/ Why do electronic cigarettes explode? Possible reasons, recommendations

Why do electronic cigarettes explode? Possible reasons, recommendations

Tobacco - this is quite commonBad habit, which due to the presence of a large number of pitches in cigarettes, causes irreparable damage to the health of the smoker. As an alternative, which has less negative impact, electronic cigarettes appeared on the market. But are they really safe and why are electronic cigarettes exploding?

why electronic cigarettes explode

Non-traditional smoking

An electronic cigarette is an electrical appliance,consisting of an evaporator (atomizer), a control board, a battery, a charger. There are devices with a large number of components. The electronic cigarette works as follows: when the device is switched on, the aromatized liquid is heated, which delivers nicotine through steam.

Vapers as a new subculture

The process of using an electronic cigarette is,in fact, not smoking in the traditional sense, and the steam is Vape, which in English means "steam." That is why the "smoking" of an electronic cigarette was nicknamed "wapping" or "waving".

explosion of an electronic cigarette is it possible

Since wiping is quite commonoccupation (today even interest clubs have appeared), the news about exploding devices in the media forced some smokers to return to traditional cigarettes.

The explosion of an electronic cigarette - is this possible in principle? The likelihood of an explosion of the device is the same as in the case of conventional smartphones, laptops and other electronics.

Device features

The new-fashioned device is a rather complex device,which is powered by rechargeable batteries. During the production of electronic cigarettes, lithium batteries are used, which can be found in the "stuffing" of smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. Any batteries of this type, in view of their relatively recent development, require careful attention. Therefore, it is so important to use only high-quality devices from proven manufacturers and monitor the status of the battery.

Why do the batteries explode in electronic cigarettes? The reasons can be several: this is a low quality device, and improper use, and mechanical damage.

why do the batteries in electronic cigarettes explode?

Why do electronic cigarettes explode?

The explosion, in fact, is a chemical reaction with instant release of a large volume of thermal energy. Why do electronic cigarettes explode? It can happen for several reasons:

  • due to damage to internal insulation;
  • as a consequence of closure;
  • because of overheating;
  • at long use of the accumulator (both continuous, and owing to development of the resource by the accumulator).

Gadgets with quality batteriesthe protection of the surface of the battery is manifested. Why are electronic cigarettes exploding if the manufacturer provides such protection? Batteries of poor quality or those batteries that are damaged can become the cause of the release of thermal energy and the ignition of the formed gases. Most often, that's why electronic cigarettes explode.

Causes of explosions of electronic cigarette batteries

Possible causes of the explosions include:

  1. Use of batteries of poor quality, damaged (scratched, jammed) or unsuitable for power, not suitable for use.
  2. Charging unsuitable power chargers (frivolous use of the charger from any gadget, instead of going in the kit).
  3. Incorrect care of the battery (you can not leave the device on charge for a whole night, you must disconnect the electronic cigarette as soon as it is fully charged).
  4. Elevated temperature mode (store your device in a cool place, away from the sun), especially while charging the device.
  5. Use of mechanical mods for smoking "without electronics" (in mechanical devices there are no protective chips that disconnect the device if necessary).

So, why do the batteries of electronic cigarettes explode? As a rule, due to improper operation or initially poor quality of the device.

How to avoid risks? Recommendations

Choice of electronic cigarettes for every taste and pursethe high popularity of the device. The device is available and easy to use, safer for health than a regular cigarette, and many just like the thick smoke with "unconventional" smoking. But the explosions of the constituent parts of the electronic cigarette make the use of the device extremely unsafe.

why do electronic cigarette batteries explode?

It is important to follow the banal simple rules of technologysafety during smoking. This will protect yourself from the danger of using electronic cigarettes, which can arise due to improper operation of the device. Basic safety rules include the following principles:

  1. When buying, you should pay attention to the brand,pre-examine reviews of the product. If possible, electronic cigarettes are only needed from registered sellers, in branded stores.
  2. If there is a need to replace the battery,You only need to buy original batteries that are suitable for a particular model of an electronic cigarette. Accumulators of this type should not be transported or stored with metal objects.
  3. To charge the device, you only need to useit's best to use the original charging. Do not charge the battery if there are even minimal mechanical damages.
  4. The reason to worry and take action can be the fact that the device overheats, the liquid is bitter or leaky.
  5. Electronic cigarettes can not be overheated or overcooled.
  6. It is undesirable to disassemble the device on its own (unless the instruction states otherwise).
  7. Do not try to repair the device yourself.
  8. You can not exceed the required time for findingdevice connected to the charger. During charging, do not leave the device in direct sunlight or allow overheating in any other way.
  9. It is undesirable to use a cigarette for its intended purpose during charging, especially if the manufacturer has not claimed this function.

electronic cigarettes explode causes

Adhering to simple recommendations, you canavoid a theoretically possible explosion of the device, because the safety of using an electronic cigarette does not always depend on the brand or manufacturer.