/ / Sanatorium "Bakirovo" (Tatarstan): photo, location on the map and reviews of the treatment of infertility

Sanatorium "Bakirovo" (Tatarstan): photo, location on the map and reviews of the treatment of infertility

Sanatorium "Bakirovo" for today isone of the most famous and popular health resorts. Qualified medical personnel, modern equipment, beautiful nature, convenient infrastructure and an advantageous location make this place really ideal for rest and treatment.

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Sanatorium "Bakirovo": location

Of course, patients in the first placeare interested in the location of the health resort. So where is Bakirovo? The sanatorium on the map is located about 250 km from the city of Kazan. The medical complex is built on the right bank of the Sheshma River, in the outback of the Republic of Tatarstan, on the territory of the reserve. For four hours you can get here from the center of Kazan by car, bus or train.

Immediately it is worth noting that the sanatorium "Bakirovo"(photo) amazes the imagination with the amazing beauty of nature - there are mountain peaks, rivers, small lakes and coniferous forests, where you can have a great time enjoying the clean air. And mineral springs make the resort indispensable for people with certain problems.

Natural healing resources in the territory of the sanatorium

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Certainly, the presence of some natural resourcesmade this place so popular. In particular, there are priceless mineral springs on the territory of the sanatorium, the waters of which are rich in hydrogen sulphide, iodine, boron, calcium, bromine, magnesium, sulfate salts, and also hydrocarbonates. There are also saline brines.

In addition, mud therapy is also offered here,as in the arsenal of the sanatorium there are sulphides from peat silt, as well as muds saturated with iodine, silicon, boron, bromine, calcium and iron. Yes, and the coniferous forest surrounding the territory of the sanatorium also positively affects the health and well-being of people coming here.

Description of the health complex and its infrastructure

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It should be noted that the sanatorium "Bakirovo"located in a picturesque corner of Tatarstan, has a large territory on which there are three main residential buildings. In addition, there is a dining room for all guests, as well as a small cafe.

The resort is not only for treatment, but also forfor relax. Therefore, in its territory there are several swimming pools, as well as a sports ground, a billiard room, a library with an impressive collection of books. For guests arriving by their own cars, there is a large parking lot. In addition, there is a beauty salon where experienced cosmetologists, hairdressers and stylists offer their services. It should be noted that the sanatorium "Bakirovo" is open all year round.

Accommodation conditions on the territory of the sanatorium

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On the territory of the resort - more than 500rooms of different categories. There are both standard rooms and deluxe and junior suites. There are also special rooms designed for cohabitation of mothers with children.

Regardless of the category, each room hasprivate bathroom and toilet. There is a necessary set of furniture, including a wide bed, wardrobe and bedside table. The room is also equipped with a TV, air conditioning and a fridge.

Sanatorium "Bakirovo" (Tatarstan) offers its guests a full five-time meal. The menu includes dietary dishes.

What diseases are treated in the sanatorium "Bakirovo"?

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Sanatorium in Bakirovo (Tatarstan) is engaged intreatment of a wide variety of disorders. For example, patients with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system are referred here. In addition, indications for sanatorium treatment are some disorders of the nervous system, including neurological diseases and some mental disorders.

In the sanatorium are engaged in treatment of variousdiseases of the reproductive system - they even treat infertility with the help of conventional and nontraditional methods of medicine (for example, hirudotherapy). It also provides quality care for pregnant women, treats skin diseases and digestive system disorders.

Range of services offered

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Immediately it is worth noting that the sanatorium "Bakirovo"(Tatarstan) has its own large diagnostic center, where necessary research is carried out. Naturally, here the patients are offered mineral baths and showers. Also popular are mud and hydromassage baths, underwater showers, galvanotherapy. There is also a jacuzzi.

In addition, on the territory of the sanatorium workexperts in therapeutic massage, as well as experienced manual therapists. The instructors in the therapeutic gymnastics work with the patients. The sanatorium also offers various methods of physiotherapy, light, halo and laser therapy.

On the other hand, vacationers can get tosession of aromatherapy and acupuncture. Here the same treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy). There is a dental department. The medical building also offers the services of psychotherapists.

Immediately after arrival, your doctor will conduct the necessary studies, get acquainted with the history of your illness and make up a treatment schedule and schedule of procedures.

Contraindications for treatment

Immediately it is worth noting that the sanatorium "Bakirovo"(Tatarstan) can not be visited by everyone. For example, contraindications include acute illnesses or periods of exacerbations of any chronic disease - in such cases, you must first complete a complete course of treatment and only then go on a trip.

The treatment also does not accept patients withinfectious and venereal diseases. On the other hand, the sanatorium is also not recommended to come with children under the age of four, since there is no treatment for such small patients, and there are no conditions for living with the kids.

Sports and leisure on the territory of the sanatorium

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Naturally, the territory of the resort can notonly improve your health, but also have a great time. For example, you can play billiards, visit the library, take advantage of the sauna or swim in the pool.

This place will also appeal to fans of a healthy lifestyle with a certain level of physical activity. There is a sports ground and a gym with modern equipment.

The sanatorium regularly organizes excursions to the surroundings, walks in the forest, hiking in the mountains. In winter, they ski here.

Guest reviews of the sanatorium

Of course, many people are interested inthe way the sanatorium "Bakirovo" treats infertility. The patients' comments on the health resort and its services, it should be immediately said, are mostly positive.

First of all, patients note the qualitytreatment, because the health procedures used on the territory of the institution do help to ease the symptoms of a disease, and also to improve overall health. For example, patients with infertility often come here - a quality therapeutic complex helps to normalize the reproductive system and increases the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Medical staff here are skilled andpolite, as well as service personnel. On the other hand, there may be problems with communication, as some employees do not speak Russian.

Living conditions are also at a decent level -The rooms are spacious, with comfortable furniture and always clean. Dietary food, which, of course, positively affects the state of health. And in your spare time you can always find a way to have fun and usefully.