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Is "Antipolitsey" effective? Reviews. "Antipolitsey": composition, instructions for use

The tool "Antipolitsey" is intended forelimination of bad breath from a different origin. Most often it is used to get rid of the smell of alcohol. Due to its natural composition and effectiveness, the responses of "Antipolitai" receive positive results. Let's consider in more detail the release forms and recommendations regarding the application.

Description of the tool

With unpleasant odors coming from the mouthat least once in my life, everyone came across. Many people are familiar with the situation when such an "ambre" appears after celebrating a celebration. In order not to spoil your reputation, you need to take care in advance to purchase special products designed to eliminate the unpleasant smell of fumes - the result of the breakdown of alcohol components in the body. The most famous means in the people is "Antipolitsey".

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The manufacturer reports that the remedy refers tobiologically active additives. As active ingredients, natural substances are used that can neutralize unpleasant odors. "Antipolitic" does not apply to medicinal preparations and therefore has practically no contraindications to use. The remedy is produced in Russia (BioWid Company) and Iceland ("Noir Sirius").

Forms of production, composition

The product is released in the form of lozenges and tabletsfor resorption, as well as in the form of a spray having an instantaneous effect. Each variety of dietary supplements effectively copes with the task, which confirms the feedback. "Antipolitic" consists of the following components:

  • eucalyptus oil (refreshing breath);
  • root licorice (eliminates the effects of intoxication of the body);
  • gum arabic (soluble gum relieves irritation).

As additional componentsused sucrose, glucose syrup and ammonium chloride. Active substances also have a mild softening effect, eliminate dryness in the respiratory tract. It should be borne in mind that the product does not help masking the odors, but their complete elimination by neutralizing molecules that produce an unpleasant odor.

How to remove the smell with the help of "Antipolitsey"?

The remedy will help get rid of variousspecific aromas, which include the smell of alcohol, tobacco, spicy food, garlic. The dietary supplement starts 5 minutes after application. To eliminate the unpleasant odor, you need to dissolve 1-2 drops in the oral cavity (tablets).

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Lollipops "Antipolitsey Double" have reinforcedeffect due to the content of an increased dose of components. An invigorating effect is achieved through caffeine. The package contains 2 tablets. The remedy lasts for an hour. Then it is necessary to repeat the manipulation with the resolution of the candy.

Lollipops or spray?

Many are familiar with this remedy in the form of sugar candies(tablets), which have a rather pleasant taste. More convenient in application and high-speed is "Antipolitsey" -spray. It is sprayed in the oral cavity similarly similar pharmaceutical products. The manufacturer assures that this dietary supplement starts to work instantly and can cope even with strong unpleasant odors from the oral cavity.

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Spray is available in small bottles of 10ml. It can be used as a simple freshener for the mouth. Unlike similar preparations with mint flavor, the spray "Antipolitsey" has a natural composition and does not have a negative effect on the body. how to remove the smell from the mouth and freshen your breath with the help of the spray "Antipolitsey"? Everything is very simple! It is enough to spray the product directly into the mouth, pressing the cap 1-2 times. The spray has a bitter coffee flavor.

Choosing between the spray and candies "Antipolitsey", you should consider the cost of each product. The price of tablets is more acceptable and is 55-70 rubles. The price of the spray is 250-280 rubles.

In which cases should you not use "Antipolitsey"?

Eucalyptus oil can provoke the development ofallergic reaction. This should be taken into account when using the tool. With increased sensitivity to any of the components of "Antipolitic" it is better to refrain from using it. People suffering from diabetes should pay attention to the presence of glucose and sucrose in the composition.


Numerous positive recommendations andreviews "Antipolitsey" earned due to high performance indicators. The active ingredients are able to completely clean the breath, eliminate the unpleasant odors of any origin. Lollipops and spray are ideal for neutralizing odor after taking a strong smell of food.

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Negative feedback "Antipolitsey" receives fromshort effect. The duration of the drug - not more than an hour. Then you need to take another pill (candy) or use a spray.

We get rid of the smell of fumes in people's ways

Consequences of yesterday's "sit-round" with friendsalmost every person feels the next morning. Unpleasant "ambre" appears only a few hours after the adoption of alcoholic beverages and will annoy a person as long as the body has toxins of alcohol (aldehyde).

Experts argue that the best way is tocopious drink. This allows you to quickly cleanse the body of alcohol. If you need to get rid of the smell as quickly as possible, you can try to chew a few coffee beans. For half an hour, this method will work.

The chewing gum is popularwith mint flavor. At home, you can use fragrant herbs: parsley, dill, bay leaf. They just need to chew and spit the remnants.