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"Vibrocil": reviews, instruction manual and analogies

In the article, let's consider the instructions and reviews to the spray and drops in the nose of "Vibrocil".

On the pharmacological market today, a lotmedicines that are designed to combat colds. The drug "Vibrocil" is one of the most frequently used and effective medicines. This tool has proven itself in the complex treatment of respiratory and viral diseases and rhinitis, which are associated with allergic reactions and other health problems that cause mucosal edema and nasal obstruction. Further we will get acquainted with the instruction on the use of this medicine and find out what people write in the reviews about Vibrocil.

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Description of the tool

In the field of otolaryngology, this drugThe agent, especially in the form of drops, has found application in the framework of complex treatment of rhinitis. But "Vibrocil" is used not as a drug that affects the cause of the disease, but as a stopping active discharge from the nose remedy. The drug has a vasoconstrictive effect on the nasal mucosa. From other drugs from the same pharmacological category, he has anti-allergic properties. This effect is made possible by the main component of the drug Dimethindene. In this regard, at present, doctors call this medication a unique drug that has not yet received analogues in Russia.

Forms of release

"Vibrocil" is a vasoconstrictoranticongestible preparation of local use. This combination is also anti-allergic. On sale, this medicine is sold in several forms of release, which makes it possible to use it in various situations. Release the drug in droplets and in the form of a spray. According to reviews, "Vibrocil" drops are more popular than spray.

Nasal drops and their composition

The bottle of the preparation is made of dark glass.Drops are a clear solution, which has a little pronounced odor. The active ingredients are dimethindene maleate and phenylephrine. Auxiliary ingredients are sorbitol, disodium phosphate, benzalkonium chloride, citric acid, methylhydroxypropyl cellulose, purified water and lavender extract. Droplets are intended for the treatment of adults and children aged six months.

Reviews about the "Vibrocil" are in abundance.

How does this drug work?

"Vibrocil" belongs to the categoryanticongestants, that is, drugs that can fight the swelling of the mucosa by vasoconstriction of the vessels located in the nasal passages. To a lesser extent, such drugs affect the inflammatory processes. In Vibrocil, a phenylephrine component is responsible for these functions, which is a direct alpha antagonist. This element in the composition of the drug can provoke an increase in the person's blood pressure. True, such an effect is not expressed as clearly as it does in norepinephrine. The substance phenylephrine produces a long vasoconstrictive effect, but only if the dosages specified in the instructions are observed. Thanks to its medicinal composition, this medical product helps people as follows:

  • Against the background of its application, it is possible to cope with mucosal edema, which is often formed in the rhinitis in the nasal sinuses.
  • Inflammatory manifestation in the nasal cavity decreases.

The active dimethindene component does not manifest itselfso bright. The work of this substance consists exclusively in anti-allergic action, since it belongs to the group of antihistaminic components that affect the H1 receptors. Dimethinden is practically non-toxic, it has a synthetic nature, but it is safe for infants. In the composition of the presented agent, this component is required not only for the use of the drug in allergic rhinitis, but also in order to reduce the degree of manifestation of adverse reactions that can be provoked due to phenylephrine. Reviews about the drops "Vibrocil" are mostly positive.

Spray "Vibrocil"

The spray of the drug is contained in a plastic bottlewith a spray nozzle. It is completely identical in composition to the drops in the nose. Spraying the drug facilitates breathing, quickly removing the stuffiness of the nose, but the effect is short-lived. Adults are allowed up to four injections daily for each nostril. When injecting the product, you need to breathe lightly through your nose.

According to reviews, the spray "Vibrocil" is well tolerated.

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Indications for use

This medicine is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • Against the background of a protracted runny nose with a cold and a viral infection.
  • With acute otitis media of the middle ear.
  • If there is rhinitis caused by hormonal failure.
  • Against the background of chronic sinusitis.
  • With a cold that is caused by an allergy.

Apply the drug in preparation for surgical intervention on respiratory organs in the framework of removing the edema from mucous membranes, as well as in a set of therapeutic measures after surgical manipulation.

According to the reviews, the manual for Vibrocil is very detailed.

Instruction for adults

Drops for the treatment of adult patients and children from 12 years of age are used in the number of four in each nasal passage. The maximum possible number of applications is four times a day.

As for the spray, adults for each nostrilyou can make up to four injections. When injecting the drug through the nose, you need to take a breath. According to reviews, "Vibrocil" for children is ideal as a symptomatic therapy for colds.

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Instruction for children

When using the drug to treat children, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • Treatment with "Vibrocilum" should be performed after cleaning the nasal passages in the child.
  • In order to drip a child's nose, he should slightly tilt his head. When the drug is injected, in this position, it should be delayed for a few more minutes.
  • When spraying the head, the baby shouldand the sprayer is kept in a vertical position so that its tip is directed upwards. After the tip is inserted into the nostril, a sharp movement is necessary, compressing the nebulizer. Once the tip is removed from the nose, the nebulizer can be released. When performing the injection, ask the child to breathe in with a nose.
  • The frequency of using any form of "Vibrocil", as a rule, is three times a day, but the doctor can recommend the treatment of the nasal cavity four times.
  • How many days should I dribble the drug orTo inject it, the doctor should determine, but continuous treatment with this medicine should not exceed one week. In the event that the "Vibrocil" is used for a week, and the desired effect is absent, it is necessary to consult a doctor for the selection of another medication.

According to "Vibrocil" reviews, up to a year for the child is completely safe.

Dosage of medication for children

In the event that the age of the child is six years, then in each nostril, two drops of medicine are dripped into it. If a child is more than six years old, then he is administered three or four drops.

When using a spray, one or two injections of the drug are made to each nasal passage.

Interaction with medical devices

The main ingredient of phenylephrine is not allowedcombined with inhibitors of microsomal oxidation. Between therapy by them and the beginning of a medical course "Vibrocilum" should pass not less than fourteen days. The simultaneous use of the drug with certain antidepressants and medicines for the treatment of hypertension is prohibited.

Side effects

"Vibrocil" is considered as the mostsoft and safe medication for the treatment of nasal diseases, so it can be boldly appointed even for toddlers for up to a year. With proper use, the drug is transferred without any complications to all patients. Reviews of the "Vibrocil" is confirmed. In case of non-observance of the instruction, the following local reactions are sometimes observed:

  • Peresushka mucous.
  • Appearance of a burning sensation and itching in the nasal sinuses.

These are only temporary phenomena that do not carry danger and pass directly after the drug is discontinued.

Contraindications to use

Refuse from this medication should be provided in the presence of the following conditions and diseases:

  • Intolerance of the main active ingredients of the drug.
  • Insensitivity of the nasal mucosa to drug therapy.
  • Against the background of taking MAO inhibitors.
  • Before the child reaches the age of six, the use of the "Vibrocil" spray is excluded.
  • If there is a runny nose with purulent or fetid detachable.
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When should the drug be used with caution?

The medicine "Vibrocil" is prescribed only after examination and medical consultation in the following cases:

  • In the presence of glaucoma.
  • Against the background of problems with the endocrine system.
  • Against the background of diabetes mellitus to insulin-dependent patients.
  • In the presence of heart disease and circulatory system.

In all of the above cases, applythe presented agent is required with great care. It should be borne in mind that at any time of pregnancy this drug is prohibited like all vasoconstrictive drops. The influence it exerts can lead to a narrowing of the placenta and uterus, which can provoke miscarriage along with premature birth. In particular, it is dangerous to use such drops during the first months after conception. When breastfeeding, it is also forbidden to use the remedy in any form of release.

Comments on the drops in the nose of "Vibrocil" are presented at the end of the article.

An overdose of the drug

In case of excessive use of thisthe preparation of severe symptoms, as a rule, is not observed. Probable short-term pain in the abdomen along with excitation, dizziness, palpitations, dry skin and mucous membranes. Treatment in this case is required to be symptomatic. In this case, the patient needs a lot of drinking, as well as the intake of enterosorbents. In some cases, a laxative is also needed.

Reviews about "Vibrocil" in the nose for children and adults are better to study in advance.

special instructions

The active component of dimethindenelocal use is only an anti-allergic substance, in this regard, it does not give any sedative effect on the body. Long-term treatment with "Vibrocil" can have a systemic vasoconstrictive effect on the body and can provoke:

drops of vibration testimonials
  • Development of medicamentous rhinitis.
  • The appearance of tachyphylaxis.
  • Under the influence of this medication, the walls of the vessels of the nasal mucosa can thin out.
  • Perhaps the development of addiction to the drug.

Cost of medicinal product

In Russian pharmacies, the cost of Vibrocil is directly dependent on the form of release and is:

  • For drops to give about three hundred rubles.
  • The spray will cost the buyers two hundred and fifty rubles.

According to reviews analogues of "Vibrocilus" are no less effective.


In the event that any component in the composition"Vibrocil" is hard to tolerate by the patient, the doctor can appoint him a suitable analog. Among the analogues of Vibrocil, you should pay attention to such drugs as "Eucazolin" along with "Gripotsitronom", "Adrianol" and "Nazol".

Storage conditions

Keep this medication in a place thatnot available for children. This medication should be kept at room temperature up to twenty-eight degrees. The storage period is three years. The drug should not be used after the date that is printed on the package.

Now find out what consumers think about this drug and what they write about its use in their responses.

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Reviews about "Vibrocil"

According to reviews, consumers are happy with thismedicine. People write that, thanks to its use, it becomes easy to breathe when the nasal congestion is blocked. The obvious advantage of the presented medication, according to the patients, is its mild effect and antihistamine effect.

Reviews about drops "Vibrocil" for children is much more than about the spray.

Against the background of the development of a protracted runny nose after the firstdays of using the means to breathe people becomes easier, and the mucus separates more actively and the stuffiness goes away. Particularly satisfied with the effectiveness of using this drug are parents who use it to treat children.

Rarely, but there are dissatisfied reviews about"Vibrocile", in which people claim that he does not have any help at all, and irritates even the mucous. The disadvantages of people include the fact that this medication, unfortunately, has a short-lived effect in the presence of a strong nasal congestion. Some consumers report that this medicine is only sometimes able to pierce the nose in the presence of a strong cold. It should be noted that many people, judging by the comments, this drug causes painful sensations, in addition, dries the mucous.

In addition, in the reviews of "Vibrocil" for childrenit is reported that children up to a year sometimes react badly to drops. For example, parents write that the child can instill a loud cry for instillation. Thus, in the event that the child has a sensitive mucosa, immediately after the drops fall, it begins to burn and itch. It is reported that the nose thus breaks through, but burning and itching can not be tolerated. Some people also complain about the price and believe that giving three hundred rubles for a drop or a spray for the nose is too expensive.

But I must say that in general, most reviewsabout this medicine is still positive. Many people write that only a couple of Vibrocil injections in the nose provide a few hours of salvation from the discharge and give freedom to breathing. In addition, it is reported that treatment with the drug is imperceptible and effective.

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General recommendations

When using Vibrocil, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • Do not use this medication for more than seven days. It is very important to comply with this requirement, in order to avoid a decrease in the curative effect and addiction.
  • Do not exceed the dosage specified in the instructions.
  • Children under the age of six years are allowed to use this drug only in the form of release of drops for the nose.

The drug does not affect psychomotor, so, against the background of its application, the reaction rate does not change, so when you use it you can safely drive or other mechanisms.

We reviewed the "Vibrocil" tool for use instructions and feedback.