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Corn "chicken ass." Treatment and main signs

corn chicken fuzz treatment

Among a large number of benignneoplasm is most often found plantar corn, which is called "chicken zhopko. Its dimensions can be different, and its appearance is largely different from other elements that appear on the skin. "Chicken Zhopka" is a specific formation with severely marginal edges and inclusions in the center in the form of black dots resembling protruding filaments. In this case, the capillaries at the location of the callus are clogged.

The main localization of this education issoles of the human foot, so corn is accompanied by strong pain, which makes it difficult to walk both in shoes and without it. The age of a man has no significance in the development of a neoplasm, therefore absolutely everything is subject to him.

The appearance and development of corn occurs whenvirus infection with human papilloma, by contact with objects that have been infected, with handshakes, a kiss. You can also get infected in public places - during transportation in transport, when opening shop doors, etc. To get rid of such an education as corn chicken, the treatment should be used by various methods.

The main signs of callus

Determine whether this is really a callus "chicken ass," whose treatment should be complete and timely, is fairly simple. In addition to the fact that its appearance

chicken ass
resembles a common ontoptysh appearing inthe result of the regular wearing of too tight shoes and having a large number of keratinized tissue cells, in the center of it there are specific growths that differ in black or dark red color. These are thrombosed blood vessels, which are especially visible when cutting the top layer of the tumor or its frequent self-destruction.

The soreness of the "chicken ass" is thatits location is often located at the point where the foot meets the sole of the shoe or a flat surface. Its intensive development occurs in people with excessive sweating of the feet, which affects the duration of the treatment period.

At the beginning of its growth, it is a small bundle, withOver time, it is covered with layers of dying cells, which turn into a keratinized tissue. In the future, the new formation becomes hard, its surface acquires a yellow or yellow-gray color. Very often around the callus there are nodules of smaller diameter, but of the same structure, therefore, in order not to spread further "chicken zhopka" (corn), the treatment should be aimed at eliminating all formations. More on this further.

Treatment of corn "chicken ass"

 chicken ass corn treatment
This education to some extentspecific. That is why the callus "chicken ass" treatment involves a fairly long, at which both traditional medicine and surgical intervention can be applied. The method of removal of this new growth practically does not differ from other types of calluses, therefore the main methods are as follows:

  • Excision surgically.
  • Laser coagulation.
  • Application of liquid nitrogen.
  • Removal with electrocoagulation.

Drugs for treatment of calluses

To date, there are also medicinaldrugs that have an effective effect on callus "chicken ass", the treatment of which depends on stimulating the production of cytokines - substances that destroy a virus such as papilloma. You can use such medications as "Solkoderm", "Collomac", etc.