/ / "Validol": indications, instructions for use, analogues, reviews

"Validol": indications, instructions for use, analogues, reviews

"Validol" is a medicinal product,which has a reflex vasoconstrictive effect. It is recommended to take "Validol" according to indications during cardiovascular system disorders. Also, it is used in case of poor health during neurological disorders.

validol indications

pharmachologic effect

The pharmacological description makes it possible to understand how Validol acts on the body.

This drug has a sedativeand a moderate vasoconstrictor reflex action. Conditions requiring the use of the agent arise when irritating sensitive nerve endings. "Validol" improves the release and production of endorphins, enkephalins, histamine, kinins and other peptides. They take a direct part in the process of regulation of the permeability of the walls of the vessels and in the formation of sensations of a painful nature.

The therapeutic effect with sublingual use of the drug comes in about 5-8 minutes. In this case, most of the components (about 65-75%) of the agent are released after 2-3 minutes.

Composition of the medicinal product and form of release

The main active substance is a solution of racemic menthol.

In the production of "Validol" for 1 tablet, the following active components are used:

  • 60 mg of a solution of levomenthol in methylisovalerate;
  • 190 mg of glucose (dextrose).

As additional substances use calcium stearate, sugar (sucrose) in the required amount to achieve 1 tablet weight in 799-801 mg.

The drug is released in the form of drops and tablets.

Tablets have a cylindrical flat shape with a risk in the center. Their color is white or yellowish, in rare cases it is creamy. Tablets may have a splash of gray or a whitish coating.

Drops have a transparent or slightly yellowish shade without foreign impurities.

how does validol

When should I take the drug

What helps "Validol", many adults knowpeople. However, taking it yourself is not recommended. Therefore it is necessary to know, at what diseases prescribe a preparation that in time to address to the doctor.

Basically, this drug is prescribed for the following diseases and conditions:

  • angina pectoris;
  • cardialgia;
  • hysterical states;
  • neuroses;
  • headaches from taking nitrates.

Also, it is prescribed under the condition known inpeople as a motion sickness syndrome. With it, there is a feeling of nausea with a high probability of eruption of the contents of the stomach (vomiting). Another "Validol" is effective for air and sea sickness.

validol indications

Medication for arrhythmia

"Validol" with arrhythmia is recommended to take 1-2 tablets. They are put under the tongue and are waiting for complete dissolution. After 10-20 minutes, pain, anxiety and discomfort pass.

If the soreness has not passed, then it is causednot an arrhythmia, but angina pectoris. In this case, you should see a doctor. He will appoint a comprehensive treatment, which will combine "Validol" and nitroglycerin.

When arrhythmia components of medicinesexpand the vessels, soothe, dilate the coronary arteries and anesthetize. Also, nitroglycerin increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the heart, and in parallel reduces the need for it.

Validol analogues

In what cases can not take "Validol"

Often doctors ask what Validol helps with and when it is not recommended to take it.

Contraindications for taking thisof the drug is an increased sensitivity to the components of the agent included in the formulation. With a tendency to the occurrence of allergic reactions, it is necessary to use caution with the remedy.

Also contraindications are:

  • arterial hypotension;
  • infarction (myocardium) in the initial stage;
  • childhood.

During pregnancy and lactationthe agent can be taken only if the expected therapeutic effect for the mother is higher than the risk (potential) for the child. The decision on the appointment is made by the doctor after a complete examination of the patient.

Children's age is a contraindication because there is no reliable data on the effect of the drug on the children's body.

When using "Validol" according to the indicationspatients may experience a feeling of nausea, vomiting, increased lacrimation and mild dizziness. If these side effects occur, consult a physician. Treatment of such symptoms is symptomatic.

Special instructions for use

This drug with a specialcaution should be taken during diabetes mellitus. If reception can not be avoided, it is necessary to regularly monitor the condition and, with the slightest worsening, contact the doctor who prescribes Validol.

Validol dosage

Dosage, duration of treatment and methods of administration

The drug is delivered to pharmacies in the form of drops and tablets. The instruction for each form is different.

Drug in the form of drops are sublingually. Usually a day is prescribed no more than 6 drops dissolved in a weak solution of sugar. However, if necessary, the doctor can increase the dosage. The daily dosage of "Validol" in this form should not exceed 15-25 drops in 24 hours.

"Validol" in the form of tablets are taken sublingually. Within 24 hours the drug is taken for 1 unit of the drug no more than 3 times. Dosage in some cases can increase the attending physician.

In case the treatment does not bring the desired result, the drug is replaced or additional treatment is prescribed.

Take "Validol" according to the indications can be under the care of the treating district doctor. He will monitor the course of the disease and the severity of the treatment.

Interaction of "Validol" with other drugs

Currently there are no restrictions. This drug can be taken with other medicines. In some cases, the combined use of "Validol" with sedatives can increase the calming effect.

Also, taking Validol with funds that depress the work of the central nervous system will facilitate a better and easier going to bed.

Taking "Validol" together with drugs that have antihypertensive effect, the latter will be strengthened.

However, taking without evidence "Validol" is not recommended. He must appoint a doctor.

Validol from what helps

Overdose and how to avoid it

With an independent increase in the dose of the drugan overdose may occur. With it there are dizziness, nausea, vomiting, irregularities in the functioning of the heart system, a decrease in pressure (arterial), depression of the central nervous system and allergic reactions in the form of rash and edema.

If an overdose has occurred, you need to seek medical help and rinse your stomach. Treatment for overdose is symptomatic. Necessary drugs will appoint a doctor.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is recommended not to drink the drug without prescribing a doctor, do not increase the dosage alone and do not exceed the daily allowance.

How and how much to store the drug

Keep this medicine strictly in protected and inaccessible places for children. The temperature in the room should not be above 15 degrees and not below 8 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life from the date of manufacture is 24 months. Use the product with an expired date can not. This can damage health and worsen well-being.


As analogues of "Validol" you can use the following tools:

  • "Distonin";
  • drops of Zelenin;
  • "Validazol";
  • "Cardiolin";
  • "Advocard";
  • peony extract;
  • motherwort tincture;
  • "Cardioarginine";
  • The Tonginal.

These drugs are a substitute for the drug under consideration on the effects on the body. Analogues of "Validol" can be used with the permission of a doctor.

validol with arrhythmia


This drug is widely known and has a large number of reviews and recommendations from both doctors and patients. Before you start taking it is recommended to read what people are saying about the remedy.

Reviews about "Validol" are mostly positive.

Here's what the patient says about the medication:

  • accessible means. It can be bought in almost every pharmacy;
  • low cost;
  • harmless drug and minor side effects;
  • improves overall health;
  • helps to cope with neuroses;
  • helps to normalize breathing in anxiety attacks.

Also, many argue that the drug helps to fall asleep quickly and not to feel unreasonable fear and excitement before going to bed.

Reviews about "Validol" doctors are also in mostare of a positive nature. They note the high effectiveness of admission during attacks of fear, excitement, with podtashnavaniyah during travel and with certain heart diseases.