

- epilepsy;

- cirrhosis;

- oncology;

- Diabetes mellitus;

- allergies;

- skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis);

- colds;

- angina;

- bronchitis;

- reduced immunity;

- overweight;

- pancreatitis;

- insomnia;

- increased fatigue and others.

It is difficult to list all diseases. In addition, the ganoderma restores the cells of the body and returns youth to them.

Ganoderma mushroom reviews


Now various preparations are produced from the fungusganoderma. It can be capsules, coffee, tea, chocolate, toothpastes, creams, shampoos. In some, only the mycelium of the fungus and its body are used, and in others, auxiliary elements such as ginseng, sea buckthorn, vitamins are added.

All of them have different intensitytherapeutic effect. In Russia, on the packaging you can see the names of "Reishi", "Linzhi", "Ganoderma." It's all the same mushroom. There are also drugs ganoderma with Cordyceps. This is another type of mushrooms (not turtles) that parasitize insects. Despite the extraordinary popularity and high cost, scientific research has not confirmed the value of this product as a medicine. In China, Cordyceps are used more as an aphrodisiac, added to dishes, but some patients who took it as a medicine noticed an improvement in well-being.

Specific effects on the body

Many expect a quick effect by starting to taketreasured drug with the names "Reishi", "Ganoderma Lucidum". Customer feedback depends on the correct use of the product, because this mushroom works like a small life-giving laboratory. Once in the body, it first as if it scans, determining where and what is wrong. This process takes up to 30 days. Some patients may have a skin rash, problems with the digestive system begin.

Having finished scanning, the fungus proceeds toelimination of toxins and purification of cells. Depending on the contamination, the process can extend from 1 week to 3 months. Again, unpleasant symptoms are possible (rash, cough, irregular or loose stool, increased sweating). The third stage is restoration. Sometimes it lasts a year. In the next 2 years, the fungus will continue to treat all diseased organism systems and will "work" to consolidate the achieved result.

In the future, patients taking the drug withoutbreaks, note the anti-aging effect produced by the remedy and the restoration of many lost functions. So there is no need to hope for an instant recovery in the treatment of ganoderma.

Coffee with ganoderma

Teas and coffee

The most controversial reviews are found amongconsumers who drank coffee with ganoderma. Some people note a good taste of the product, and after using it - adding strength, improving sleep, reducing fatigue, increasing efficiency. The other part of consumers in their comments, on the contrary, indicate a low taste of the product at a sufficiently high price, as well as the development of adverse reactions in the form of rashes, nausea, stomach pain and the lack of even a minimal therapeutic effect. Coffee is sold in packages of 20 sachets. It is produced with sugar and without.

Tea with ganoderma is recommended for cleansingbody and weight loss. There are many good reviews. Consumers like the taste of the product, and the result of its use. True, weight decreases very gradually and slightly, but in passing, sleep improves, fatigue is removed, cheerfulness and a fine mood appear.

Ganoderma testimonials

Ganoderma extract extract

Extracts are the extract in high concentrationuseful substances from medicinal raw materials. They can be liquid and powdery, on water, alcohol, ether and other extractants. Extracts ganoderma often cooked on the water. This is a thick liquid substance (in bottles) or powdery (in capsules). There are also foods with various additives - with extract from the roots of ginseng, with spores of the ganoderma itself and others. All these drugs can be used for preventive or curative purposes. The difference is in the doses of the funds at one time. So, for the prevention of diseases it is recommended to drink one capsule (bottle) per day, and to treat 1-2 capsules daily. Duration of admission - from one month, and then according to the indications.

Ganoderma: reviews, instructions, composition

As mentioned above, there are manycompanies that produce products with ganoderma. In some preparations there is only powder from the body of the fungus and its spores, in others - variations of several medicinal additives and ganoderma fungus in different ratios. Most often the composition is indicated on the packaging of the goods. In advance, we can assume that in coffee, tea, cocoa, there are necessarily auxiliary substances, such as cocoa powder, tea leaves, coffee powder, sometimes sugar, and ganoderms in them - from 5% or more, depending on the manufacturer. That is why reviews about such products are not always favorable and basically boil down to the fact that the therapeutic effect is not pronounced or it takes a long time to wait for its manifestation.

Ganoderma or fungus of immortality

Ganoderma in briquettes and capsules

With or without additives, all preparations with ganodermabelong to the category of dietary supplements, rather than medicines. This should be clearly understood before the course of their use. The pure product is produced in briquettes of 2 grams (the body of the fungus) and in capsules (the ground body of the fungus and its spores).

Briquettes are used as follows:

2 pieces pour a glass of hot water (about 100 degrees), insist 15-20 minutes, filter, drink while eating.

Capsules "Mushroom Linchzhi Ganoderma" is also used with food, without opening. In general, any drug with ganoderma should be drunk when eating.

Despite the widest scope of thisChinese miracle product and its significant therapeutic effect, noted in most cases, contraindications to the "fungus of immortality" is also there. It can not be taken inside pregnant and lactating women (creams and shampoos can be used), infants, people with individual intolerance to this drug.