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Toothstone. Removal and prevention

The concrement, or tartar, is the formation ofremnants of food, bacteria and elements of the oral fluid, settling over the gums and under them. The process of its deposition is caused by the lack of proper care for the oral cavity. Initially, tartar, the removal of which is a laborious process, is soft and easily brushed off. During the day, the raid is saturated with phosphorus and calcium, due to which it becomes solid. Thus, disregard for daily procedures can lead to the need to seek professional help. To the consequences of tartar can include inflammation of the gums, the formation of caries, odor from the mouth, periodontitis, destruction of the enamel.


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That before you there was a question how to removetartar, take care of prevention in advance. It includes: daily brushing of teeth, eating solid foods, reducing sweets and carbonated drinks in the diet, using dental floss. Your main assistant, of course, is a brush for cleaning, which is to be replaced once a quarter. It must be remembered that not only the frequency, but also the quality of the procedure, has an effect on tartar, the removal of which is extremely important. Spend at least ten minutes a day brushing your teeth, not missing a single corner during it, and also treat the tongue.

The ultrasound method

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A tartar, the removal of which can besomewhat painful procedure, it is recommended to treat with professional dentists. It is best to do this with ultrasound. Special nozzles, without touching the surface of the tooth, create an oscillation of sound waves, due to which the dense plaque is broken. Simultaneously with cleaning, the disinfection of the oral cavity with oxygen takes place, which is released from the water. In particularly severe cases, it may be necessary to apply pre-formulations that soften the tartar. In the final, the dentist usually polishes the teeth, which makes their surface absolutely smooth. This procedure is very fast and painless, and therefore enjoys great popularity. In addition, it less damages the enamel and allows processing the most inaccessible places.

Alternative methods


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the same professionals apply the mechanical methodcleaning teeth. For this, a special tool is used, which is pitted and removed by the stone. This process is very laborious and not entirely safe, often enamel is damaged during its conduct.

The chemical method, or method of softening with acids, is not practically used in modern medicine. He badly removes the stone, makes the teeth more sensitive, leads to the thinning of the enamel.

Home Treatment

Many seek to solve the problem on their own.There are many recipes to combat such a disaster as tartar. Removing this plaque at home is very problematic. The people recommend compositions and tinctures based on medicinal herbs, but the most popular are black radish and nut butter. The bark of the walnut is covered with boiling water and brewed for half an hour. The resulting tincture is applied several times a day to clean the teeth. To date, it has been proven that this method is not effective, and can also lead to a worsening of the situation.

An even more well-known method is a mixture of juiceblack radish and lemon. The resulting concentrate is used for cleaning and ingestion. Needless to say that this method will not bring benefits to the teeth, and can still spoil the stomach? If you have tartar, do not self-medicate, contact your dentist, this will allow you to keep a beautiful and healthy smile for a long time.