/ / Lactase enzyme is a vital element for growth and development

The enzyme lactase is a vital element for growth and development

More and more often at the next examination at the pediatrician soundsdiagnosis of lactase deficiency. The deficiency of the enzyme lactase is common among children of the first years of life and is gaining immense proportions. Among the adult population, this ailment is extremely rare - only a few cases have been recorded.

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The value of lactase for the baby's organism

For children of the first year of life, the main foodis breast milk or an adapted milk formula. They necessarily contain milk sugar - lactose. It is necessary for the full development of the brain and almost half satisfies the infant's daily need for energy.

Entering the intestines of the baby, the lactose is exposedsplitting. It is possible only in the presence of a special enzyme - lactase. The enzyme lactase splits lactose up to two components - glucose and galactose. Glucose is responsible for the supply of energy, and galactose is important for the full development of the nervous system of the baby.

Lactase insufficiency

If the intestine of lactose is not modified in view ofabsence or lack of enzyme lactase, its accumulation occurs with each feeding. Large amounts of lactose create a favorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms. Their vital activity contributes to the occurrence of frequent diarrhea, severe gas formation and pain in the intestines. The acidic environment of the liquid stool negatively affects the walls of the intestine, causing their damage.

The lactase enzyme cleaves lactose up to

In this case, it is most often recommended to pass a stool test to the Benedict test. It gives information on the percentage of carbohydrates, if it is increased, is diagnosed with "lactase deficiency".

Causes of lactase deficiency

Factors affecting the restriction or lack of activity of the lactase enzyme are grouped into two groups: primary and secondary.

Primary lactase deficiency is extremely rare, it happens:

  • congenital, caused by a genetic malfunction;
  • in premature infants due to insufficient maturity of the intestine at the time of birth.

Secondary lactase insufficiency -a common diagnosis, it develops against the background of the already existing disease of the gastrointestinal tract. First of all, the treatment is aimed at eliminating the infection. As a rule, the recovery of lactase enzyme is normalized upon recovery.

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Symptoms of lactase deficiency in newborns

The reason for calling a doctor and immediately passing the test is the appearance of symptoms:

  • frequent diarrhea in the child or, conversely, constipation;
  • during feeding or immediately after it the child becomes whimsical;
  • increased gassing, bloating (infantile colic);
  • regurgitation in large numbers;
  • insufficient body weight gain;
  • in the stool there are undigested lumps of food and mucus with herbs.

Methods of treatment

If the deficiency is established, preparations of the enzyme lactase are prescribed. They must be consumed with each meal, so that lactose breaks down in a timely manner.

The enzyme lactase for newborns and older children is realized under the following names:

  1. "Lactase".
  2. "Lactase Baby".
  3. "Lactazar".

Instructions for the use of these supplements are similar: for babies 1 capsule per 100 ml of milk formula or 25 ml of breast milk. The content of the capsule is dissolved in a bottle with a mixture and immediately offered to the baby. Breastfeeding first gives milk with an enzyme, in a few minutes - breast.

enzyme lactase for newborns

These recommendations are of a general nature, selectionAn individual dosage is handled by a pediatrician who observes the child. The exact amount of lactase is assigned depending on the results of the analysis giving information on the degree of enzyme deficiency.

Adults and the elderly are also shownpreparations containing the enzyme lactase. As a rule, at this age, dairy products are worse absorbed - medicines have a positive effect on this process. In addition, the enzyme is recommended after the transferred intestinal infections to normalize its microflora and restore the functions of the gastrointestinal tract.

The enzyme lactase is vital forthe full development of the child's body, the splitting of the dairy carbohydrate receives the necessary amount of energy, the central nervous system develops normally. Lactase also provides powerful support for the digestive system of dairy products in elderly people.