/ / Means "Tantum Verde" (spray). Instructions for use

A remedy "Tantum Verde" (spray). Instructions for use

The "Tantum Verde" (spray) tool forapplication characterizes as an anti-inflammatory drug of a non-steroidal group. The drug refers to derivatives of indazoles. The drug has an anti-inflammatory, local anesthetic effect. The medicine also exhibits antiseptic action. The drug is active against most pathogenic microorganisms. The therapeutic effect of the drug is due to the stabilization of cell membranes and inhibition of the synthesis of prostaglandins. The active substance is benzydamine. The component has a specific antimicrobial and antibacterial effect. This activity is related to its ability to quickly penetrate the membranes of microorganisms and subsequently damage cellular structures, disrupt lysis and metabolic processes. The compound exhibits antifungal activity against Candida albicans.

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When applied topically, a high degreeabsorption of the drug through the mucous membranes. The agent penetrates into inflamed tissues quickly enough. Excretion is carried out mainly through the intestines and kidneys. Medication in the form for topical application does not have systemic influence and is not found in milk.


"Tantum Verde" (spray) is prescribed wheninflammatory pathologies of the ENT organs and oral cavity of different origin. Recommended remedy for the treatment of stomatitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, glossitis. The drug is shown to patients with angina, gingivitis, inflammation of the calculous type in the salivary glands. The "Tantum Verde" (spray) medication recommends the use of complex therapy for candidiasis of the oral mucosa after removal or dental treatment. The medicine is prescribed for prophylaxis in the postoperative period and after traumas (fractures of the jaw, tonsillectomy). Parodontosis is also referred to as indications.

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Do not prescribe a drug before the age of three,with intolerance of the acting and any auxiliary component. During pregnancy or lactation, the "Tantum Verde" (spray) medication instruction is not forbidden. However, the advisability of therapy is established by the doctor.

Dosing regimen

The "Tantum Verde" (spray) tool forApplication recommends adults, including elderly patients, use every 1.5 hours or 3 hours for 4-8 doses. Patients with 3 to 12 years of age are prescribed 1-4 doses. Apply every 1.5 or three hours. The duration of therapy is determined in accordance with the nature of the pathology and the severity of its course. In pathology of inflammatory nature in the ENT organs and the oral cavity - from four to fifteen days, after injuries and operations - no more than a week, with dental diseases - from 6 to 25 days.

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Side effects of the drug "Tantum Verde" (spray). Patient Reviews

In general, patients rarely complain of complications withtherapy. In rare cases, among complaints from patients, one can find complaints of dryness, numbness or burning sensation in the mouth. Parents, whose children were prescribed medication, say not only about the effectiveness, but also the safety of the medication. Very rarely there is an allergic reaction associated with intolerance of any components.